Aerosoft Helgoland for AeroFly FS 2 Preview

Aerofly Fs 2 Screenshot 07 20180118 125215.jpg.f6dee2c2ee943ee6d17d08f7357e713e

Aerofly FS 2 has a secret scenery that they have worked on – Helgoland which is the first scenery in Germany for this sim. As of writing this it is not yet released but they are working on it. More info about is available here at this link with some screenshots as well. Airport is on the German island of Düne in the Helgoland archipelago in the North Sea. Also the perfect place if you want to fly a helicopter out to oil rigs in the North Sea. Or just explore with your favorite GA aircraft the area.

For more visit Aerosoft’s Facebook page.

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Want to see Orbx Germany PhotoReal?

Orbx Ftx Netherlands Alpha P3dv4 3
On the last day of 2017, John Venema from Orbx asked the community a simple question: 'how many of you would be interested in a photoreal version of the whole country of Germany?' This comes after Orbx announced they have big plans in 2018 for PhotoReal scenery products. Before you get too excited, there's a few things to note on this: It will
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Orbx Germany South: The FSElite Review

Ftx Germany South Review
A bit over a year ago, Orbx released FTX Germany North. Luckily for us, Germany is once again reunited. Almost a year after the release of FTX Germany North, Orbx has released FTX Germany South. And in this review you’ll find out if it is as good as its counterpart. Presentation Regions are a bit different to review. There isn’t
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Orbx Releases FTX EU Germany South

Z2017 09 25 10 50 31 PM934c6cd9
We previewed Iain's final shots just a matter of hours ago and now Orbx have released the European region for everyone to download. After the popular release of Germany North last year, Germany South continues to build upon the detail Orbx are including in the simulator. In total, 76,559 square miles of terrain has been populated with hand placed landclass,
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Orbx Germany South Previews


Orbx has today released more P3D V4 preview shots of Orbx Germany South. They’re taken at both Münich and at Nürburgring, a world-famous racing track.

More about this product is available at Orbx’s Facebook. Also you can buy Orbx Germany North from Orbx for 54.95 AUD.

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Aerosoft Airport Stuttgart XP Released for X Plane 11

184825 Stuttgart Xp 2
Today, Aerosoft has released Airport Stuttgart for the X Plane 11 platform. It will set you back 18.85 EUR at Simmarket. Stuttgart airport is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, developed by the German Airport team and Peter Hiermeier. It's made to look as close as possible to the real Stuttgart airport in real world. Everything - whether buildings
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Orbx Germany South Preview

Today Orbx previewed their upcoming Germany South. Previously announced prior to the release of Germany North last year, the south of the massive country looks really impressive. It will be a great addition for people who already use Orbx Germany North. For more about this preview go to Orbx's forum as well as their Facebook. More on this once it's available
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JustSim working on Dusseldorf

Whoa, calm down there guys! Only a few days after they have released Hamburg, JustSim have announced to be working on Dusseldorf next! It looks like Aerosoft is finally gonna get some competition when it comes to the German sceneries. And that could be a good thing for us as customers with the original scenery from Aerosoft dating back to
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JustSim release Hamburg airport (EDDH)

The busy guys over at JustSim have just released their rendition of Hamburg airport on SimMarket. EDDH is fully compatible with Orbx Germany North and FTX Vector Global, has high resolution textures for both the terrain and objects/buildings, features custom autogen, custom AI AFCADs if you desire and will feature SODE supported jetways after an update that is yet to
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