Fulcrum One Yoke Pre-Orders Open

A new yoke which has been in development for multiple years has now just been made available to pre-order. The Fulcrum One Yoke is designed to be a modern yoke using Hall Effect sensors to give eliminate spiking and wear that can happen overtime. The yoke will also feature a unique connection method so that yoke handles can easily be swapped out in the future when additional aircraft types are made available.

The British made product has been delayed due to ongoing production issues because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the team expect to be able to start shipping within the next four weeks. Because the quantity made available at release will be lesser than what Fulcrum hoped for, they have opted to create a registration list which will be based on first-come, first-served. Money won’t be taken until the order is ready to ship, but securing your place on the list will help to make sure you get yours quicker.

A pre-order page is a simple form, which you can access here.

The Fulcrum One Yoke is due to release to those on the waiting list in Mid-September and will cost £360 (+VAT). The company ships worldwide.


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Fulcrum Simulator Controls One Yoke Feature Overview Video

Fulcrum One Yoke Overview
Chris from Fulcrum Simulator Controls has shared a new video on YouTube highlighting the upcoming Fulcrum Simulator Controls One Yoke and its included feature set. The video goes through what you will find inside of the box, which includes various instructions and more. A comparison of the yoke compared to the Saitek yoke is included for size reference, along with a
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