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Flightbeam Continues to Preview Portland (KPDX)


Announced back at FSCon 2017, Portland Intl. (KPDX), developed by Flightbeam in partnership with iBlueYonder has been coming along pretty well from the regular previews we’ve been seeing of its stunning detail. In a post on the iBlueYonder Facebook page, two previews have been posted of the airport in action with Ultimate Traffic Live from Flight1.

In the post, it is mentioned that Ultimate Traffic Live has virtually no impact on frames per second at Flightbeam’s Portland which colours the developer impressed. The terminal and attention to detail certainly colours us here at FSElite impressed, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

We don’t have any information on a release date (however, it certainly looks to be on the horizon) or price point although we will endeavour to keep you updated.

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Flightbeam Portland (KPDX) Now has Jetways [Single Preview]

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Last year, Flightbeam, along with iBlueYonder, announced that Portland was being developed for Prepar3D. Since then, we were lucky enough to reveal the first ever images of the airport from within the simulator. Now as release edges closer, the guys are previewing some new stuff. Although just a single preview this time, we can see the airport is shaping now
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Orbx Previews KVUO Pearson Field for X-Plane 11

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Bill, who recently rejoined the Orbx team has announced the X-Plane 11 version of KVOU - Pearson Field. This announcement comes just a week following the release of the FSX/P3D version of the scenery, which shows just how quickly Bill can work. No word of a release date or exact price, just yet, however, it is commonplace for the release of
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iBlueYonder Pearson Field Previews

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Update: Thanks to Jake in the comments for pointing out that this product was announced in 2014. We've ammended the post just slightly reflecting that. When iBlueYonder announced Pearson Field back in 2014, it was met with excitement from the community knowing their track record and reputation for putting out extremely high quality sceneries. Since the announcement, it's been radio silence
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iBlueYonder Products Now Available on Orbx Direct

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As we informed you the other day, Bill Womack has rejoined the Orbx team, and has brought his brilliant iBlueYonder products along with him. As of today, you can now integrate your iBlueYonder account with your Orbx Direct one and use FTX Central to manage your content. This also means going forward any development from Bill will be sold under
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Update: [NEW INFO] Bill Womack Rejoins the Orbx Team

Iby Orbx Banner

UPDATE 21-Mar-2018 @ 20:20z:

Bill confirmed to us this has zero impact on the development of Portland. It will be released, as expected, under the FlightBeam banner.

Ex-Orbx developer now becomes current Orbx developer! Bill Womack is currently known for his stunning small airfields under the iBlueYonder banner, but before that, he worked extensively on many Orbx products. Now he’s going to be joining forces with Orbx yet again to continue delivering stunning airports for the community.

In a press release issued on both Orbx and iBlueYonder’s websites, the details of the new partnership will benefit everyone. All of Bill’s current projects will soon be available via your Orbx Direct account, along with added features using the power of ObjectFlow and PeopleFlow – free of charge. If you already own products via iBlueYonder’s website, then you will be able to do a licence transfer. However, if you wish to not do so, then you will still be able to download your iBlueYonder products from the store as usual.

This means products like Nantucket and Minute Man Plum Island XP will soon be in the Orbx catalogue as an expansion to their X-Plane portfolio.

Future projects from Bill and the iBlueYonder team will be only available via Orbx Direct, however updates and previews will continue to be shared on iBlueYonder’s website. What this means for the FlightBeam / iBlueYonder Portland airport is yet to be known. We’ve reached out to Bill to find out more.

From the press release:

Orbx CEO John Venema today said “I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Bill back into the Orbx family! He and I have remained great friends for the past decade and I was delighted when he approached me to have us publish his iconic airports he has developed under his own brand iBlueYonder in the intervening years.”

Bill Womack said “My goals have always closely tracked with those of Orbx; to create small airfields that are full of character and long on immersion. Lately though, I’ve been branching out to larger, more complex projects that require more time and energy than one person can give. It takes a team to get work of this caliber done, and Orbx certainly has the right developers for the job.”

Bill continued “I’ve also been expanding my reach to target new simulator platforms such as X-Plane 11. Here again, Orbx is on that same wavelength, not only with X-Plane, but Aerofly FS2 as well. The combination of our years of experience with the potential of these new sims is incredibly exciting.”

John Venema added “We been discussing some of his projects that are planned and I can say we are all excited at what is coming down the line. Bill is very enthusiastic about the X-Plane platform so that fits with our expansion plans for 2018/19 perfectly.”

Bill concluded with “So why rejoin the Orbx development team? In short, it’s just the best fit I could imagine. My work has always been built to fit nicely into the Orbx ecosystem, and with their support and that of the huge Orbx community, the potential for creating increasingly amazing products is unlimited. I’m so tickled to be back!”

Venema finished with “Please join me in welcoming Bill back to the team and to celebrate we will be holding a ‘Bill’s Back!’ special discount on all his airports for Orbx customers and also providing a free license transfer service for all iBlueYonder.com customers who will be able to transfer their previous purchases from iBlueYonder to OrbxDirect and also benefit from new PeopleFlow and ObjectFlow upgrades to their airports”.

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iBlueYonder Nantucket XP: The FSElite Video First Look

IBlueYonder Nantucket XP The FSElite First Look
Shane (Aus Flight Simmer) takes a first look at iBlueYonder' Nantucket XP. He'll take you through the whole island, showcasing different air strips, features and more. You can read more about the release in our announcement post. Features 262 square miles (680 square kilometers) of orthophoto coverage for Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Muskeget islands Custom vegetation files, including enhanced trees, the
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iBlue Yonder Nantucket Island: The FSElite Review

Featured Image
iBlue Yonder is still somewhat new to the spotlight with FS scenery. They are the masterminds behind Heron Island and the new Plum Island scenery that so far have had nothing but good words about them. This review will be covering their Nantucket Island scenery, including Nantucket Airport, or KACK. Right off the bat, this scenery sits in line with
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iBlueYonder Nantucket Island XP Beta – Preview

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Today, the iBlueYonder devs announced that this weekend the Nantucket Island XP scenery is entering the beta stage. Let us hope it goes through smoothly without any hiccups, if it does we will have our hands on very soon in our X-Plane platform. For more information about this scenery visit iBlueYonder's website and Facebook page.
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Test Drive | iBlueYonder Heron’s Nest (FYC)

Test Drive IBlueYonder Herons Nest Xplane 11 Its Free
Join Aus Flight Simmer, as we test out freeware from iBlueYonder, Heron's Nest for Xplane 11. Great news iBlueYonder, have just released two more new airports to Xplane 11. Minute Man and Plum Island as part of their 100 Dollar Burger package. If you want to wet your appetite first, why not start with Heron's Nest.
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