Orbx Netherlands AeroflyFS2 Preview

Orbx Netherlands AeroflyFS2 Oculus Rift Touch 2

In an incredibly beautiful video, John Venema from Orbx takes us on a short virtual reality tour in the upcoming FTX Netherlands scenery. In the video he flies around quickly over the province of Groningen, one of the Netherlands most Northern regions. For more previews of this upcoming addon, check out one of our other posts.

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Orbx Offering Student Discount on All Products

On top of their massive sale, Orbx today announced that from December 1st, they will be offering students 20% off all their products. To be entitled to such a generous discount permanently, you need to be enrolled in a recognised facility which provides tertiary education. It should be noted that this only applies to students and not those employed by
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More FTX EU Netherlands Previews

Orbx Ftx Netherlands Alpha P3dv4 31
Orbx sure does like to spoil us. John Venema revealed a few more screenshots on the Orbx forums from the companies' upcoming region. According to John, Orbx is hard at work at refining the region and Dutch characteristics (such as the Dutch row houses). And for those of us who ever flew into Amsterdam Schiphol during spring season: you may
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Orbx Releases FTX EU Germany South

We previewed Iain’s final shots just a matter of hours ago and now Orbx have released the European region for everyone to download. After the popular release of Germany North last year, Germany South continues to build upon the detail Orbx are including in the simulator. In total, 76,559 square miles of terrain has been populated with hand placed landclass, custom autogen and over 116,000 placed powerlines.

Further to the added detail, Orbx have also upgraded or added over 550 airports and 450 custom models of various points of interest has been included with the release. Additionally, there’s also photoreal scenery for Munich, Ulm, Passau, Koblenz and more. All of this is included in the total price of $54.95 AUD.

To help you complete your Germany experience, Orbx are also offering a generous 50% off Germany North if you purchase Germany South. The offer ends on October 8th 2017 at 20:00z, but you’ll be able to buy Germany North for just $27.48 AUD. No discount is being offered for current owners of Germany North looking to buy the Southern region. Please note that you will need to finalise your Germany South purchase prior to purchasing Germany North to receive the discount.

You can buy it now direct from Orbx Direct for $54.95 AUD and is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3DV1 – P3DV4.

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FTX AU AI Traffic P3D V4 Previews

Orbx has a post saying that they're almost done with FTX AU AI Traffic Pack for P3D V4. All the aircrafts in this package has been put together specifically for P3D V4 platform. They do also support Dynamic Lighting as well as the LUA coding system. Many of the planes have nose wheel steering and some other niceties to be announced later.
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Orbx Germany South Preview

Today Orbx previewed their upcoming Germany South. Previously announced prior to the release of Germany North last year, the south of the massive country looks really impressive. It will be a great addition for people who already use Orbx Germany North. For more about this preview go to Orbx's forum as well as their Facebook. More on this once it's available
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FTX England SP6 Preview

ENG SP6 15
The OrbX guys has previewed an update for their latest version of FTX England SP6. And from the screenshots it looks very strange, are you able to identify what these things are? More will come when SP6 is released, but for now, let's take a look at the screenshots below to see what these objects are. These hasn't been added
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