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General Aviation

iniScene Releases Fox Islands for MSFS

Making the hearts of bush-flying aficionados beat faster, iniScene, the in-house scenery development brand of famed developer iniBuilds, has released their rendition of Fox Islands for MSFS.

Located just to the northwest of Cathead Point near Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula, Fox Islands are a small island group located in the middle of Lake Michigan. The island group comprises two islands, North & South Fox Island, respectively, both uninhabited.

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Just Flight Releases PA-28R Arrow III for MSFS

PA 28R Arrow III For MSFS From Just Flight Promotional Video
Just Flight has released their highly anticipated Piper PA-28R Arrow III for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Piper Arrow was developed from the original Piper Cherokee, first built in 1960 from the US based aircraft manufacturer. The four-seat, fixed landing gear Arrow III, first took flight in 1994  equipped with the Lycoming O-320-D3G engine, producing 180 horsepower. Just Flight has accurately
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New Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III for MSFS Preview Video

PA 28R Arrow III For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Preview Video
The new Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III is nearing release and Just Flight has prepared a brand new trailer for the upcoming general aviation aircraft. The short video highlights the latest build of that aircraft to give you a good idea of the quality you can expect from the aircraft. In particular, the new video highlights the modelling, texturing and
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Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. Releases Freiburg Airfield for MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.01.15
Real-world flying club and flight training company Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. has recently released a fully detailed and accurate virtual representation of their real-world home base Freiburg Airfield (EDTF) for MSFS. Freiburg Airfield (EDTF) initially opened its doors in 1907 on what formerly served as the grounds for military parades and is located within Freiburg's Brühl district. The airfield is considered
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Just Flight Updates Traffic Global for XP

Developer Just Flight has updated Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. The new update v1.0.9672 implements general aviation traffic to the already busy airline traffic. You will now have the leisure to fly the circuit with general aviation traffic at your airport of choice. The general aviation traffic will not have a dedicated scheduled destination, instead, the traffic will be generated
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Just Flight Previews Traffic Global Update for XP

Just Flight Traffic Global X Plane 11 New Oc (5)

Over on their Facebook page, developer Just Flight has revealed that the next update to their Traffic Global for X-Plane will include the implementation of general aviation traffic.

Traffic Global provides X-Plane with busy skies but is currently limited to airliner traffic. The Facebook post provides details on the coming update which will include general aviation to help populate the skies all over the world.

Very little detail was included with the update but aircraft such as the Cessna 152, PA28 and Grumman American AA5 are to be included with the update. The previews also show that the general aviation aircraft are notated with blue aircraft tags as opposed to the red tags for the commercial aircraft. 

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X-CPL Pilot Released For X-Plane 11

A new addon has emerged in the X-Plane skies and is ready for users to explore. X-CPL is the newest "General Aviation Business Simulation" giving flight simulator users the experience on how to handle their own general aviation business. X-CPL offers pilots the ability to be an entrepreneur and pilot for hire. You can hand pick the jobs you do,
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HoldMyBeer Previews Cessna Citation X Project

German X-Plane developer HoldMyBeer has taken to their Discord Server over the past days to share previews of their newest project, being the Cessna Citation X. After releasing their freeware Cirrus SR22T-G6, the developer has began work on their next project. The Cessna Citation X is an American business jet with 3,460 nautical miles of range and server a typical seating of 8
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VSKYLABS Releases Polaris AM-FIB for X-Plane 11

AM-FIB release shot
Developer VSKYLABS has released their latest in a long line of light aircraft add-ons for X-Plane 11, the Polaris AM-FIB, a unique looking amphibious ultralight. The Polaris AM-FIB is a product of the European microlight regulations, meaning it weighs less than 450kg and has a stall speed under 35kts. It is one of the only amphibious weight-shift microlights in the
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Just Flight Releases Robin DR400 for X-Plane 11

Robin DR400 For X Plane From Just Flight
Just Flight's first release of 2020 is the Robin DR400 for X-Plane 11. The general aviation aircraft, developer in conjunction with Thranda Design, features a fixed tricycle landing gear, a 180 HP four-cylinder engine and a large forward-sliding canopy. The aircraft is deemed to be easy to fly by the real-world pilots who take the wooden aircraft to the skies.
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