FlyingIron Simulations Announces Grob G 109B for X-Plane

Grob G 109B 10

As we begin to edge closer to the holiday season, we now begin to see announcements for products that will be the subject of holiday season spending. One of such is the newly-announced Grob G 109B from FlyingIron Simulations.

The Grob G 109B is a German, 2 seat, self-launching motor glider with a 95HP flat-four engine to propel it into the sky. As the successor to the G109A model, the 109B builds on lessons learnt in the development and operation of the A, and introduced the larger engine, wing design, cockpit design, and flight characteristics. It has a history with the British RAF as a trainer, where it was used from 1991 to 2008, and continues to be used in civilian aviation today.

In the post announcing the project on, FlyingIron says that they’re working closely with a real-world G 109B pilot on this project. As their “Subject Matter Expert”, this source will provide the developers all the information and insights needed in order to bring the stated feature list into X-Plane. Feature such as;

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Bahrometrix released freeware EDGT Bottenhorn

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Bahrometrix have put out a freeware Bottenhorn (EDGT) is a small single grass strip aerodrome north of Frankfurt, Germany. This little grass trip's main focus on gliders, ultra light, motor gliders, towing aircraft, gyrocopters, helicopters, para-gliders and balloon flights. The scenery also includes a sloped runway. Scenery key features - ORBX color-matched orthophoto 15cm / px with all seasonal variations
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Propair Flight Scheibe Falke SF-25: The FSElite Review

Propair Flight SF25 Falke The FSElite Review
Well over two centuries ago the idea of gliding soared into the world. As early as 1799 an English engineer and aviator known as George Cayley began to discover the characteristics of flight and successfully flew his kite wing glider concept in 1804. The Wright brothers later expanded upon what was possible with gliders. By the end of the first
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