New Flightbeam / iBlueYonder KPDX Update and XP Info

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Whilst Portland (KPDX) from Flightbeam / iBlueYonder was released a few months ago, updates are still being developed for the add-on. Posted on Facebook, iBlueYonder (Bill Womack) gave a detailed look at some of the new features to come with an upcoming update, along with some new previews of the X-Plane 11 version.

Teased a while ago, the all-new Atlantic Aviation FBO will be newly modelled in the update. Not only will it be fully modelled, it will also be animated with triggered hanger doors which open and close. This is all done through SODE. Furthermore, the new update will also include new animated custom vehicles around the airport as well as a few other fixes reported by the community.

It was announced a while back that Flightbeam / iBlueYonder would be bringing Portland over to X-Plane. With the Facebook post, some brand new previews were shown off, along with some confirmed feature details. The first piece of news is the fact that the airport will include custom dynamic jetways (powered by SAM) as well as aircraft marshallers to get you parked accurately at the gate. Furthermore, just like the P3D version, the Atlantic Aviation Hanger will also be included and animated.

In the spirit of FlightSimExpo, iBlueYonder is also holding a sale for Portland (KPDX), where, if you purchase through the iBlueYonder store (only), you can receive 30% off. Valid from June 7th – June 9th only.

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iBlueYonder Share Single Preview of Flightbeam Portland X 1.4

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A very brief post from iBlueYonder earlier today showed off what's to come in version 1.4 of Portland X. The co-developed product from both iBlueYonder + Flightbeam was released at the beginning of the year and has seen a few updates since. Version 1.4 will add the Atlantic FBO complex for the business jet drivers. We're confident that there will be other updates
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Flightbeam Portland Updated to v1.3

FlightBeam Portland KPDX HD
Since its release, Flightbeam and iBlueYonder's rendition of KPDX Portland has received lots of love in the way of patches and updates, with many new additions added since v1.0. Today marks the third significant update to the airport, with v1.3 of PDX having just been released.  V1.3 adds new, 3D, SODE controlled approach lights, switchable lighting to allow users to
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Flightbeam KPDX Portland Announced for X-Plane 11

Flightbeam IBlueYonder KPDX Portland Updated To V1.3 FSElite
Fans of X-Plane should be rather happy to hear this bit of news, as Flightbeam/iBlueYonder's KPDX Portland International is coming to the platform! All that iBlueYonder elaborated was that the airport is now officially in development for X-Plane 11 and that we can expect to see previews of it 'soon'. We'll keep you updated on anything new about PDX in
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Flightbeam KPDX Portland Airport Updated to V1.1

Flightbeam Portland Kpdx Update (1)

Last week saw the release of Flightbeam + iBlueYonder’s KPDX Portland Airport. As of a few moments ago, developer Bill Womack released a new update for the product.

In his Facebook post, which also details some of the challenges any developer faces during crunch time, he confirmed that KPDX Portland is a project that will continue to be improved over time. As part of the process, the new update includes some minor fixes and improvements. Some additional objects such as the airport’s fire station and fuel tanks and also the Glenn Jackson bridge. Furthermore, the update included SODE-driven custom animated windsocks.

All of the update files are now live. So if you already own the product, simply run the Flightbeam Manager and it will update through that. Otherwise, if you are yet to buy it, you can do so either via iBlueYonder’s website or through Flightbeam. It will cost you $29.99 and is available for Prepar3D V4 only.

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Flightbeam And iBlueYonder Release Portland International Airport

Kpdx 7
We revealed the first ever renders back at FlightSimCon 2016 and we're now pleased to be able to inform the community that Flightbeam Studios, along with partners iBlueYonder, has released their highly anticipated KPDX Portland International Airport for Prepar3D V4. The scenery has been designed by iBlueYonder founder Bill Womack, along with artistic and technical assistance by Amir Salehi and
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FSElite Exclusive: Flightbeam + iBlueYonder Portland Previews

Kpdx 5
Just as I hit 'publish' on the previous article, Flightbeam + iBlueYonder developer Bill emailed me with a bunch of brand new images from the soon-to-be-released Portland (KPDX). The images showcase what the current build is looking like. As you can see, there's a huge amount of detail both inside the airport and beyond. Everything from car parks, office blocks to
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Teaser of Night Lighting for iBlueYonder/Flightbeam Portland

Portland Iblueyonder Flightbeam
Bill Womack from iBlueYonder, in collaboration with Flightbeam Studios, has given a very brief glimpse into how the airport will look at night time. The first screenshot was released, and we anticipate that more will soon appear as work finalises on the project. To quote from the developer himself: "you know... the night lighting goes in last". This suggests release
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Flightbeam Continues to Preview Portland (KPDX)

Announced back at FSCon 2017, Portland Intl. (KPDX), developed by Flightbeam in partnership with iBlueYonder has been coming along pretty well from the regular previews we've been seeing of its stunning detail. In a post on the iBlueYonder Facebook page, two previews have been posted of the airport in action with Ultimate Traffic Live from Flight1. In the post, it is
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