Hot Start TBM-900 Release Date Announced

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Finally, the plane that the entire X-Plane community has been following the development of, the Hot Start TBM-900, is approaching release. Cameron, the founder of X-Aviation – the storefront on which the TBM-900 will be distributed through – made a post on the X-Pilot forums today to announce that the aircraft is due for release this coming Saturday at 00:00 EST (that’s Friday night, or Saturday 0500z, for those unsure).

Hot Start, made up of experienced developers Goran Matovina (most widely known for his Leading Edge Simulations Saab 340) and Saso Kiselkov (known better as Totoritko), first announced the TBM back in March, though the aircraft had been in development for a little longer than that. Since then we’ve seen a number of previews showing Goran’s incredible modelling work, as well as Saso’s masterpiece of an avionics suite, which has left GA simmers drooling to get their hands on the aircraft.

The TBM is packed with immersive, study-level features. Some of the stand-out items include;

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A2A Accu-sim Bonanza Released

Bo06 Fselite
A2A has released their Accu-sim Bonanza for Prepar3D v4. The Beechcraft Bonanza V-Tail is a single-engine, six-seater GA aircraft that first began production in 1947, and holds the record for the longest continually produced aircraft in history. In addition to the V-tail configuration, they were also built in the conventional tail config, with over 17,000 being produced. A2A's Accu-sim Bonanza features
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VFlyteAir Releases Ikarus C42C

204094 VFlyteAir IkarusC42 Exterior 05
VFlyteAir Simulations Inc have recently released their Ikarus C42C ultralight aircraft for X-Plane 11. The Ikarus C42C is a light-sport ultralight aircraft powered by an 80hp (or 100hp) Rotax 912(s) engine, with a range of up to 432 miles. VFlyteAir's rendition of the aircraft is full of features and looks to be a fun little aircraft for the simmer looking to
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RealAir Range Of Aircraft Updated For P3D v4

RealAir Duke
RealAir Simulations, makers of some of the most iconic GA aircraft on the FSX/P3D platform, has updated a majority of the aircraft range to support P3D version 4.x despite ceasing to trade at the tail-end of 2016. The now-defunct developer has quietly snuck out updates to their Duke B60, Turbine Duke and Lancair Legacy products, with the Spitfire, Scout and SF260
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Orbx KVUO Pearson Field Released For X-Plane


Released back in May for FSX & P3D, the oldest continuously operating airport in the Pacific Northwest is Bill Womack’s sixth Orbx airport and is now available for simmers on the X-Plane platform.

Pearson Field is a popular GA field on the banks of the Columbia River, and Bill has covered 12 square miles surrounding this with photo-real ground textures. Included in the coverage area is Hayden Island, Oregon and downtown Vancouver, Washington, the latter of which is modelled with an incredible amount of detail based on hundreds of reference photos that were made available, while paying extra special attention to the scenery under the approach path. Within KVUO itself, Bill has made use of X-Plane’s PBR materials and scattered static aircraft throughout. In doing this, these models have all been optimised with performance in mind.

KVUO Pearson Field is available now from Orbx for AUD $32.95. For more information on Pearson Field, and to see more of the beautiful screenshots, head to the product page on the Orbx website.

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Avia71 Announce Aerostar 601P

Avia71 AEROSTAR 601P Announcement
Avia71, a relatively small GA aircraft developer for the X-Plane platform, has announced their next aircraft as a Piper (formerly Ted Smith) Aerostar 601P via YouTube video, which is already in closed beta stages. The Aerostar is most recently well-known for being the star (alongside Tom Cruise) in the Hollywood movie American Made. Sadly, the aircraft used in this film - N164HH
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Carenado F33A Bonanza Released For X-Plane 11

Carenado has released the latest of their X-Plane aircraft portfolio, the Beechcraft F33A Bonanza, for X-Plane 11. This single-prop aircraft began production in 1970, and was built right up until 1994 with 821 examples being built in this time, making it the most popular of the three F33 models available. Up front, it was powered by a 285hp flat-six, fuel injected Continental
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