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Gaya Simulations Announces Nine New Greek Airports

Gaya Simulations Greek Island Airports Msfs (4)

After their huge product announcement stream during the weekend, Gaya Simulations announced a further nine airports all in the Greek Islands. It is also confirmed that the airports will be packaged together in 3 separate packs, providing customers with 3 airports in a single package.

Greek Islands 1

The first of the three packages announced will include the following airports:

  • Ikaria Island National Airport (LGIK)
  • Kalymnos Island National Airport (LGKY)
  • Leros Municipal Airport (LGLE)

Ikaria Island National Airport primarily sees flights to Athens with Olympic Air and Sky Express and is limited by the 4,530ft runway.  As for Kalymnos Island Airport, the runway is even shorter at just 3,720ft and sees Sky Express visit Kos, Rhodes, and Leros. Finally, Leros Municipal Airport sees similar routes from the 3,320ft runway. Gaya Simulations shared a handful of renders from the airports in Greek Islands 1 package.

Greek Islands 2

The second of the three packages announced will include the following airports:

  • Mytilene International Airport (LGMT)
  • Syros Island National Airport (LGSO)
  • Old Paros National Airport (LGPA)

Mytilene International Airport is one of the biggest airports compared to others in the package with many seasonal routes to and from the airport. European airlines such as Finnair, Jet2, TUI and Eurowings visit during the summer months. In contrast, Syros Island National Airport only sees Sky Express fly to Athens, whilst Old Paros National Airport is now a redundant airport due to the fact New Paros Airport opened up in 2016.

Greek Islands 3

The final package announced includes the following airports:

  • Milos Island National Airport (LGML)
  • Astypalaia Island National Airport (LGPL)
  • Naxos Island National Airport (LGNX)

With only a 3,380ft runway, Milos Island National Airport sees traffic only to Athens, but passenger numbers have been growing over the past few years. Astypalaia Island National Airport also features a short runway, but sees a handful of other destinations such as Kos, Leros, Rhodes and Athens. Finally, Naxos Island National Airport is similar to that of Milos with only routes to Athens.

That concludes everything announced from Gaya Simulations. It is expected that all of these airports will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, whilst Prepar3D and X-Plane 11 conversions are on the plans but will depend on how the market shapes over the next few months. This brings the total number of airports in development by them up to 16. You can read more about the announced airports such as Munich, Zurich and Stansted in our previous post.

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Gaya Simulations Airport Announcement Blowout: Stansted, Munich, Zurich, Rio and Many More

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Scenery developer Gaya Simulations has announced a huge number of new airports which are currently in development by the studio. The announcement comes from the live stream from the team over on YouTube. In total, Gaya Simulations has confirmed that they are developing eight brand new updates and also a significant update to their already released Vienna scenery. In summary, the
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Gaya Simulations Announces Munich Airport

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Gaya Simulations has brought to their Facebook page a single screenshot displaying the ATC tower of Munich Airport (EDDM). Not much further details have been shared, but it is fair to assume the scenery will be developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator as a priority. Gaya Simulations also being a developer on P3D and X-Plane, we will need to wait for
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Terrainy Studios Partners with Gaya Simulations for Samos

123052998 187674616321004 1347806607404487051 O
In a short message on their Facebook page, Terrainy Studios has announced they had entered a partnership with Gaya Simulations to develop the Samos Airport (LGSM) and Island for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery was previously announced last summer. The developer shared several additional screenshots showcasing the main airport buildings and detailed modeling. Terrainy studios is a little known developer
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Gaya Simulations Releases Berlin-Tegel Airport for P3D

After its release for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator, Gaya Simulations has now finally also released Berlin-Tegel Airport (EDDT) for Prepar3D. The airport is (still) the main airport of Berlin, with a planned closure date of November 8th this year. The airport is served by a multitude of European airlines, and is a hub for Eurowings and historically Air Berlin.
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Gaya Simulations Teases Zurich Airport for MSFS

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Gaya Simulations has teased Zurich Airport (LSZH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team did so with a single screenshot over on Facebook, together with the announcement that the team will shortly be releasing a roadmap for the coming six months. The teaser shows part of the terminal and the ATC tower in a seemingly pretty advanced stage, with textures already included. However, until the team releases their roadmap, we’re probably left guessing how far along the scenery is. Gaya Simulations also announced they are planning to release Berlin-Tegel Airport (EDDT) for Prepar3D this week. The airport was previously released for MSFS and XP.

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Gaya Simulations Florence Released

Screenshot 2020 10 17 LIRQ Florence Airport Microsoft Flight Simulator10
Gaya Simulations has published through the Orbx Store their Florence Airport (LIRQ) and City for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The scenery has been designed exclusively for MSFS. The scenery is extremely detailed and features all you can expect from Gaya Simulations with PBR rendering, dynamic lighting, accurate and very detailed modeling. The scenery features the airport and many details in the
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Gaya Simulations Official Florence Airport Trailer, Releasing Oct 16th

Official Trailer Gaya Florence Airport MSFS2020
A new trailer for the upcoming Gaya Simulations Florence Airport has surfaced online. Made by AviationLads, the new trailer shows us an in-depth look that upcoming airport scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. As we mentioned before, Gaya Simulations' Florence Airport will feature a detailed rendition of Florence Airport (LIRQ) including high-quality PBR texturing. Included also will be a number of custom-made points
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Gaya Simulations Announces Florence Airport for MSFS

Gaya Simulations Florence Airport Scenery Msfs (2)
Hot off the heels after the release of Berlin Tegel for X-Plane 11, Gaya Simulations have today announced that Florence Airport will soon be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Florence Airport (LIRQ) is located in central Italy and offers an exciting range of flying types over the huge city. Fly over landmarks such as the Duomo Di Firenze and the
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Gaya Simulations Releases Berlin Tegel on XPL

Developer Gaya Simulations has released Berlin Tegel Airport (EDDT) for X-Plane 11. The airport sat in the heart of the city currently sees a number of airlines operate to the airport including easyJet, Ryanair, Eurowings and others fly to numerous destinations around Europe. Gaya Simulations has said that this airport has been given extensive details through the modelling and texture
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