Honeycomb Aeronautical Produce Price Increase, Warning to Scalpers

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Honeycomb Aeronautical has taken to Facebook to announce some changes to their product pricing and the reasoning behind these new changes. Since the pandemic, a global chip shortage has made a massive impact on all types of products, including flight sim hardware. The shortage of materials and shipping vessels has led to price increases across the board for Honeycomb Aeronautical. These issues are looking to continue right through 2022 and possibly even until early 2023. The pandemic has also had an impact on Honeycomb’s ability to visit the Hong Kong engineering offices to help with research and development.

This means that as of September 1st 2021, both the Alpha and Bravo units will see a price increase to $279.99 USD. This is an increase of $20 for each unit. As for the Charlie rudder pedals, the launch price will now be $299.99 USD. Whilst the news of a price increase may be unwelcome by some, Honeycomb wanted to explain the reasoning behind this increase. Since the global pandemic, the price of microchips has increased by 10 times the original price, whilst shipping prices have increased by 500%. Nicki from Honeycomb Aeronautical said “it is impossible for us to remain profitable at the current margin structure.”

Alongside the issues of selling units to customers, Honeycomb has also had a tough time with providing the customer support and care they want to provide. Nicki has acknowledged that their ability to provide repairs and replace broken units was difficult due to a lack of parts and team members, but are now addressing this by bringing on more members to the team to help customers.

When it comes to communication, Nicki said he promises more will be done moving forward. Following this, the team will be posting when units leave ports and expected arrival dates. In addition, the team will be looking to provide a development update once a month with timelines of when new products will be available. Whilst situations have been changing rapidly for Honeycomb, they want to adapt as quick as possible to the circumstances.

Finally, a stark warning was issued to anyone trying to scalp Honeycomb Aeronautical products. Posting again on social media, the team said that anyone who attempts to buy more than one unit from the Honeycomb website will face a lifetime ban from buying products.


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Chrome 2021 06 15 07 41 08
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Gives Production Update

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Hardware developer Honeycomb Aeronautical has given a small production update for those awaiting Alpha and Bravo units from the company. It has been many months since the initial batch of units were release, but the team has seen various challenges over the past few months which has led to a lack of inventory on their own website and at multiple
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FSElite 2020 Holiday Raffle: Honeycomb Aeronautical – Control Collection + Hat

Honeycomb Aeronautical Control Collection

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Our raffle this year is split into three separate weeks. Each week will see a different range of products available to win from various developers and publishers.

This raffle is for: Honeycomb Aeronautical – Control Collection + Hat

Honeycomb Aeronautical – Control Collection + Hat

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