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HiFi Sim Tech Comments on Future Development

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HiFi Sim Tech has today taken to the forums to discuss some of the future plans that they have in light of the next-generation of flight simulators. Damian from the team took to the forums to discuss what the future looks like in a world with Prepar3D v5, X-Plane 11.50 and also the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Starting with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Damian has said that the team has received a huge amount of support and encouragement from the community about the suite of Hifi Sim Tech products coming to the platform. He said that this enthusiasm with the new simulator has “stoked the demand and need for Active Sky features for more advanced weather experiences.” Sadly, Damian did say that right now they are not aware of any way to bring weather interpretation into the simulator or what the possibilities will be. That said, they have been busy preparing the foundations for an Active Sky weather engine for Microsoft Flight Simulator and are just waiting on more news on further updates to the SDK to make this a reality.

Moving on, Damian wanted to discuss the future of Active Sky within Prepar3D v5. Damian commented that further updates are expected with Prepar3D which will bring changes to TrueSky. HiFi Sim Tech has been preparing a release candidate for the latest build of Active Sky on that platform for the eventual release of an update to Prepar3D v5. Damian also reminded customers that those who ASP4 customers who participate in the OPEN BETA for ASP3Dv5 will get the update free of charge upon the full release.

With the release of X-Plane 11.50, HiFi Sim Tech is preparing a new release for Active Sky XP. The new release will provide full support for Vulkan and Metal. Beyond that release, the development team will be building upon the Active Sky XP technology with a new major version releasing very soon. This will cover “all ends of the weather experience” whilst also preparing for upcoming changes to the X-Plane weather system. They anticipate that the development of this system will complete in the middle of 2021 and also promised that significant discounts will be made available to current customers.

HiFi Sim Tech clearly has a full schedule with plenty of work continuing with weather engines for all of the major platforms. We’ll keep you posted on any further updates and details as and when we see them.

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Active Sky Prepar3D v5 Compatibility Planned “Within Days”

Whilst we have been tracking Prepar3D v5 compatibility now for the past 2 weeks, on a particular product that has been hotly anticipated is HiFi Sim Tech's Active Sky. The popular weather engine has been awaiting a compatibility update from the developers since release, but there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. On their official Facebook
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Active Sky XP: The FSElite Review

X Plane Aspx Review Hifisimtech Review Featured Imag
There is no question about the impact of ActiveSky for P3D and how it really brings the weather to life. HiFi Simulations has been working on bringing their renowned weather engine to X-Plane for about three years. In December of 2018 Active Sky for X-Plane (known as ASXP) was born. The add-on is a welcome addition to the default simulator
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Active Sky on FSX, P3D and X-Plane All Updated


HiFi Sim Tech has updated their series of Active Sky products for FSX, P3D and X-Plane to all-new builds today. The updates are official and the result of feedback during various open-beta phases. All of the feedback from those testing phases have been taken into account to create these stable releases.

For people using Active Sky XP (ASPX), the updates include a fix with surface layer/aloft layer inter-layer interpolation at airports approx 5000ft above ground level and also a fix where hurricanes became “stuck” for several days based on previously known positions. The only major addition is that hurricane wind speed has been added to better represent variability based on eye and position from eye.

Active Sky for Prepar3D V4 users will be pleased that P3D V4.5 HF2 is now officially supported and various fixes have been attempted including false-positive MS Defender issue, a rare occurrence of a SimConnect failure and other minor fixes. Hurricane handling has also been improved.

Just like the other version, Active Sky 2016 has also been updated to include better hurricane support and other minor fixes and changes.

It’s worth noting that if you took part in the open beta program, you don’t need to update again. However, your application will automatically tell you if an update is required upon loading the software. You can download updates from the HiFi Sim Tech downloads page.

If you want to find out more about Active Sky XP, you should pick up our second issue of the FSElite Magazine, which has a full feature on the product. 

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HiFi Sim Tech Release Active Sky XP SP1 Release Candidate 2

Although released at the tail end of 2018, the team at HiFi Sim Tech has continued to release updates for their weather engine for X-Plane 11: Active Sky XP. The update comes as part of the 1st service pack release but fixes a couple of errors found with the first release candidate. This update reduces the roll motion in turbulence
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