Parallel 42 The Skypark (Early Access): Developer Walkthrough

Parallel 42’s The Skypark is due to release very soon as early access and I was lucky enough to sit down with both Edson and Keven who took me on a developer walkthrough of the product. During our hour-long conversation, the duo shared their development insights into the product, why there was a delay between announcement and release, and how Microsoft Flight Simulator impacted the whole development cycle for the team.

Not only did we discuss some of the obvious questions, but Edson and Keven both gave some insight into how the software works, the expansion plans for the future and also a deep look into using the application in the simulator. Plus, we got an exclusive look at an upcoming mission which has been created in collaboration with Ben Lomov. This mission, which all players will get the chance to fly soon, will see you flying the Pitts S-1S cross country exactly as Ben flew it, along with commentary and check-ins from Ben himself. We’ll be putting together a very special look at this content very soon just for you.

Some key points were discussed during our hour-long conversation:

  • A release date isn’t yet confirmed, but hints were made for it being in time for the holidays.
  • Whilst the product is in a polished state, it’s being released as an “early access” product whilst P42 understands user habits, makes adjustments and adds features still in progress. This isn’t a buggy “early access” product, but one that simply needs refining after masses of people have used it.
  • The pricing, as confirmed a while back, will see The Skypark releasing initially as a standalone, single-time purchase. The Skypark Live will release in the future as an optional subscription for those who want a much more alive world.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator is the primary simulator right now for The Skypark with development work for other platforms being looked at once this release is stable.
  • User experience and feedback is at the heart of The Skypark, and the team will listen to any feedback delivered to them after release to continue to improve it further.
  • Be sure to enlist on The Skypark’s Discord group to start seeing things in action.

As soon as we can, we’ll be producing a first look video of the product in action using our own experience and flights. Of course, we’ll be sure to keep you informed of a release as soon as we know.

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Introducing NZA Simulations Sceneries for MSFS

NZA Simulations NZRO & Rotorua Scenery Pack 1.0 9
Today, FSElite will be seating with Josh Purcell from the NZA Simulations team. The New Zealand and Australia Simulations team was formed specifically for the Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on community. The team is taking cautionary steps and is looking at progressing along with the iterations of the MSFS SDK. As such, only small airfields and some landscape sceneries have been
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Interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios

Microsoft Flight Simulator Interview With Microsoft And Asobo Studios
The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is only a few weeks away and we are able to really start talking more about the simulator as we approach the release date. The FSElite team recently had a virtual interview with Microsoft and Asobo Studios to discuss the new Flight Simulator and look at some of the challenges faced during the current global
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FSElite Exclusive: Interview with Lockheed Martin – All About Prepar3D v5

Lockheed Martin Prepar3d V5 Interview

Just now, we revealed the very first information about Lockheed Martin’s upcoming Prepar3D v5. This is the first step in bringing an all-new platform built for the next-generation of simulation and training. New technologies such as DirectX 12, integration with trueSKY and more were all announced, but we wanted to dive a bit deeper into exactly what this means for the flight simulation community.

We spoke to Chris Metel from Lockheed Martin who is the current Prepar3D Engineering Program Manager. We discuss everything from how long Prepar3D v5 has been in development for, how the team will celebrate and how all these new technologies will help developers in future create more advanced products for the community.

Remember, you can read the announcement for Prepar3D v5 here and also watch the official teaser trailer on our YouTube channel.

Firstly, how long has Prepar3D v5 been in development?

Hi Calum, first off, thank you for taking the time to speak with me.  I’m excited to have joined the Prepar3D team during the development of our v5 release. Our last major release, v4, was launched almost two years ago which is our longest period between major releases.  Following the launch of a major release, we often focus on upcoming point releases, but we also started v5 development in parallel.  So, overall Prepar3D v5 has been in development for over two years, with a major push for about the last year.

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FSElite Original: Behind the Scenes Interview with Ricardo from LatinVFR

LATINVFR Interview
LatinVFR has been in the industry developing airports for many years. Known for recent releases such as Miami V5, New Orleans and Madrid, the developer has proven to be able to create a range of products in a variety of locations around the world. LatinVFR's next airport will be Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (KFLL) and will come complete with new
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FSElite Exclusive: A Future X-Plane Update Will Focus on Weather, Clouds and Lighting

X Plane 11 2
In an exclusive interview with FSElite, Ben Supnik has confirmed to us that Laminar Research will begin development on overhauling the weather, cloud and lighting engine within the world of X-Plane. When asked about what the future of X-Plane will look like, Ben said that "The very next thing on my to-do list, we can examine everything about weather, clouds, lighting and all that
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Interview

Microsoft Flight SimulatorDeveloper Interview X019
During X019, we interviewed two of the developers behind the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator. We discuss VR, the possibility of seasons and also briefly touch upon the newest announcement of airline manufacturers working with the teams to bring aircraft to the simulator. You can watch the full interview above via our YouTube video. If you liked what you saw, please
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