Thrustmaster T-Flight Air Force Edition Headset: The FSElite Review

THRUSTMASTER T Flight Us Air Force Edition

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Having a good headset is one of the key fundamentals to a good flight sim setup. Whether it’s flying online or flying with friends, I always want a good quality headset that really pumps out the sounds accurately, as well as one that enables me to communicate clearly. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a poor sounding mic, so I never want to be the person who is delivering that.

Despite having a few headsets in my collection already, they’re all very gamer-orientated. Not a bad thing, but they are big, bulky and full of bright lights and other colourful things. None of them really give the sensation of an actual pilot headset. Fortunately, Thrustmaster saw a similar gap in the market and released the T-Flight US Air Force Edition headset. But are they just a regular headset hidden behind some fancy marketing, or are they actually a suitable replacement headset for a more immersive experience?

Let’s start with the overall look and feel of the T-Flight US Air Force Edition headset (from this point, I’ll simply refer to it as  ‘headset’). The symbolic military faded green is an interesting colour, but considering it’s dubbed as a US Air Force edition, it makes a lot of sense. I quite like it, and again, unlike conventional ‘gaming’ headsets, it’s a nice change compared to the colour-driven variations I’m otherwise used to.

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