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IVAO Releases New Datalink Module for Aurora Client


Pushing on with their ambitious online infrastructure upgrade, IVAO public relations director Fares Belkihria has recently taken to the company’s web page, indicating the launch of V1.2.5B of the companies AURORA ATC client, introducing with this update a new data link module that brings both TELEX and CPDLC functionality to the company’s AURORA ATC client.

Fares begins his post by letting readers know that this most recent update is set to increase the level of immersion experienced by active users of the network via novel Datalink functionality that has now been added to IVAO’s AURORA ATC client.

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IVAO’s Altitude Client Updated to Support SELCAL with ZIBO Mod

Pilot Client Altitude SELCAL Integration In Collaboration With Zibomod
IVAO, in collaboration with ZIBO Mod, have released a new update to their Altitude client to enable SELCAL support directly within the ZIBO Mod 737. This means during specific flights, controllers can contact you via the Selective Calling System (SELCAL) via their own client. The video demonstration above shows you a use case scenario. SELCAL enables ground controllers to contact
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IVAO Launches Webeye 3.0

In the line of the recent upgrade the entire network has received through Aurora, Altitude and the new Voice codec, IVAO has revealed that the next item to be updated would be Webeye, brought to V3.0. The IVAO Webeye is a network activity utility that can be used by anyone to monitor where the action takes place on the network
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IVAO New Voice Module Release Date Set

Card 1
IVAO has announced in an official statement that their long-awaited New Voice Module was to be released to the public on September 5th, 2020. The module was previewed in June 2020, with the short following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrJ8SyoOIRM&feature=youtu.be This new audio codec will enable IVAO to get rid of Teamspeak 2, which has been in use for more than 15 years.
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IVAO Releases MSFS Compatible Client

IVAO has released its newest voice client, Altitude, which is also fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator. IVAO is one of the largest online flight simulator networks that allow virtual pilots and air traffic controllers to integrate worldwide. In order to log onto and interact with other people on the servers, virtual pilots require a third party client to bridge
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Free Webinars to Learn How to Fly Online

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Our friend Sebastian Knoop-Troullier is hosting a series of webinars to help those learn the ropes of flying online. Whilst many are staying at home during the current pandemic, it’s meant that many are able to fly online with friends and communities. To help those who may be unfamiliar or just need a helping hand, Sebastian is going to provide support.

Under his Twitch handle, “G3rman Aviator” will focus on helping those who are beginners or seasoned simmers take their flying online. Whether you want to learn more about VATSIM or IVAO, Sebastian will help you through it all. 

The first session will be streamed live on Twitch on Sunday, March 29th at 18:00 zulu.

Some helpful links for you:

Facebook event page

Twitch Page

G3rman Aviator’s Discord

If you take part, let us know what you think. Did you find it helpful? You can also watch Sebastian give a presentation during last year’s FlightSimExpo to get a taste of what to expect.

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IVAO Future Software Close To Release

IVAO Public Relations Director Fares Belkhiria has posted a statement on Virtual Sky, IVAO's magazine, regarding the release date of the three upcoming software of the multiplayer network. The three software are ATC Client Aurora, Pilot Client Altitude and Connector Artifice. The three softwares will be showcased next week-end (see details below) on the Youtube Channel of IVAO and released
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IVAO Software Development Update

IVAO Software, which is another online network much like VATSIM, is overhauling their entire experience for both pilots and controllers with four main pillars. The ATC Client, the Pilot Client, the Network and the servers. Ever since the IVAO network was constructed, their FSD, IVAP, and IVAC were not owned by IVAO. That meant developers were unable to make major
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VATSIM/IVAO Message Forwarding System ‘FCOM’ Released

Fcom Black Background
FCOM is a VATSIM/IVAO message forwarding system that allows the user to receive messages via Discord. If you need to step away from the computer, this tool allows you to keep track of any messages without being physically at the controls. Designed by Norris Ng, he is a computer science student at the University of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada has been
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[Flightsimguy] KSBN – KORD and a Discussion on Options for Flight Sim Multiplayer (FYC)

no thumb
Today we're taking the RealAir Beech Duke for a quick trip across the lake to Chicago O'hare while discussing various options for for flying with other simmers over a network (Flight Simulation Multiplayer). Content referenced in this video include: How to forward ports in your router to support FSX Multiplayer: https://youtu.be/vqZM_CcLSfE How to establish a shared cockpit session: https://youtu.be/bVNCiE4H5sg Preview
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