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Great Brittian

Orbx Great Britain South SP1 Previews

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Over on the Orbx forums, John Venema shared some of the new things to come with the upcoming service pack, SP1, for GB South. Showing Orbx is committed to their region packs, he shared a list of new features and point of interests that users can look forward to in this update. Orbx released GB South just last month for X-Plane 11 for $32.95 AUD.

New Features

  • Hundreds of new castles in England and Wales
  • More unique models in London and other cities
  • A new ZL18  ortho imagery for central London spanning from Hyde Park to EGLC London City Airport. This will make the capital really look amazing especially doing those Thames runs down low, and approaches to EGLC.
  • Improved ZL18 ortho for Portsmouth
  • Possible new Dover cliffs and detail
  • Many hundreds of 3D models along the coast to improve the look of ports and coastal towns
  • More variety of light houses and correct placements
  • Many more POI models of important structures, including bridges
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