Jennasoft Updates Gatwick Airport to v1.2 on P3D

Prepar3D 4oKpJOIwNu.jpg.756b222475a7e8478111914afa04ce65

Scenery developer Jennasoft has updated Gatwick Airport (EGKK) to version 1.2 on Prepar3D. The new update brings a host of new features, Prepar3D v5 compatibility and more. The news was originally shared by the developer on the iFlySimX forums.

The new update brings Prepar3D version 5 compatibility, the new Boeing MRO, new blue taxiway lighting and also various flickering fixes as well. Finally, iniBuilds have also developed new dynamic lighting for the airport which has been included with his new update.

To update, Jennsoft say that you must remove the previous version before installing version 1.2. This included also removing any of the dynamic lighting files in the root of the Prepar3D installation you may have.

Version 1.20 Update

  • Adds the new Boeing MRO
  • Adds P3Dv5 version
  • Removes default taxisigns and default building, fixes mesh bugs in grass areas
  • Correct too bright windows reflexion)
  • Adds some more green lights
  • Adds some new blue taxiways lights
  • Fixes flickering dynamic lights on P3D
  • Reduces the number of dynamic lights to improve night experience.
  • New dynamic lights by Inibuilds
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Jennasoft London Gatwick (EGKK): The FSElite Review

Jennasoft Gatwick Airport Review Featuredjpg
Gatwick has been a constant throughout my flightsim ‘career’. I remember many years ago that it was one of, if not, the first payware airports that I purchased. I recall finding the go-around procedure particularly interesting having seen real-world operators executing that hard left or right turn heading 179 degrees climbing to 3000ft. Not only this, but I recognised this
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JennaSoft Announces Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Jennasoft Nairobi Airport P3d Fsx (4)
Developer JennaSoft has announced that they are in the middle of development for Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (HKJK). The developer, who last released Gatwick Airport, said that the airport is in development for FSX and Prepar3D v4 and v5. Whilst details are light on the ground right now, they did share a number of previews. Whilst no specifics were given
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Jennasoft London Gatwick Updated V1.1

1324740556 GatwickJennaSoftSept(6).thumb.jpg.07859c1dd343c5517437e124b006c997
Developer Jennasoft has updated its recently released London Gatwick on P3Dv4 to version 1.1. After the initial release, plenty of community feedback was left in the forums and online. The developer has since then listened and taken that feedback on board to create a better product. The new update includes many new additions such as a configurator, the ILS DME
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JennaSoft London Gatwick Airport Now Available

Jennasoft Gatwick Previews 2
After the announcement that the release would be "imminent," the team has released London Gatwick Airport for Prepar3D and FSX via simMarket. The airport has been in development for some time and is the most up-to-date version of the airport released for FSX/P3D. As mentioned before, Gatwick Airport sits south of the UK Capital and is one of the world's
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JennaSoft London Gatwick Airport (EGKK) Imminent Release, New Previews

1324740556 GatwickJennaSoftSept(6).thumb.jpg.07859c1dd343c5517437e124b006c997

Developer JennaSoft has been developing a new London Gatwick Airport (EGKK) for some time, however, today, the developer confirmed that the release is “imminent.”

The airport, south of the UK Capital, is one of the world’s busiest single-runway airports with 55 departures/arrivals every hour. The airport hosts a variety of airlines including British Airways, Norwegian, Ryanair and TUI. easyJet is the airport’s biggest airline with 60 aircraft based there during the summer months.

The new previews from JennaSoft confirm detailed ground texturing, some interior modelling, animated jetways and dynamic lighting. The new rendition of the airport also appears to be updated to how the airport looks today with the new peir and stands at the South terminal.

As mentioned in the forums, this will be the last preview as the airport is due very, very soon. Upon release, we will inform you of any feature lists, pricing details and where to download it.

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Jennasoft Previews More Gatwick Screenshots

1239769811 GatwickJennaSoftSept(1).thumb.jpg.b3b351d9a2f3a2cd022db9dc8c740702
Scenery developer Jennasoft has shared more previews of their upcoming Gatwick Airport for FSX and P3D. The first previews of the product were shared back in September 2017, and since then we've had a good look at what to expect for the release. The release date is unknown right now, as it has been pushed around quite a bit. The
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JennaSoft Share Further Previews of Gatwick Airport (EGKK)

JennaSoft Gatwick 2
Whilst developer JennaSoft shared the first previews of Gatwick back in September 2017, the product is still in development. Taking to the iFlySimX forums earlier today, the team shared a set of brand new previews of the UK airport. However, the team did say in January that a release was "close" The previews show off various parts of both North
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Jennasoft Gatwick Close to Release

Jennasoft Gatwick Egkk 5
For those that have kept track, you might remember that a while back a company called Jennasoft announced that they were making Gatwick scenery. Since then a few previews have been shown off, however, we have not received any kind of release estimate until now. Over on their forums, Jennasoft announced that they hope to release Gatwick sometime this month
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Jennasoft Preview More for Gatwick

Jennasoft Gatwick Egkk 2
Jennasoft announced a while back that they were busy in development of a brand new London Gatwick Airport (EGKK). The UK's second busiest airport is home to many airlines in the country and is often the base for more of the low-cost and leisure routes to and from the UK. It's been a year since the original images turned up,
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