SimArc Updates Islamabad for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Developer SimArc has updated Islamabad Airport (OPIS) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update is based on user feedback and improvements to the SDK since the original release.

The new update adds the ILS approach and fixes the PAPI lights. In addition, the fuel parking stands have been added, along with various new night lighting around the airport. Perhaps a first for any scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator (according to SimArc) is the addition of jetway sounds being added. Finally, the airport product has been optimised for better performance.

You can get the updated installer from simMarket. It’s recommended by the developer to remove the old version before the new version. If you bought it through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, it will take around 2 weeks for the update to be released.

Otherwise, you can buy SimArc’s Islamabad Airport for €13.99 from simMarket.

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Islamabad International Airport Released from SimArc

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