JustFlight Releases the PA-28-181 Archer TX/LX for X-Plane 11

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In a partnership with Thranda Design, JustFlight has released the Piper PA-28-181 Archer TX/LX for X-Plane 11. The Piper PA-28-181 Archer TX/LX is a four seat, piston engine aircraft with a fixed landing gear. A single 180hp four-cylinder engine and fixed-pitch propeller are just some of the standard equipment on-board, the TX/LX variant are a more modern version of the Archer III.

Just Flight’s PA-28 TX/LX is equipped with a Garmin G1000 and EFD 1000 suite of avionics. Other improvements such as a streamlined cowling and cockpit overhead panel controls are included. An optional GFC 700 autopilot can be selected, realistic aircraft system indications, and synthetic vision are just some of the many custom options available to the user.

JustFlight’s PA-28-181 Archer TX/LX for X-Plane 11 features PBR materials with real-time environment reflections, HD textures, numerous animations including a multi-animation passenger door. When the passenger door is open, it will respond to G-forces and air resistance. Ground equipment is included featuring chocks and tie-downs. Six liveries  from the US, UK, Germany, and New Zealand give the user plenty of options when planning where to fly.

Inside the cockpit, every screw head has been modeled and every instrument is constructed in 3D with smooth animations. Interactive checklists that respond to user inputs are available for every stage of flight.  An aircraft configuration system will allow the user to chose a “cold and dark” cockpit or “ready-for-takeoff” configurations. Radio knob movement is regulated via plugin logic for the highest fidelity of movement, animated toe brakes, and a functional throttle quadrant tensioning system are just some of the unique features included with this aircraft. An interactive logbook system, and flight computer panel with information such as fuel burn, endurance, speed, and wind speed/direction is available to the user as well.

JustFlight has modeled a custom coded fuel and electrical systems, the electrical system consists of circuit breaker logic linked to X-Plane’s internal failure logic. This will be most noticed when a system is set to fail after a certain number of hours, not only will the system fail, the breaker will also pop out. Simulated spark plug fouling and vapor lock conditions are included. Custom external light logic with a custom strobe light pattern and light halos have been added for extra realism. JustFlight’s  PA-28-181 Archer TX/LX for X-Plane 11 is available from the JustFlight website for $41.99. Below is a full feature list for all who are interested.

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JustFlight Releases More Information on Traffic Global for X-Plane 11

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JustFlight released a short minute and a half video on Facebook addressing various questions surrounding Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. Traffic Global is still in development and aims to add high quality AI models in accurate airline liveries to the skies of X-Plane 11. Many have asked JustFlight if the installation is simple. The installation consists of an executable that
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JustFlight Traffic Global X-Plane Preview

Traffic Global X Plane 11 Preview Video From A Work In Progress Build
JustFlight has been showing off their in development Traffic Global add-on for X-Plane for a while now. This time, JustFlight's official YouTube account uploaded a new preview video. The video shows high quality modelled and textured airplanes taxiing along taxiways, taking off, and landing. We also get to hear the sound effects that come with these planes.
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Flight Simulator Show Presentation Lineup Announced

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With a month to go until Flight Simulator Show 2019 takes place in Cosford, the show's organisers have finally shared the presentation lineup. A very welcome overview for those that are still deciding on coming. The show is held over two days, with plenty of presentations to be looking forward to on both days. On Saturday, Magknight will kick the
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JustFlight BAe 146 Previews

The JustFlight BAe 146 Professional from Just Flight was announced several months ago, but there are a handful of screenshots to see the progress. Just Flight has stated that "release is a long way off yet". There is still quite a bit left in the development, but you can assure that this will be an astounding aircraft much like many
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Just Flight Releases Further Previews of Traffic Global for X-Plane

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JustFlight has released via Facebook post further previews of their Traffic Global for X-Plane 11, along with another monthly entry into the Development Diary by TGXP developer, Jim Kier. Traffic Global for X-Plane is an AI system that recreates real-world traffic within your simulator. Traffic Global for P3D is already a well-established product but to export this complex system into
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JustFlight Updates Archer III for X-Plane

Just Flight PA 28 181 Archer III X Plane 11 3
Developer JustFlight has released a small but important update, V1.2 for their Archer III aircraft for X-Plane.  In a message to FSElite, JustFlight described the update to include performance improvements and new custom in-cockpit sounds, alongside updates to the manual and checklists. JustFlight has also made improvements to effects via the Librain plug-in too. Take a look at the full list of changes
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JustFlight Show Off First In-Sim Shots of PA-38

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JustFlight has shown off the first in-sim shots of their upcoming PA-38 Tomahawk aircraft for P3D, FSX and X-Plane over on their Facebook page. The shots posted by JustFlight show off the PBR that they have worked into this aircraft for P3D v4. From the few shots shown off, it looks like JustFlight has done a good job of integrating
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