Ground Service Sound

AviationLads Releases Ground Service Sound Pack v3 Freeware

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Developed by Nick Kidd and published by AviationLads, the latest version of the Ground Service Sound Pack has been released.

The freeware GSX add-on adds new voice sets for a variety of parts of the original product. Replacing elements such as the boarding audio, truck sounds and catering equipment. Version 3 is compatible with GSX’s regional voice settings and also includes sounds for de-icing and pushback. You can also change the sounds mid-flight to add even more immersion depending on the region you’re flying to.

The soundpack is freely available to anyone who owns a copy of FSDreamTeam’s GSX software for Prepar3D. You can download it now directly from AviationLads’ website.

You can also listen to a sample of the voice files on the AviationLads website.

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