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More Previews of Orbx EU Netherlands (And a Quick Status Update)

NL PR 068.jpg.182bef71d74cff06a516bfa1f65eab38

When John from Orbx confirmed that they were working on EU Netherlands Photo Real scenery, there was definitely a feeling of excitement in the air. Not only was such a beautiful region going to be treated with the FTX magic, but it was going to be completely new technology using photo real scenery. The current alpha shots previewed back in October looked great and as development as progressed, John was kind enough to share a few more as well as a development update.

John has said that autogen trees are now complete for the whole country and that around 85% of the buildings have been placed. With the Netherlands hosting unique designs for their buildings, the team are creating a range of building textures to ensure the scenery looks authentic. Furthermore, there’s a whole range of points of interests being modeled, 5M mesh has been added, along with wind farms, power lines and other obstructions.

As per other regions, all the airports have been upgraded and the glider fields have been added. Finally, dykes and other irrigation infrastructures has also been added.

The few previews above demonstrate the attention to detail this region is going through. John added the development is ‘very good’ and that beta testing could start by Christmas or even earlier. Once that process starts, we can expect a whole bunch more images to showcase this stunning region.

Head to the Orbx forums to find out more.

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Orbx Offering Student Discount on All Products

On top of their massive sale, Orbx today announced that from December 1st, they will be offering students 20% off all their products. To be entitled to such a generous discount permanently, you need to be enrolled in a recognised facility which provides tertiary education. It should be noted that this only applies to students and not those employed by
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More FTX EU Netherlands Previews

Orbx Ftx Netherlands Alpha P3dv4 31
Orbx sure does like to spoil us. John Venema revealed a few more screenshots on the Orbx forums from the companies' upcoming region. According to John, Orbx is hard at work at refining the region and Dutch characteristics (such as the Dutch row houses). And for those of us who ever flew into Amsterdam Schiphol during spring season: you may
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Orbx Releases FTX EU Germany South

Z2017 09 25 10 50 31 PM934c6cd9
We previewed Iain's final shots just a matter of hours ago and now Orbx have released the European region for everyone to download. After the popular release of Germany North last year, Germany South continues to build upon the detail Orbx are including in the simulator. In total, 76,559 square miles of terrain has been populated with hand placed landclass,
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Orbx – FTX Germany South ‘Final Shots’ Before Release

Orbx Germany South 61

A couple of hours ago, Iain from Orbx posted his final shots of the upcoming FTX Germany South. Germany South has been previewed multiple times and finishes off the region of Germany. We were huge fans of Germany North so we’re excited to get our hands on this one, which promises to be even more detailed. With plenty of points of interest, hand placed objects and accurate texturing / landclass, Germany will be one of the best looking regions in the sim.

As always with Iain’s ‘final shots’, it means that a release is pretty imminent from the guys at Orbx. Once it’s released and out, we’ll let you know final pricing and any further details. For now enjoy his final previews of the beautiful European region.


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FTX AU AI Traffic P3D V4 Previews

Orbx has a post saying that they're almost done with FTX AU AI Traffic Pack for P3D V4. All the aircrafts in this package has been put together specifically for P3D V4 platform. They do also support Dynamic Lighting as well as the LUA coding system. Many of the planes have nose wheel steering and some other niceties to be announced later.
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Orbx Germany South Preview

Today Orbx previewed their upcoming Germany South. Previously announced prior to the release of Germany North last year, the south of the massive country looks really impressive. It will be a great addition for people who already use Orbx Germany North. For more about this preview go to Orbx's forum as well as their Facebook. More on this once it's available
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FTX England SP6 Preview

ENG SP6 15
The OrbX guys has previewed an update for their latest version of FTX England SP6. And from the screenshots it looks very strange, are you able to identify what these things are? More will come when SP6 is released, but for now, let's take a look at the screenshots below to see what these objects are. These hasn't been added
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FTX Central Updated to P3D V4 Compatibility

Home Feature Prod
Orbx have finally released their long awaited FTX Central 3.2 Update to support P3D V4. In order to get it, open your FTX Central and hit the Apply button in bottom left corner. Or download it again from the website. A convenient guide can be found on the FTX forum. One of our previous posts about OrbX Compatability can be
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