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Just Flight Avro Vulcan for X-Plane 11: The FSElite Review

Our video producers Tim and Lee, or you may know them from the Flight Brothers YouTube channel. Have produced a very detailed review on the newly released Just Flight Avro Vulcan for Xplane 11.

The Avro Vulcan was a high-altitude, long-range strategic bomber which was an integral part of the Bomber Command’s V-Force for the Royal Air Force during the 1950s and 1960s as a nuclear deterrent. Vulcan saw military service up until 1982 and was retired from service completely in 1991. The Vulcan to the Sky campaign managed to get XH558’s return to flight approved in 2008 for a further five years until the aircraft was finally grounded on 28th October 2015.


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Just Flight A300 Prepar3D V5 Cockpit Previews

Just Flight A300 Cockpit Prepar3d (4)
Just Flight have been busy showing off their A300 in Prepar3D and the latest round of screenshots come from the inside this time. Showcasing off some of the finer details within the cockpit, Just Flight has put together a series of images highlighting various aspects of the current work in progress. The images don't appear to be from within the
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Just Flight A300 In-game Previews

Just Flight has been kind enough to share a handle of previews of their upcoming Airbus A300 in several different liveries. The Airbus A300 was a revolutionary aircraft not only for Airbus but the entire world as it was the first twin-engine wide-body commercial aircraft. And now, Just Flight is bringing this iconic bird into the flight sim community. Whilst
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DC Designs Announces F-15 Eagle

Dc Designs F15 C E I Eagle 59 Ss L 200409124310
DC Designs has announced their latest project: the iconic McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle, with the C, E and I variants. The F-15 Eagle is a very recognisable military fighter that serves a prominent role in the United States Air Force and the Israeli Air Force, amongst others. It's a twin engine jet with a focus on air superiority and to
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Just Flight Updates Avro Vulcan on X-Plane 11

Just Flight Vulcan Announcement (5)
Just Flight released their Avro Vulcan on X-Plane 11 just two weeks ago, but the team has already issued the first major update for the product. After listening to feedback, developers Just Flight has added various improvements to the product including fixes, and all new VR support for 2D pop-up panels. In the list provided by Just Flight, the transponder
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Just Flight Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 Updated v1.0.9113

Just Flight Global Traffic X Fselite Review 11

Over on Just Flight’s support page, the change log for Traffic Global has been updated. Now showing the latest version at v1.0.9113 for both Windows and Mac.

This version of Traffic Global has been tested in X-Plane 11.50 betas 1-3, and is working with both OpenGL and Vulkan/Metal. It has also been tested in X-Plane 11.41r1. Just Flight have said that because there are more betas planned for X-Plane, it is not possible to guarantee that it will work in future betas once they become available. They did say that if something does break, a interim update will be made to update the product.

Full change log:

Known Problems

This is due to a breaking change in the underlying simulator, and unfortunately at least for now these is nothing that can be done to fix this. Please don’t raise support tickets for missing TCAS!

– Transitions between certain go-around/circuit legs are not smooth.
– Airports with poorly-defined taxi routes may still use unnecessarily sharp corners.
– If you are using an external weather engine such as xEnviro, correct weather may not be set for a minute or so after the simulator starts. This will affect runway-in-use for aircraft initialised during this period.
– The custom map layers will re-enable themselves if you disable them, each time X-Plane loads new scenery. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10498 and can not be worked around.
– Custom views do not respond correctly in VR. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10412.
– If very few aircraft are nearby, additional false aircraft are reported via TCAS. This is X-Plane bug XPD-10434.
– Wind direction at airports can still cause the runway-in-use to change far too often with variable winds being fed to X-Plane from external weather systems. A fix for this is under development but is much more involved than it seems, and is not yet ready for release. Please bear with me!

Known problems with fixes under development:

– Further work on controlled changing of airport flows
– Enable multi-runway use on a wider range of badly-defined airports
– Significant changes in how pushback routes are calculated
– Several new datarefs
– Additional help for airport designers in the Flightplan view
– Aircraft may turn off the runway too fast for specific combinations of aircraft, runway, taxiway locations and flow
– Include all paints for all models for all known airlines, not just the ones used in the default traffic database
– Several paint fixes
– More efficient networking
– Field-of-view incorrectly affecting networked displays
– Aircraft continuing a reverse-pushback all the way to the first sharp junction
– … and more!

Changes in this release:

– Compatibility with both OpenGL and Vulkan/Metal modes.
– Fix for reading radio frequencies for certain airports.
– Additional logging around the pseudo-ATC. If the above fix doesn’t help, please contact support with your log.
– Crash fix for random crash which was possible when TCAS was enabled and you changed aircraft mid-flight.
– Crash fix for a small number of third-party schedule files which referred to a specific set of airports.
– Crash fix for random crash when removing aircraft after the density setting had been reduced.
– Potential fix for certain commercial, third-party airports affecting calculation of AI touchdown points at airports at the end of long user flights.
– Wind direction is now calculated using the airport’s elevation rather than the user’s.
– Fix for a potential freeze during shutdown.

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JustFlight 747 Livery List with Previews

93900245 10160333824368499 368490756429578240 O
Just Flight has posted on their Facebook page screenshots of the remainders of the liveries that will be released with their Boeing 747 Classic. All the screenshots that have been shared so far are available on the Just Flight product page. Interestingly, the product page also lists Prepar3D V5 in the compatible simulators list along with Prepar3D V4.  The developer
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Just Flight’s Avro Vulcan Released for X-Plane 11

Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2 K.2 And MRR For X Plane 11 From Just Flight Preparing For Take Off
Just Flight has released the Avro Vulcan for X-Plane 11. As we originally said, the Avro Vulcan was a high-altitude, long-range strategic bomber which was an integral part of the Bomber Command's V-Force for the Royal Air Force during the 1950s and 1960s as a nuclear deterrent. Vulcan saw military service up until 1982 and was retired from service completely
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Just Flight Announces Diamond DV20

Propair Diamond Dv20 1 Ss L 200327124200
Just Flight has announced on their Facebook page they were developing a Diamond DV20 "Katana" light aircraft for Prepar3D. The editor indicated on Twitter the aircraft was still in early stages of development and was not scheduled for release before year end. The Just Flight Diamond DV20 is developed in partnership with Propair Flight, who previously released a Falke SF-25
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Just Flight Further Previews Boeing 747 Classic

90790478 10160214478738499 6816288260403232768 O
Just Flight has posted on Facebook further previews of their upcoming Boeing 747 Classic. The previews show the aircraft departing from JFK airport, and showcases the use of what appears to be GSX jetways. In the comments, Just Flight further reiterated the Boeing 747-300 was planned but at a later stage in an expansion pack. You can visit the product
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