[Bel Geode] (FSX Steam) Oculus Rift: Grumman F6F Hellcat “100 Dollar Hamburger” (FYC)

FSX SE Oculus Rift F6F Hellcat 100 Dollar Hamburger
Recently, iBlueYonder released a two pack of airports (Plum Island - 2B2, with Minuteman Airfield - 6B6) in Massachusetts. The payware scenery package is affectionately known as the "Hundred Dollar Burger" pack. Named for an aviation inside joke, the "hundred dollar burger" is essentially ANY excuse a pilot can find to go airborne, not always ending in fine food. In
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iBlueYonder Release Heron’s Nest for XP

It's a first for iBlueYonder today as they release their first-ever X-Plane scenery: the Heron's Nest XP. It is a "rough dirt strip gouged into the crest of Outer Heron Island, Maine. It comes complete with a cozy little cottage, a barn hangar for parking your ride, and nature, nature, nature. If the undulating dirt strip gives you the willies,
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iBlueYonder Minute Man: The FSElite First Look

IBlueYonder Minute Man The FSElite First Look
iBlueYonder released their 100 Dollar Burger Pack a few weeks back and Aus Flight Simmer has taken the time to explore both airports included in the package. The above video shows off his time adventuring around Minute Man (6B6), and the below shows you his time at Plum Island. Leave a comment telling us your thoughts.
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iBlueYonder’s The Heron’s Nest Coming to X-Plane 11

Our good friends at iBlueYonder have confirmed that their fictional island, Heron's Nest, will be coming to the X-Plane platform. Bill from iBlueYonder has been preparing the island to gain experience for development on the platform and from the screenshots below, you can see he's had some great success. Heron's Nest is currently available via iBlueYonder's website for FSX and
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iBlueYonder has Released Nantucket for P3Dv4

Kack P3d4 2
iBlueYonder have announced that Nantucket Island has been updated to be compatible with Prepar3D V4. Version 1.02 comes with new grass textures, enhanced ground poly textures and a whole bunch of new GA and bizjet aircraft. Furthermore, the seasonal and dynamic animation functionality has now been designed for SODE. You'll be able to download version 1.02 of Nantucket via your
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iBlueYonder Announces Dallas Love Field (KDAL)

Kdal Preview 3 1024×576
During Flights in on 2017, iBlueYonder's Bill Womack confirmed that he and some contractors will be working hard on Dallas Love Field. The airport is home to plenty of history and some of the US' biggest airlines. The airport itself also has fantastic views of the Dallas skyline, which Bill has promised to include within the scope of the project.
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