Hands-On With Microsoft Flight Simulator


The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is just a few weeks away from a public release and we have been lucky enough to have had our hands on a beta build for just over a week. That time has been spent covering all corners of the world in this ambitious title. Without a doubt, this is one of Microsoft’s most vital releases of the year and in a world where staying inside is the new norm, the timing for this release could not be better.

In this preview before release, we’re going to cover our time spent flying. If you’re looking for a detailed review, performance analysis and coverage over every single aspect, to manage your expectations of this article, this will be coming later. For now, we’re going to focus purely on the world, environment and whether or not this new simulator will stand the test of time.

The World Is Literally Yours

Since the Global Preview Event back in September 2019, it’s been clear the whole world is yours to explore.

Before we focus on specific areas of the world, let me just say how stunning I think the simulation looks. Every screenshot or video you have seen so far, is really how it truly looks like in the sim. I’m running the simulator with a modest GTX 1080ti with an oldish i7-4770K and 16GB of RAM. I’m using “high” settings (despite the fact the simulator defaulted me to medium) and I am blown away with each passing minute. The sim runs incredibly well despite the immense detail and despite the 1440p resolution I am running. I will go more into detail about performance once we get review code but suffice to say, I’m impressed with performance even on my ageing machine.

This is the most beautiful looking simulator ever created. Period. There is no denying that years of using other simulators (even with hundreds of dollars worth of add-ons) is starting to age poorly. So to jump into something as beautiful as Microsoft Flight Simulator is a breath of fresh air. Cities look populated whilst golden coasts look inviting and tropical. With travel being such a limited option right now, being able to virtually see anywhere in the world brings joy to a somewhat dark world.

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Hands-On With the New Microsoft Flight Simulator

Msfs Hands On
Let me get this out of the way immediately. This is a Flight Simulator. There is no doubt in my mind that Microsoft’s latest entry in their longest-running series (it’s older than Windows) will be the simulator many of you have been dreaming off. Highly detailed scenery, gorgeous weather effects and no restrictions on where in the world you can
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