MK-Studios Shares Details of Tenerife South (GCTS) Update


Scenery developer MK-Studios has shared more details and a changelog for their Tenerife Vol.1 V2.30 scenery update. The update, made over on the company’s Facebook page, included a few screenshots and went into detail on what we can expect from the latest renditon of this popular tourist airport.

The scenery is said to include an all new 2m/pixel resoloution mesh as well as 20cm/pixel satellite imagery around the vicinity of the airport. A changelog, based on user feedback, was also published and included a number of items with the most notable being the compatibility update for Prepar3D Version 5. Other noteworthy improvements include the incorporation of PBR textures on all terminal buildings and animated people.

Tenerife South Airport is the largest on the island of the same name and the second busiset airport in the Canary Islands as a whole. The airport serves as a gateway to the popular holiday destination and is served by an incredibly large array of airlines, from low cost operators to major flag carriers. The airport handled around 11.2 million passengers in 2019 with all five of the busiest routes being to the United Kingdom.

The screenshots that were released, all focus on showing off the detailed ground textures mentioned above.

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MK-Studios’ Tenerife Vol. 1 V2 Update Released

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MK-Studios has released the expected Version 2.1 update for Tenerife Vol. 1. It's a big update, with lots of new additions as well as changes. Some of the notable changes include improvements to the PBR textures featured in this scenery, with entirely new textures and wet effects. MK-Studios has also improved the autogen around the airport, and removed some old
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MK-Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Update 2.1 Previews

Mk Studios Tenerife V2 Review 07
Over on Facebook, MK-Studios shared some previews of the upcoming 2.1 update to their Tenerife Vol. 1 scenery. The update comes with a number of fixes that have been reported by the community, as well as pointed out in our very own review. There are, for instance, some fixes to auto-gen that will hopefully fix the floating buildings, as well
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MK-Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Ver. 2: The FSElite Review

MK Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Ver. 2 The FSElite Review
MK-Studios recently released Tenerife Volume 1, version 2 for Prepar3d v4.4+. The scenery features the entire Tenerife South Airport and island including 45cm/pixel imagery for the island and 25cm/pixel imagery for the airport. 5m/pixel mesh is included for the whole island as well. The terminal glass, taxiways, and runways have all been given the PBR treatment and SODE jetways and
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MK-Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Ver. 2: The FSElite Video Review

MK Studios Tenerife Vol. 1 Ver. 2 The FSElite Review
In this FSElite video review, I take you through MK-Studios' Tenerife South Airport (GCTS) Vol. 1 V2 for P3Dv4. The full written review will be coming soon but for now, sit back, relax and let's get the holiday started. Song: Music for Manatees - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Software Used: Lockheed Martin Prepar3d v4.5 Orbx
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Digital Design / JustSim Release Tenerife for X-Plane 11

Tenerife South Justsim Xplane11 29

Only yesterday did the two developers announce their intention to port over the Digital Design Tenerife South to X-Plane and now the product is available for download via

The original airport was released for Prepar3D V4.4 earlier this year and the two teams have joined forces to bring it to X-Plane 11. For those that don’t know, Tenerife is hugely popular airport in the Canary Islands, boosting a large number of airlines from a variety of countries from Europe and beyond.

Features include custom high definition texturing and modelling throughout, animated ground vehicles, and impressive night lighting. Shading and occlusion has been included in the airport buildings and beyond.

You can buy it now from for $21.50.

Full feature list:

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Further Previews of Tenerife South for X-Plane 11

Tenerife South Justsim Xplane11 23
Announced yesterday by JustSim and Digital Design, Tenerife South for X-Plane 11 is due very soon. In anticipation of the release, Digital Design released further previews of the product. There still hasn't been a concrete feature list confirmed by either developer, but we do know that X-Plane 11 users will be able to get their hands on it "soon". You
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JustSim / Digital Design Bringing Tenerife South to X-Plane 11

Tenerife South Justsim Xplane11 3
After the recent collaboration between scenery developers Just Sim and Digital Design on Brussels, the team have paired up yet again to bring Tenerife South to X-Plane 11. Originally developed by Digital Design for Prepar3D, the team at JustSim has converted over to Laminar Research's simulator. Although there's no feature list present in the announcement, we can assume from the
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MK-Studios Teases Tenerife North (GCXO)

MK-Studios has posted a WIP teaser screenshot on their Facebook page announcing Tenerife North (GCXO) which is coming to Prepar3D. In this one WIP preview/render, we can see that the main terminal is pretty much complete model and texture-wise along with some surrounding buildings. Tenerife North is the second airport on the Island of Tenerife, both are merely 40 minutes
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MK Studios Scenery Update Previews

MK-Studios have released a few previews and a short bit of information on their upcoming updates for Lisbon (LPPT) and Tenerife South (GCTS) airports. We will start off with Lisbon International Airport (LPPT). After the very successful release of Lisbon airport, MK-Studios have been hard at work tweaking, fixing small details. So far, all we know is that the the
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