iniSimulations Updates A300-600R(F) and A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE

Inisimulations Belgua X Plane 11 (4)

iniSimulations has updated both its A300-600R(F) and A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE aircraft products for X-Plane 11. Both updates are somewhat minor in comparison to recent updates.

Starting with the A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE, the new update, version 1.02, now fixes the wheel chock bug and also a scenario where the cargo door could jam. In addition, the wing-flex has been adjusted and for those experiencing the master caution animation bug, you will be pleased to know it is now fixed.

On the other hand, the A300-600R(F) only sees a fix that ensures the newest AIRAC data (2103) from Navigraph is now compatible, along with future data updates.

It’s worth noting that both aircraft products will need to be reinstalled in order to successfully update. You can do this by removing the aircraft from your X-Plane 11 add-on installation folder and then adding this new update to the folder. You can download the newest updates from your account on the iniBuilds store.

You can watch our first look with the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE below.

Both products are available to buy from the iniBuilds store right now.

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iniSimulations Updates A300 BelugaST

Beluga Meta Embed Rev1 1200×1200
Hot off the heels of the release of the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE over the weekend, the development team has released a small update for the aircraft that builds upon the product. The new version, version 1.01, includes small fixes and quality of life improvements. A phantom overhead CTR tank figures bug has been fixed, along with a
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iniSimulations Releases A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE for XPL

Beluga Meta Embed Rev1 1200×1200
iniSimulations has released its long-awaited A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11. The unique Airbus aircraft is known for carrying aircraft parts around Europe to the various factories that build other aircraft. Its unique design and properties make the aircraft one of the most iconic in the world. iniSimulations created a detailed rendition of this particular plane. The aircraft
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iniSimulations Reveals A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE Trailer

IniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE The Trailer
After noting that their latest aircraft had moved into beta testing just last week, aircraft developer iniSimulations has premiered a trailer, showcasing some features of their upcoming A300-600 BelugaST ON THE LINE aircraft for X-Plane. The video premiered on YouTube and showcased the aircraft in action as well as the Hawarden scenery, commissioned by iniBuilds to accompany the aircraft upon release.
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iniBuilds Development Update: Beluga, A310-300 and More

IniSimulationsBelugaST Feb Preview 2.png.651bf3c075958fb882f0941d1c285879
Development team iniBuilds has shared a brand new development blog post on their forums highlighting progress with their previously announced Beluga and A310-300 ON THE LINE projects, along with announcing a brand new scenery product. A300 BelugaST It is said that development for the upcoming A300 BelugaST is progressing well and that the product is now in beta testing. iniBuilds
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iniSimulations Announces A300 BelugaST in New Development Update

Inisimulations Belgua X Plane 11 (3)

In a detailed development update from iniSimulations, it has been announced that a new expansion pack for the A300-600R(F) will be coming very soon. Introducing the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE for X-Plane 11. As said in the forum post, the aircraft is unique in that is features no VNAV and uses the performance package of the A310. The aircraft can be seen flying from various Airbus factories across the world carrying pieces of aircraft to different locations to build the planes you may fly on today.

The new aircraft will be an expansion to the original aircraft package and will include custom options and also various modifications in the cockpit as seen in the real-world aircraft of the variant. The product will be entering beta testing in the next few weeks and will be readily available to customers before the A310-300 is released.

Despite originally announced to be an expansion of the A300-600R(F), iniSimulations has confirmed you will be able to purchase the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE independently without owning the original aircraft product. Current customers will be able to get a discount of 15% once the product has been released. A full feature list for the iniSimulations A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE will be shared in February.

To celebrate the announcement of the BelugaST, it has also been confirmed that the team will be working with ZeroDollarPayware to create Chester/Hawarden Airport (EGNR) so that customers can fly to/from at least one Airbus Cargo airport in X-Plane 11. It will be made available through the iniBuilds forum upon release of the aircraft.

Also in the development update, it is confirmed that the A310-300 ON THE LINE product will consist of both the cargo and passenger variant of the aircraft. A free paintkit will also be made available to the public so that anyone can make their own liveries for the plane. It was reconfirmed that customers of the A300 will get 35% off the A310 and that A310 customers can get the A300 for 25% off. Exact pricing details have yet to be confirmed. Beta testing for the A310-300 will happen over the next few months and a full schedule of release and features will be made available in the future.

Customers who own iniScene’s Shoreham Airfield will be pleased to hear that a new version of Shoreham Airfield will be released soon which will consist of “numerous improvements and bug fixes.” The update is due out in the next week.


Finally, we have noted that the iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE has had a price change. When it was released in August, it was available for £69.99 (plus VAT), but now it is listed for £59.49 (plus VAT). This is part of an ongoing promotion which ends today. After which the price will revert back to £69.99 (plus VAT).

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FSElite 2020 Holiday Raffle: iniBuilds – iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE

Welcome to FSElite's 2020 Holiday Raffle. This year we have over 160 prizes to give away to the community thanks to the incredible support of numerous flight simulator developers and publishers. As has become tradition at FSElite, we're giving everyone in the community a chance to win any of the amazing prizes in time for the holiday season. Our raffle this
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iniSimulations A310 Announcement, A380 Update, and more.

A310 1
Today, iniSimulations announced the next aircraft in their line up of planes. Following the recent teaser that was released a few days ago, the next iniSimulations aircraft is the Airbus A310-300. Airbus A310 The iniBuilds A310 is going to be a standalone product and will feature "new and improved 3D elements including a new wing and a full overhaul of the exterior
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iniSimulations A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE Version 1.10 Details Confirmed [Now Available]

130739033 736218657320103 3542833503272827917 O
Update 07-Dec-2020: The update is now available to download from your account. Full changelog and details on the update are down below. iniSimulations' A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE will soon be seeing a major free update that will add the passenger variant of the A300, plus a whole range of fixes and major additions to the aircraft product. Since its release back
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iniSimulations Previews Update to A300-600R(F) ON THE LINE

Inisimulations A300 600rf X Plane 11 (2)
In a post on their forum, Ubaid - CEO of iniSimulations, the developer behind the A300-600R(F) for X-Plane, has revealed what we can expect in the next update, V1.1. The A300-600R(F) was released in August of this year, since then, the developer has worked hard to respond to community feedback which has resulted in VR capability being added among other
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