IXEG 737-300 Development Update


IXEG, the developer responsible for the successful 737-300 for X-Plane, gave an update to development progression over on the X-Pilot forum.

In a previous update, Tom Kyler, the developer behind IXEG, mentioned that the development of 3D modelling and sounds were on the register to be improved but were bound to older technology and tools. When the IXEG 737 was first developed it was beyond the development curve for X-Plane and therefore the team had to come up with independent ways of designing their aircraft. Now Laminar Research has made improvements to their developer tools, the team have had to rework their existing techniques to be in line with the newer laminar developments.

With the help of Ted Greene at Laminar Research and a converter that he has written, the team are able to work much more efficiently with updating their aircraft within the newer practices of X-Plane. Using the converter, the team are in the process of moving all the current assets to use the updated toolchain of today. Having done the majority of the complex functions, the team doesn’t anticipate moving the rest of the functionality of their development over to the newer systems. The movement to newer practices will allow the team to improve bugs and develop their aircraft quicker and easier than ever before.

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IXEG Developer Provides Update on FMS Work

IXEG developer Tom Kyler posted a brief update on the status of FMS work in the IXEG 733. Early in the year, Kyler posted that developers were considering transitioning the FMS system to the XP1100 Navdata format. This newer format would mean greater accuracy in procedures and improved LNAV/VNAV and performance calculations. In this latest post, Kyler is back (after
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IXEG 737 Development Updates

Veteran X-Plane developer IXEG has announced further development of their 737-300 Classic aircraft on the X-Pilot forum. They claim that their focus will be updating the 3D cabin, doors, animations and the FMS. IXEG plans to transition to the XP1100 navdata format. They assert that this adaptation will allow for more accurate procedures and LNAV/VNAV calculations. IXEG reveals that they
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IXEG 737 Classic Updated To v1.21

IXEG Iberia
A short time ago, IXEG released an update to their highly acclaimed 737 Classic for X-Plane. This update brings some visual enhancements, along with improved systems and realism logic. The X-Plane 11 model receives glass reflective surfaces, and a tweaked flight model for a new downwash effect - something they say will bring a "mild nose-down effect when close to
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First Details of IXEG 737 In X-Plane 11 Surface

Reader Maurits was kind enough to share that he stumbled upon the first details of the IXEG 737 in X-Plane 11. The 737 classic received critical acclaim for its detail and system depth when it was originally released. Since then it's had some updates, but now fans are excited to try it out in the latest version of X-Plane. As
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IXEG 737 Classic Updating to Version 1.1 In 48 Hours

EGPWS Preview For The 1.1 Patch Of The IXEG 737

Great news for customers of the IXEG 737 Classic as the long awaited 1.1 update will be released free of charge to all customers within the next 48 hours. Very soon, customers will be notified of the update and will be able to download to add loads of new functionality. Also, the team committed to being able to provide frequent updates again on the product.

Some new features include a realistic TCAS system, an improved EGPWS as well as new cargo and cockpit animations. There have been several texture fixes and system faults made more accurate than before.  You can watch some of the new features in the videos above and below.

We’ve published the full list below.

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