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Just Flight Updates Traffic Global for X-plane 11

Just Flight Traffic Global X Plane 11 New Oc (3)

Just Flight has released its next major update for Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 to version v1.0.9454 for both Windows and Mac.

This update factors in X-Plane 11.50 beta 1-11 as well as 11.41 rev 1. Just Flight reminds us that this update may not be compatible with future updates of X-Plane. However, if something gets broken in future beta updates or the final 11.50 release then an interim release will be made available as soon as possible.

To upgrade Traffic Global to the latest version, simply run the installer for Windows. As for Mac users, please remove the “Aircraft/Traffic Global” folder before unarchiving, since aircraft names may change over time. If you have replaced your traffic file (.BGL) you will need to check the replacement for yourself; the traffic file changes with almost every release and will be updated or replaced if it is changed or missing.

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Just Flight Previews 146 Professional in X-Plane 11

Just Flight 146 Professional X PLANE 11 (1)
Developer Just Flight is currently deep in development for their upcoming 146 Professional on Prepar3D. However, the team are also on an X-Plane 11 version and they have shared a range of previews highlighting the external modelling. Whilst the post didn't offer any further details at this point, it's nice to see the aircraft take shape in X-Plane 11. The
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Just Flight Tornado F3 Previews

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It's been a bit quiet around this project from Just Flight lately, but the team has taken to Facebook to post some new pictures, with the plane sporting brand new PBR textures. The previews also show off the detailed modelling and texturing work taking place inside the cockpit. More details on this upcoming plane can be found over on the
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Just Flight Previews 747 Classic, Reaching “Final Stages”

Just Flight 747 Classic P3d (5)
Another week and another week of previews from Just Flight. This time, the team turned attention back to the 747 Classic that has been in development for a long period of time. These previews head back into the cockpit and demonstrate the TFDi Design RealLight and TrueGlass technology in action. For those unfamiliar, TFDi Design's RealLight and TrueGlass are modern technologies
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Even More Just Flight 146 Professional Previews

Justflight 146 P3 (5)
Just under a month ago, we saw a handful of livery previews from the upcoming Just Flight 146 Professional. Earlier today, the team shared a few more for the BAe 146-200 from Prepar3D, including the US Air livery which utilises the bare metal design. Just Flight said that with the PBR materials used, it looks "very striking!" As previously mentioned, the
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Just Flight Shares First VC-10 in X-Plane Previews

Vc10 Professional Xplane 2 Ss L 200527081754

Just Flight has posted on their Facebook page the first previews of their upcoming X-Plane port of their VC-10. In the mean time, the team added further screenshots on the product page on the Just Flight website. The screenshots show the aircraft in various situations, flying around the Orbx Southampton (EGHI) scenery, parked on the ramp and during the landing phase. Cockpit shots have not yet been shared.

The aircraft is expected to have similar features as in the Prepar3D version, of which you can read the FSElite review here or watch the video here. The detailed upcoming feature list has not been shared yet though.

The Vickers-Armstrong VC-10 was a long range airliner which first flew in 1962. While its commercial career remained fairly confidential, the aircraft remained in service in the Royal Air Force until its retirement in 2013, serving as a tanker and a transport aircraft. The aircraft could be configured either as a tanker, a troop transport or a medical evacuation aircraft.

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Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane Released

After a short time in development, JustFlight has released Air Hauler 2 for X-Plane 11. With their original announcement just weeks ago, it wasn't long for them to complete for those X-Plane users eagerly awaiting it. JustFlight promised to make the X-Plane version of Air Hauler 2 the same as the FSX/P3D version, and they certainly delivered on that promise.
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Just Flight Continues to Preview A300 In Prepar3D v5

Justflight A300 P3d Previews (3)
Just Flight has shared some all-new images for its upcoming A300 in Prepar3D v5. The previews are from various parts of the aircraft both internally and externally. This is the first time that Just Flight has previews the A300B4-200 with up-close details of the textured cockpit in Prepar3D v5. You can check out the product page for additional details. We
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DC Designs Releases F-15 Eagle

Dc Designs F15 C E I Eagle 59 Ss L 200409124310
Announced earlier this month, DC Designs has released their F-15 Eagle. The package includes three different models of the iconic fighter jet, namely the F-15 C, E and I variants. The planes have been optimised for performance and feature several animations and accurate systems to capture an accurate flight simming experience of this jet. The plane is available through Just
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