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Drzewiecki Design New York Airports X v2

Drzewiecki Design New York Airports X V2 P3D 1

Drzewiecki Design have provided the community with even more previews of their upcoming New York Airports X v2. In a post on Facebook, they said that J.F. Kennedy version 2 has been completed. The team have worked hard on ensuring that airport buildings are up to date, creating brand new ground polys, as well as adding high quality static aircraft (there’s been no word on whether these can be switched off). Furthermore, there’s individual mesh design, fully operational taxiway bridges, and of course the use of SODE jetways.

As previously mentioned, the airport will be released in 2 parts. Both of these releases is still expected to be next week.

As soon as we hear anything new, we’ll be there to let you guys know.

We interviewed Drzewiecki Design during Developer Month, so check that out!

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