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Just Flight Announce Piper Archer III And Duchess Model 76

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In a recent post on their facebook page, Just Flight have announced two more additions to their already extensive library of G/A and Piper aircraft: The Piper Archer III and the Duchess Model 76.

The Piper Archer III is a member of the PA-28 family of aircraft from Piper and features a 180hp Lycoming O-360-A4M engine. In-sim it will be fully IFR capable with a  GNS 530 GPS, GNC 255 radio, S-TEC autopilot, HSI and ADF instruments. Addition features will include a TCAS in the form of a Traffic-Watch ATD-300 and a Strikefinder Stormscope.

The Duchess Model 76 is a 4 seater, retractable landing gear, T-tail aircraft which is powered with 2 180hp engines, with constant pitch propellers. The Model 76 will be fully IFR capable, and ideal for longer flights with an impressive 780 miles range and a service ceiling of 20,000ft.

Both Products will be initially available for FSX and P3D, and, though we have no release date or price yet, you can follow the progress of the development on their product pages (Piper / Duchess).

Piper Archer III

Duchess Model 76


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Just Flight C152 (X-Plane 11): The FSElite Review

The Cessna 152, a twin-seat tricycle gear general aviation aircraft, is primarily used as a trainer around the world. First introduced in 1977, the aircraft was developed from the earlier Cessna 150, and still has many of the 7,500+ builds flying today. The Cessna 152 can also be retrofitted as a taildragger or STOL aircraft and is often powered by
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Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow III/IV: The FSElite Review

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Just Flight are a long-standing flight sim publisher and developer for both the ESP platform and X-Plane products, with their X-Plane products generally being made in partnership with Thranda Design. Their PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IV is a welcomed addition to their extensive fleet and – more importantly – our hangars. This aircraft comfortably compliments their previous release of the PA-28R Arrow III. The Piper Turbo Arrow, is a member of the Cherokee PA-28 family of Piper aircraft, with both models making use of the 200 horsepower Continental TSIO-360-F Turbocharged engine, and retractable gear for faster cruising speeds. The IV model included in this package also sports the T-tail model.


When the user loads an aircraft for the first time, they are always planted right where the magic happens… in the cockpit. Sticking with their high-quality assurance from other aircraft, it is clear to see that not a penny went to waste when modelling an accurate rendition of the Piper Turbo Arrow’s cockpit, which was made using plans from the real world counterpart! A high polygon count ensures that this aircraft is modelled down to the T(-tail), without sacrificing performance. This great detail on the 3d aspect of the aircraft allows the texturing to really shine, with 4k textures inside and out, no less. In comparison to other models I have tried in x-plane, I can definitely confirm that high-resolution textures add to the immersion and make this model stand out. I also feel that the different colours available for the cockpit make the experience feel much more personal.

X-Plane 11’s PBR system is also used to its full potential in this stunning artwork, we are able to view the fabrics and leathers of the interior in great detail, see dirt where the workhorse scars and let the aircraft shine, where it really shines.

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Just Flight Traffic Global Updated To Include GA Aircraft

Just Flight Traffic Global 01
Traffic Global has recently been updated to version v1.1.0.3. This version adds the foundations for GA aircraft, as well as adding some more features to the product. A couple of bugs have also been addressed in this build too for enhanced stability. For your convenience, here is the full changelog: - Missing 737-700 liveries added - Westjet livery and flight plans
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Just Flight C152 X-Plane 11 Edition Released

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Previewed just a short time ago, Just Flight has now released their C152 for X-Plane 11. Developed in partnership with Thranda Design, the Cessna 152 has been faithfully recreated in the simulator. Although not the fastest aircraft in the world, it is regularly in flight training thanks to its fixed landing gear, 110hp four-cylinder engine and fixed-pitch propeller. The Just
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Just Flight Preview Upcoming C152 in X-Plane 11

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Not content with having just released two new aircraft, Just Flight has shown off some previews of their upcoming Cessna 152 within X-Plane 11, which has been in development for a little while now. In a post to their Facebook page, the ever-busy developers have shown a handful of new screenshots of the baby single prop. The screenshots show off the immaculate exterior
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