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Infinite Flight Releases 20.1

Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has been updated to version 20.1. The brand new version of the flight sim includes the long-awaited B772 update, a complete rework of the B737 Cockpit and the global navigation data and instrument procedures. This means users can use real-world accurate SIDs and STARs, along with other procedures when flying on the flight simulator. The full blog post on the Infinite Flight website details everything, but we’ve summarised everything below.

The B772 is one of the most flown aircraft in Infinite Flight, but the aircraft was one of the first originally made for the sim. However, many wanted to have a brand new update which has now been created. This updated version of the 777-200ER includes animated cockpits, gear tilt, a functional APU and much more. Various liveries are also included such as KLM, British Airways and many more,

Whilst the 777 has seen a significant update, as has the 737. Now in the latest version, pilots can enjoy a fully reworked flight deck with working instruments including EICAS, PFD, Navigation Display, Flight Management Display for GPS monitoring, and so much more.

Alongside the changes to these aircraft is also Vertical Navigation (VNAV) integration. This is the first version of VNAV descent and will allow people to follow altitudes on the waypoints based on the new global navigation database. Speaking of the new database, version 20.1 will now enable pilots to fly true to life instrument procedures. Users without an Infinite Flight Pro subscription can still enjoy all of this data that fits within the region boundaries in solo mode.

You can learn much more about Infinite Flight on their website.

You can download the application for both iPhone and Android and get started today.

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Infinite Flight Developing Vulkan/Metal Implementation

Project Metal Infinite Flight
Vulkan and Metal are two popular buzzwords right now in the flight simulation space. With the promise of huge enhancements and performance improvements to platforms, it's no wonder why the community are eager to see what the new technology will bring. Mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight, is the simulator to confirm that development of integrating the technology is well underway. This
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Infinite Flight Updated to Version 19.4 – Introducing the A350

Infinite Flight Update 19 4
Mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight has released a significant update to the application that brings multiple improvements along with their most advanced aircraft yet: the Airbus A350. The newest aircraft in the fleet represents many years of hard work from the team to bring realistic and interactive aircraft. Being the most requested aircraft by the community, the development team pulled
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Infinite Flight 19.4 Video Wrap Up

Infinite Flight has previewed in a Youtube video a wrap-up of what's to come with their 19.4 update, which should be the last major update of 2019. The first aircraft that is put forward is the total revamp of the Cessna 172. The video showcases the remodeling of the aircraft, with detailed animations such as landing gear bending, small details
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Infinite Flight Shares the Official XCub Trailer

XCub Trailer
Infinite Flight continues to expand its portfolio of included aircraft in the mobile simulator. The upcoming XCub will soon be released as a free aircraft for those with a Pro subscription. The biggest feature the XCub will have over other aircraft in Infinite Flight will be the inclusion of moving glass displays. Whilst not all functionality is currently implemented, the aircraft
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Developer Month 2019: Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight
Welcome to Developer Month 2019. Between April 8th and May 8th 2019, we will feature a variety of developers, publishers, community personalities and more who will tell us their story. From written interviews and blog posts to video interviews and more, we have curated a range of interesting content to maybe even inspire you to be one of these developers in future years. Please enjoy Developer
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FSElite Original: First Look at Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight Fse Firstlook
Before anyone asks: no – this isn’t an add-on for Prepar3D or X-Plane. In fact, it’s not even a PC-based flight simulator. In fact, the entire simulation is powered by your tablet or mobile phone. That’s right – no super expensive hardware or customisation – you just download the app and off you go. At Flight Sim Show 2018, I
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