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SamScene Releases Hong Kong City for P3D

Hong Kong City P3d (4)

If you’re looking to explore Hong Kong city as it is today within Prepar3D, then SamScene has you covered with their newest release. The new Hong Kong City scenery adds the “real environment” of the city as it is today.

The scenery product features over 300 custom iconic buildings including many famous museums, apartment buildings and other landmarks in Hong Kong island and the Kowloon area. For example, we can see that the Bank of China Tower and the ICC are all replicated in the iconic city. Further to the cities, we can see that major bridges are included along with a detailed rendition of Victoria harbour. All of the included buildings come complete with PBR materials and night lighting.

It’s worth noting that the scenery is not compatible with FlyTampa’s Kai Tak due to the fact this scenery represents the city after 1997.

You can buy SamScene’s Hong Kong City for Prepar3D now from simMarket for €17.95.

If you own Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can check out the Hong Kong city for that platform here.

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FSElite 2020 Holiday Raffle: WF Scenery Studio – Hong Kong International (P3D)

Wf Scenery Design Hong Kong
Welcome to FSElite's 2020 Holiday Raffle. This year we have over 160 prizes to give away to the community thanks to the incredible support of numerous flight simulator developers and publishers. As has become tradition at FSElite, we're giving everyone in the community a chance to win any of the amazing prizes in time for the holiday season. Our raffle this
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SamScene 3D Nighttime Hong Kong MSFS Previews

SAMscene3d Hong Kong Msfs (9)
Developer SamScene3D has shared some brand new nighttime previews for their upcoming Hong Kong city pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new previews take us on a small tour of the city at night and it highlights parts of the main downtown area, along with some more rural parts of the city. According to an older Facebook post, the team
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SamScene3D Previews Hong Kong for MSFS

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City landscape developer SamScene3D has shared with us their next project with the city of Hong Kong for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery will focus on the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon on the other side of Victoria Bay. It is unclear whether the whole New Territories will be covered. The developer however stated that Kai Tak Airport would not
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WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong International Airport Trailer

WFSS Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH )
A new trailer for the upcoming release of WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) has been shared by the development team ahead of release. The trailer shared by the team gives us a much better overview of the airport from the team and an idea on some of the features. As previously known, PBR, SODE jetways and detailed texturing
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Single New Preview for WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong (VHHH)

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Announced a few weeks ago, WF Scenery Studio will be bringing Hong Kong Airport (VHHH) to Prepar3D soon. Despite competition from Taxi2Gate, WF Scenery continues to showcase the airport with the latest coming from Facebook. This is just a single new preview of the airport.

The screenshots we’ve seen previously from WF Scenery Studio highlights various aspects of the modelling at the terminal, the extensive ground details and also the inclusion of PBR materials in various parts of the scenery. Those can be viewed in the announcement post.

We’ll continue to keep track of the product’s development and keep you updated.

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Taxi2Gate Hong Kong V2 Update

99439900 2999016653454153 5886178487902928896 O
A little bit over a month after its surprise release, Taxi2Gate has issued an update for their Hong Kong V2 scenery. Version 2 came with some highly requested new features, such as the midfield terminal and the airside bridge. The update, going by version 2.2, adds some new features and fixes some issues with the airport. Most notably, the update
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WF Scenery Studio Hong Kong Previews

99123276 1446481015530826 1196412150172614656 O
Announced just under a month ago, WF Scenery Studio has taken to Facebook with more previews of their upcoming Hong Kong International Airport scenery (VHHH). The previews show off the relatively new (opened in 2015) midfield concourse of the airport, with highly detailed modelling and textures. We also get to see more PBR material modelling in action, adding a nice
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Taxi2Gate Releases Hong Kong V2 for Prepar3D

Taxi2Gate Hong Kong V2 (4)
Taxi2Gate has released their latest scenery, Hong Kong International Airport V2. Taxi2Gate had previously done Hong Kong, first releasing back in 2014. Hong Kong International Airport first opened in 1998, replacing the famous Kai Tak Airport. Over 100 airlines operate into the airport, handling over 71 million passengers in 2019. The airport's two main runway are both 12,467 ft in
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Freeware Hong Kong (VHHH) Released for X-Plane 11.30

VHHH2.jpg.9bf766bac6c19e936acfbb63471be0fc forums user Tod has just recently released his freeware VHHH (Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok) scenery for X-Plane 11. Included in this scenery is accurate modeling of the airport itself, alongside multiple Hong Kong landmarks like the Lantau Big Buddha, Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau Bridge, Bank of China, Central Plaza, Jardine House, Convention and Exhibition Center, and
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