Imaginesim Preview PBR In Singapore on Prepar3D V4

Singapore P3dv4 Pbr (2)

As developers get to grip with PBR being in Prepar3D V4.4, the more products are starting to receive the texture treatment. Announced a few weeks back, scenery developers Imaginesim are bringing PBR texture work to their most recent release Singapore (WSSS). Today, the team shared a few new previews of the work in progress.

The team concluded their Facebook post by stating that it should be “due in a few weeks”.

Whilst development of bringing PBR texturing to the Prepar3D V4 version is underway, there is also another handful of developers within Imaginesim working on porting it over to FSX. Furthermore, X-Plane 11 users have Austin to look forward to from Imaginesim. Finally, we shouldn’t forget they’re also working on bringing Los Angeles (KLAX) to Prepar3D.

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ImagineSim Singapore for FSX Coming Soon

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The team of ImagineSim has some exciting news for users of FSX. Their highly anticipated Singapore (WSSS) scenery will soon be available for the 32 bit platform. The team made the announcement over on their Facebook page, coupled with a single preview image. ImagineSim's Singapore was released for Prepar3D late last October, already several months ago. It is due to
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ImagineSim Adding PBR to Singapore (WSSS)

Imaginesim Singapore Wsss Pbr (2)
Although released in the Autumn of last year, ImagineSim has been continuing to work on improving their latest scenery; Singapore (WSSS). The biggest change in an upcoming update is the inclusion of PBR texture material throughout the airport. The Facebook post from the team said that "realism and extra detail that's possible with PBR is fantastic". Further to the inclusion of
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Further Previews of Imaginesim Austin for X-Plane 11

Imageinsim Austin X Plane 11 Kaus (5)
Although only announced very recently, Imaginesim is upping development on their first X-Plane 11 scenery. The American airport in Austin, Texas is progressing nicely from the developer. In a Facebook post, Imaginesim previewed 6 additional shots which were the result of some experimentation from their developer Felipe. Buildings, signage and ground polygons are all starting to be added to the
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ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Navigraph Update Coming Soon

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Over on their Facebook page, Imaginesim has announced that Navigraph is in the progress of updating their datasets over future iterations to match with Imaginesim's WSSS Singapore Airport. Navigraph has not provided ImagineSim with any firm dates yet, however, we'll endeavor to let you know once the update has been released. If you don't own it already, you can buy
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[UPDATE: New Screenshot] ImagineSim Announce Austin (KAUS) Coming to X-Plane 11

Imaginesim Austin X Plane 11 (1)

Update on 11-Jan-19 @ 16:00z: A single new image was posted by ImagineSim showing off the airport at dawn/dusk.

== Original Article – Published 09-Jan-2019 ==

On Facebook, developers ImagineSim has shared two screenshots which announce that they are bringing their Austin (KAUS) scenery to X-Plane 11.

The two previews demonstrate that the ground layouts are implemented into the simulator along with some of the buildings from the airport. Of course, it’s still very much work in progress.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any updates as development continues.

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ImagineSim Release Update for Austin and Shanghai

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport have been updated to match their real life counterparts. Austin airport (KAUS) has been given the south terminal which houses the ultra-low cost air carriers such as Allegiant and VIA Air. Shanghai Pudong has been given a small modeling update regarding the Chinese characters atop terminal 1.   Both these updates are available
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ImagineSim Tease KLAX Los Angeles

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After finishing and releasing the highly anticipated Singapore just a few weeks ago, the team at ImagineSim has started looking at their next project. It seems this project may very well be Los Angeles International LAX (KLAX). Over on Facebook, the ImagineSim team shared a photo of the busy hub. The picture is coupled with a message stating the first
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