ImagineSim Preview New Shots of Singapore (WSSS) for P3Dv4

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ImagineSim has been awfully busy lately. They’ve released a brand new version of their Atlanta scenery, which was complete free and provided the community with some fantastic new performance features. We have known for a while that they are working on Singapore and now their focus appears to be back on that Asian airport.

There’s just a handful of images, but it’s great to see work progress.

Until we know more, be sure to stick to FSElite for continued updates on Singapore (WSSS) from ImagineSim. Follow them on Facebook to keep an eye on them.

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Imaginesim Release KATL For P3D v4

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Imaginesim has released their Atlanta scenery for P3D v4, brining a plethora of performance improvements and optimizations. Many shudder with fear and dread just at the slightest mention of flying into Atlanta in flight sim, and for good reason. Due to the sheer size of the airport, being one of the largest in the world and situated near a densely
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UPDATED [New Images]: Imaginesim – Performance Update and P3DV4 Compatibility for KATL Atlanta Coming Soon

Imaginesim Katl
Update 22nd December 2017 @ 17:10z Imaginesim has provided 2 new additional screenshots of the dynamic lighting in KATL Atlanta. Original article: The developers at Imaginesim are working hard on finishing up their latest Singapore airport, but have also found some time to invest into their past product KATL Atlanta Airport. The time invested has been targeted at looking at
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‘Updated for Prepar3d V4’

Prepar3D V4 Logo
A lot of stuff this week was released with compatibility for P3DV4. And there was almost just as much news from developers announcing their plans or giving us an update about their support for the updated platform. Instead of making a whole bunch of different posts, we've decided to collect everything that has been updated for Prepar3d V4 this week into
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ImagineSim Ultra HD Textures – More Previews

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ImagineSim Ultra HD textures have been given some more previews today and in particular, the team showed off further shots from their upcoming Singapore scenery. Earlier last month, the team revealed that Singapore would feature their first selection of Ultra HD textures for their scenery as we move into an era of 64-bit sims. As you can see, the detail
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ImagineSim Preview Ultra HD Texture – Reiterates Confirmation of Prepar3d V4 64bit


On Facebook, ImagineSim have shown off a new preview of their Ultra HD texture set, made specifically for Prepar3d.

Showing off their latest scenery, Singapore 2017, the team really wanted to show off the detail available with their Ultra HD texture set. In fact, they are so pleased with the results they will texture all of their 3D models in the same level of detail.

Immediate concerns are, of course, VAS. ImagineSim then went on to confirm that the usual HD texture sets will be available for those who won’t be migrating to Prepar3d v4 64 bit.

We’ve already posted our rumour findings and then confirmation from Lockheed Martin themselves. This is the first time a developer has publicly confirmed Prepar3d v4 will be 64 bit.

More details will be given soon.

And just in case the Facebook post goes walkies, here’s a screencap.

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ImagineSim release San Jose (KSJC) for Prepar3d

Already available for FS9 and FSX, ImagineSim have updated San José Airport to be compatible with Prepar3d as well. The airport features custom 3D buildings, high-detail textures, custom (night) lighting, an interactive docking guidance system, taxi- and runway signage and much more. San José can be picked up from the FlightSimStore for AUD$22.45. A free demo is also available.
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ImagineSim update New Delhi International (VIDP)

ImagineSim, after many requests, have updated New Delhi International airport with support for Prepar3d v2 and v3. The Prepar3d version should have significant performance enhancements, according to a post on their Facebook page. Judging by the screenshots, this airport indeed looks very beautiful and is a great destination for long range pilots heading for the capitol of India. The FSX
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ImagineSim KAUS Austin Bergstrom updated for Prepar3d V3

ImagineSim have just updated/re-released Austin Bergstrom (KAUS) airport for Prepar3d V3. This marks the fourth airport that has been re-released for Prepar3d V3 in their 'premium-range'. Austin Bergstrom airport is available for $29,99. If you had already purchased the airport for FSX or Prepar3d V2 you can upgrade completely free of charge. Head over to their website for more information, to purchase
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