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Jennasoft Gatwick Close to Release

Jennasoft Gatwick Egkk 5

For those that have kept track, you might remember that a while back a company called Jennasoft announced that they were making Gatwick scenery. Since then a few previews have been shown off, however, we have not received any kind of release estimate until now.

Over on their forums, Jennasoft announced that they hope to release Gatwick sometime this month or in February. From the previews that have been shown off by Jennasoft, this Gatwick scenery is a project that many are highly anticipating. For many years the only Gatwick scenery that has been available is UK2000 so it’s exciting that we will soon be getting a new rendition of the world’s second busiest single-runway airport.

Make sure to check back at FSElite for more news regarding this exciting release.

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Jennasoft Preview More for Gatwick

Jennasoft Gatwick Egkk 2
Jennasoft announced a while back that they were busy in development of a brand new London Gatwick Airport (EGKK). The UK's second busiest airport is home to many airlines in the country and is often the base for more of the low-cost and leisure routes to and from the UK. It's been a year since the original images turned up,
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New Previews of Jennasoft’s Gatwick Available

EGKK Promo12.jpg.9ddb04fea3d9696d682a630dca62352b
Jennasoft who are working on a new version of London Gatwick airport for P3D 3 to 4 and FSX. They have today released even more preview shots for us. We will keep you updated on this project as soon as we have more info. More about this project can be found at iFlysimX's forum. No release date is yet announced but
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UK2000 Gatwick Xtreme XP Preview

Just now UK2000 announced Gatwick Xtreme XP scenery for the X-Plane platform entered the beta stage, in other words very close to release. Price is to 16.99 GBP and release date is the 27th of January. As UK2000 stated back in November, some features baked in are custom light and halo effects, custom taxiway that enables you to see the stand you are selecting
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UK2000 Scenery Gatwick Xtreme V4 (EGKK): The FSElite Review

Uk2000 Gatwick P3dv4 FEATURED
Since the release of Prepar3D version 4, we've seen a prolific string of releases from developers. In particular, significant updates to existing scenery. One I was particularly keen on getting my hands on was UK2000 London Gatwick V3, the latest update to their essential UK range. The much-coveted update includes the newly built Pier 1, an extension to the vast
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UK2000 Gatwick update 4.01

Gatwickv4 Uk2000 P3dv4 3

UK2000 have informed us that they have released an updated for Gatwick (EGKK). This airport was released just last week. The update includes several fixes for several platforms, so make sure to check it out.


  • Added GSX files for P3D install
  • Fixed 6 DXT3 textures with no alpha channel (mainly for fs2004)
  • Fixed FS2004 runway light problem at night
  • Modified FSX/P3D AFCAD files (better radius and airlines, (thanks to Bradley for this)
  • Changed FS2004 ATIS to 126.00 (FS2004 cant use real EGKK ATIS freq)
  • FS2004 Taxiline now ‘on top’ of Runway markings
  • FS2004 Night shadow problem on Pier 5 fixed, and square shape around lightpoles removed
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Jennasoft Announces Gatwick (EGKK)

EGKK Promo5.jpg.6d3aa03344632e414caa2b471369df2c 1024×576
With the release of UK2000 Gatwick V4 just 5 days away, Jennasoft have dropped some exciting news that they're also developing the world's second busiest single runway airport, and are showing off some wonderful preliminary shots of the North Terminal. Jennasoft has previously only made one product, Lyon. That was back in 2013 and it wasn't the most impressive scenery
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