MK-Studios Shares Keflavik and Helsinki Previews in MSFS

Mk Studios Airports Msfs (5)

Following on from the MK-Studios post the other day, the development team has shared a series of new previews for its upcoming Helsinki Airport and Keflavik Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new previews show off various parts of each airport including some of the custom jetways, textured groundwork and 3D grass.

Helsinki Airport was first released for Prepar3D back in November 2020 and saw a large update earlier this week. The new Microsoft Flight Simulator version will also take many of those changes for when it releases on the new simulator.

In addition to the new previews, MK-Studios also confirmed that Ponta Delgada for Prepar3D is going into beta testing next week.

We’ll continue to let you know of any new progress as and when we can.

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MK-Studios Updates Helsinki for P3D

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MK-Studios has updated Helsinki Airport for Prepar3D and the new installers should be downloadable within the next 24-hours. The new update fixes numerous issues reported by the community and seen by the developers as they progress on the Microsoft Flight Simulator version. The new changelog appears to focus primarily on various parking spots and ground markings at the airport. There
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JustSim Releases Helsinki-Vantaa Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

JUSTSIM Helsinki Msfs (2)
Following on from the Prepar3D and X-Plane 11 released earlier this year, JustSim has released their Helsinki Airport (EFHK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport in Finland is home to Finnair who operates a range of flights including long-haul to any parts of Asia, and also short-haul across Europe. Other airlines such as Norwegian Air Shuttle, KLM and Iceland Air
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Head to Head: Helsinki Airport by JustSim and MK-Studios

HEAD TO HEAD Helsinki2
When MK-Studios confirmed they were working on a Helsinki Airport scenery back in January of this year, I could not be more excited. Finally I would get a new version of my (nowadays) home airport. Until now I had been using the Aerosoft version, and happily so, but with the evolving simulators it was starting to look dated, even with
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MK-Studios Announces Roadmap for 2021

Mk Studios Development Roadmap 2021 (1)
Following on from the release of Dublin Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, developer MK-Studios has announced its roadmap for 2021. Taking to Facebook, Mateusz, CEO of MK-Studios, said that they have 12 airports releasing or being significantly updated. The releases will be a mix of Prepar3D and and Microsoft Flight Simulator. This extensive roadmap includes previously announced airports such as
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MK-Studios Set to Update Helsinki V1.10 for P3D

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Acclaimed developer, MK-Studios, has recently published their Helsinki V1.10 update changelog on Facebook ahead of its release.

Following their recent patch, the development team has taken note of community feedback and has included many fixes and improvements into their most novel update to the popular scenery. The developers indicate that some of the major fixes include the addition of animated vehicles to the apron area of the airport, the remodelling of certain buildings situated behind the terminal area, the addition of previously absent buildings and structures along the final approach path of RWY 04R, the revision of certain stand labelling issues, and some the resolving of some other general P3DV5.1 HF1 compatibility issues.

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MK-Studios Releases Helsinki Airport for Prepar3D

Mk Studios Helsinki Airport Efhk (6)
After an extensive period of development, MK-Studios has released its much anticipated Helsinki Airport (EFHK) for Prepar3D. The main international airport for Finland is the busiest in the country with 90% of the country's international traffic passing through. By far the largest operator at the airport is Finnair which massively contributes to the 350 daily departures. MK-Studios has poured plenty
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MK-Studios Final Helsinki Previews

3 Final
MK-Studios has shared what they expect to be the last previews before the release of their highly anticipated Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK) scenery. The previews show all parts of the airport, from runway to the terminal building with construction work going on behind it. The previews also show some of the surrounding scenery of the airport, and the seasonal features we can
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JustSim Releases Helsinki-Vantaa Airport for XP

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Roughly a month after the release for Prepar3D, JustSim has now also released their Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFHK) Scenery for X-Plane. The airport is a fairly up-to-date rendition of the airport, including a lof of the construction works currently going on. The airport comes with a lot of custom features, such as custom lighting and custom textures. The textures also have
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More MK-Studios Helsinki Previews

3 Final
MK-Studios has shared more previews of their upcoming Helsinki Airport scenery. The previews show the airport through the eyes of a Finnair Airbus A320, from short final to the gate. The previews show the modelling and texturing of the airport, as well as a large variety of apron traffic and clutter. The team did not share a release date, but
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