FSElite Original: Interview with Lars from Contrail App

CONTRAIL Interview

Over the past few months, you may have noticed a new store appear called Contrail. This new store, developed by Lars from 29Palms Scenery Design, is both a point of sale and also an application for customers to download and install products. Over the years, Lars has had an obsession with creating stunning scenery and easy-to-use configurator tools, and so, the Contrail App was a natural evolution for him.

In our extensive interview with Lars, he tells us exactly what the Contrail App is and how the new marketplace will support developers and the community access their products. The store is already populated with top-tier names such as Flightbeam, Aerosoft, LatinVFR and has recently introduced Verticalsim into the mix. More developers and products are to come in the future.

In addition to our interview with Lars from 29Palms, we’re pleased to work with Contrail to offer FSElite readers 25% off their first purchase with Contrail. That means you can pick up a product from the likes of Flightbeam, LatinVFR, Aerosoft and others at a discounted rate. Simply use the code FSELITE at the checkout, or by clicking this link.*

Further to Contrail, we spend some time asking what the future of 29Palms looks like and what future scenery products we can expect to see in the future. Thanks to Lars for taking the time to tell us more about Contrail and we hope you enjoy the interview.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and what you’ve done in the past for flight simulation?

My name is Lars Pinkenburg, a 29-year-old aviation nerd from Hamburg, Germany. Some readers might know my work under the “29Palms” brand which has been established in 2010. Over the years we have released a couple of airports for FSX and Prepar3D such as Nuremberg, Twentynine Palms and the Greek islands Mykonos, Samos and Skiathos. Besides our own projects, I have also collaborated with FSDG, Orbx and Limesim on projects such as Sharm-El Sheikh, FTX Germany and Southampton airport, just to name a few.

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Introducing NZA Simulations Sceneries for MSFS

NZA Simulations NZRO & Rotorua Scenery Pack 1.0 9
Today, FSElite will be seating with Josh Purcell from the NZA Simulations team. The New Zealand and Australia Simulations team was formed specifically for the Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on community. The team is taking cautionary steps and is looking at progressing along with the iterations of the MSFS SDK. As such, only small airfields and some landscape sceneries have been
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Interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios

Microsoft Flight Simulator Interview With Microsoft And Asobo Studios
The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is only a few weeks away and we are able to really start talking more about the simulator as we approach the release date. The FSElite team recently had a virtual interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios to discuss the new Flight Simulator and look at some of the challenges faced during the current global
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FSElite Original: Interview with Orbx’s Rasha Tucakov [FlyJuly]

Interview Orbx Rasha

If you haven’t seen, throughout the month of July, Orbx has been putting together a range of sales, offers and community engagement through their #FlyJuly event. We’ve teamed up with Orbx to offer the community some original content. If you didn’t know, Orbx is a huge team of people and whilst they employ numerous people, they also have a range of independent developers who work exclusively and publish content through Orbx. Some of your favourite airports (Dubrovnik, San Diego, Stockholm) are from these independent developers and we want to shine the spotlight on some of them as part of the FlyJuly celebrations.

Today, we pleased to shine the light on Rasha Tucakov. He has most recently developed LDRI Rijeka Airport, and has also worked on Dubrovnik and Belgrade.

Tell us who you are and what it is you do within Orbx?

My name is Radoslav Tucakov, I’m 41 and I’m a dentist by education but my love for simulation got me to scenery development and I’ve become an Orbx scenery developer five years ago, as I can remember. I can say that I’m an old-timer since I started with my flight simulation hobby back in the ’80s.

Do you remember your first scenery development? What was it and what were some of the biggest lessons you learned during numerous development cycles?

I was one of those kids fascinated with civil aviation. I can vividly remember the day I first entered the Yugoslav Airlines DC-9 on a flight from Belgrade to Ljubljana back in 1988, the sound of APU running, that famous rear entrance with stairs, and perfect flight I have had. That was love at first sight… Just a few weeks after my first flight I’ve tried Flight Simulator 3 or 4, I can’t remember precisely, on my father’s computer. Just try to imagine the happiness of a 9-year-old boy “flying the plane” on a PC.

From that age I was only interested in flight simulation when it comes to video games, years have passed, numerous sims have changed, I had it all, but I didn’t have my favorite local airports. My first experiment with scenery design was on flight sim 98 and that’s how I started and I’ve never dreamed that it would become one of my future jobs. I’ve created numerous more or less appealing freeware addons for fs98, fs2002, fs9, fsx, and after a few years, I’ve created a small design team, with 3 friends. We manage to create 3 payware scenery addons (Belgrade, Tivat, and Osijek airport) with which I was partially satisfied. The team was small, we couldn’t provide great support to customers and I realized that I need to learn and polish my skills in terms of visuals and performance of my scenery addons If I want to continue making them.

I always wanted more since I’m a simmer too. I was one of the guys from the community flying long haul flights online on VATSIM or IVAO while polishing my textures and editing 3d models for my scenery to entertain myself during long boring flights. Yeah, I multitask and relax that way. That’s kind of stress relief for me. Money wasn’t the driving power for my business but the pure love for what I’m doing, and  I just wanted to make enough money to be able to update my computer regularly and keep with the paste of flight sim evolution.

In that time Orbx was in their early days too and I was fascinated with the work those guys did. “Come on!? 3D grass! Butterflies!?!?! Those wide coverage areas and surroundings! You must be kidding me!?” : I was thinking back then. Then people flow came out, nature flow, etc. I wanted to be a part of that team and create my favorite airports with those technologies but I didn’t believe that I was good enough. I knew something but not enough… Not long after that, I can’t remember on which forum, I found a post which was talking about one young designer from Orbx team called Misha Cajic. ”Hmmm, that sounded like the guy from the same region I’m from. I did my homework, searched the web for the guy, contacted him with my ‘portfolio’, and gave him a proposal for the Dubrovnik project. That’s how I started working within Orbx. Misha was and still is my, guru, teacher, and consultant. The level of cooperation and understanding we have is amazing and I think We did great work at every airport We’ve created together. Yes, I know that there is always something that can be done better, improved, but the life of a designer is tightly connected with constant improvement of skills.

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FSElite Original: Behind the Scenes Interview with Ricardo from LatinVFR

LATINVFR Interview
LatinVFR has been in the industry developing airports for many years. Known for recent releases such as Miami V5, New Orleans and Madrid, the developer has proven to be able to create a range of products in a variety of locations around the world. LatinVFR's next airport will be Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) and will come complete with new
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FSElite Exclusive: A Future X-Plane Update Will Focus on Weather, Clouds and Lighting

X Plane 11 2
In an exclusive interview with FSElite, Ben Supnik has confirmed to us that Laminar Research will begin development on overhauling the weather, cloud and lighting engine within the world of X-Plane. When asked about what the future of X-Plane will look like, Ben said that "The very next thing on my to-do list, we can examine everything about weather, clouds, lighting and all that
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