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Update: [Official Forum Post Added] FSDreamTeam Releases Major Update to GSX


Update 01-Jul-19 @ 09:50z

[Update is written by Calum]

FSDreamTeam has released the official forum post with a few key bits of information for the community. In the forum post, the team recap some of the new features that have come with this free update to GSX. The biggest one is the brand new custom pushback module. A brand new visual customisation tool will enable people to have better pushbacks in either Snap to AFCAD mode or in Free mode.

The other big change is to do with the inclusion of brand new PBR materials and objects. As simply adding PBR to the old models wouldn’t yield best results, FSDreamTeam re-built many of the objects with greater detail. Furthermore, additional human models with improved skeletons (for smoother animations) have also been added.

Other improvements FSDreamTeam wanted to highlight is the new camera system, better interaction with third-party aircraft (it can read plenty of data being sent now by GSX), new DirectX rendering system and also the new Towbarless Pushback vehicle which raises and lowers the aircraft during operations.

The update can be fetched either through the FSDreamTeam Add on Live Manager, or by downloading the GSX installer again. This is a free update for all owners of GSX.

FSDreamTeam has also added a slightly different change log to the one we found in the installer.

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