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iBlueYonder Announces Dallas Love Field (KDAL)

During Flights in on 2017, iBlueYonder’s Bill Womack confirmed that he and some contractors will be working hard on Dallas Love Field. The airport is home to plenty of history and some of the US’ biggest airlines.

The airport itself also has fantastic views of the Dallas skyline, which Bill has promised to include within the scope of the project. You can see some of the renders already below.

It will be completely custom with high details throughout the downtown area as well as the airport.

This announcement follows on from the other news that Bill will be working hands on with Mir Flightbeam to bring Portland International Airport (KPDX) to flight sim.

Bill’s FSCon video can be seen here.

We’ll have our interview with Bill soon!

iBlueYonder at Flight Sim Con 2017 – Chance to Win Free Prizes for Life

With only days to go until one of the biggest event of the year for Flight Simmers, iBlueYonder wanted us to let you know that they will be throwing a cool little competition at their booth this year.

If you swing by, you’ll be able to test your piloting skills in the Heron’s Nest Landing Challenge. The challenge is faily simple: using a pre-defined flight, you will have to approach the Heron’s Nest form the north in the default FSX/P3D Piper Club. If you can safely land and taxi into the hanger, your name will be entered into a contest to win. The prize: free iBlueYonder products for life. Pretty cool prize, so don’t expect the approach to be easy.

If you want to practice beforehand, make sure you’ve got a copy of the free Heron’s Nest 2.0 scenery.

Second and third place will be able to download any iBlueYonder prize now or in the future of their choice.

The challenge starts Saturday, June 10 at 3:45pm at the iBlueYonder booth.

Finally, from June 9th to June 11th, you’ll be able to get 50% off Nantucket Island.

We’ll be there interviewing iBlueYonder later this week so keep and eye on FSElite for that.

The Heron’s Nest 2.0 is Out!

You might be familiar with iBlueYonder’s wonderful Nantucket (KACK) scenery and if you’re not I definitely recommend you check it out. Bill Womack, the guy behind iBlueYonder (and former ORBX developer), is also very generous to give everyone on iBlueYonder’s mailing list a free scenery of the Heron’s Nest. Now, version 2 of said scenery is out and it sounds very promising.

Here are some of the new features:

  • New island has been created as a 3D model (solves some compatibility issues)
  • Viva module replaced by SODE (great news!)
  • New sources of water, power and more!

We can only expect great things to come from the team over at iBlueYonder! We will keep you up to date with their latest development.


iBlueYonder are Looking for Beta Testers

We know the Flight Simulator community is always growing and with a range of simulators and options always growing, beta testers are becoming more and more important. Beta testing is important as it allows a select group of people to try the product and put it through its paces before being released to the general public. If this sounds like fun to you, then iBlueYonder may have a job for you!

With the new version of Heron’s Nest due for release soon, the team are looking for 5 new testers to help make sure the product is ready for release. You can see their criteria below, but this will be a great chance for those looking to find their feet in the flight sim community.

  • Own more than one version of the sim – targets include the original FSX/Acceleration, FSX Steam Edition, and Prepar3D v1, 2, or 3.
  • Have previous testing experience (not absolutely necessary, but nice to have).
  • Take testing seriously, but be willing to have a little fun with it, too.

If this sounds like you, drop me a comment [at this link] so we can talk. If you don’t meet the above criteria, but feel you’d be a great tester anyway, let me know that as well.

Don’t forget, you can read our exclusive interview with Bill from iBlueYonder here as part of Developer Month.

Developer Month: iBlueYonder – Interview

Welcome to the FSElite Developer Month. Our theme this year is about delivering for the community and part of that is delivering great content to you all. As part of our commitment to you all, we’re pleased to announced Developer Month – a month themed solely around celebrating our great development community. Over the course of March, you’ll be treated to some behind the scene looks at some of our favourite developers, stories from the FSElite team, exclusive interviews and more.

Bill from iBlueYonder was kind enough to get in touch to share some his personal stories about why and how he became a developer. For those of you who don’t know Bill, he’s the founder of iBlueYonder who most recently put together Nantucket Island.

Bill was pretty darn detailed with his replies, so make sure you take the time to read through as it’s really insightful and interesting!

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