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FTX England SP6 Preview

The OrbX guys has previewed an update for their latest version of FTX England SP6. And from the screenshots it looks very strange, are you able to identify what these things are? More will come when SP6 is released, but for now, let’s take a look at the screenshots below to see what these objects are. These hasn’t been added to the virtual world before but with SP6 they will be and they are important for VFR pilots – so those will get some help with this update also.

For more head over to FSElite as well as OrbX’s forum.

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FTX Central Updated to P3D V4 Compatibility

FTX Central has finally released the long awaited FTX Central 3.2 Update to P3D V4. In order to get it open your FTX Central and hit the Apply button in bottom left corner. Or download it again from the website. A convenient guide can be found at this website at FTX forum.

One of our previous posts about OrbX Compatability can be found here.

So far only regions and Global is available and FTX trees, airports will come at a later date and we at FSElite will keep you updated on that. But for now lets enjoy what we have and make our sim really shine at it’s best and forget this default P3D terrain and trees.

For more updates and releases check out FSElite.

Orbx Compatibility update Prepar3d V4 – Release Tomorrow

OrbX has jut announced that they will release the updated FTX Central 3.2.x.x hopefully tomorrow and when you run it you will see the Apply Update button.


Orbx have given us some more insight in what products will be compatible with Prepar3d V4 once it releases, and how to obtain said updates for our new sim.

Products that will be compatible with P3DV4 right away are:

  • Orbxlibs
  • Global Base Pack
  • openLC North America & openLC Europe
  • All Region Packs (Southern Alaska and New Zealand North make use of ObjectFlow, which won’t work yet. The regions themselves are)

To install these sceneries you will require FTX Central V3.2.x.x, which will hopefully be pushed out by Orbx tomorrow. P3DV4 won’t be compatible with older versions of FTX Central. To install your products, we recommend you follow the guide as mentioned in this article. Note that you should not be copying files yourself!

Furthermore Orbx gives us some more insight in products that are not (yet) compatible. These products mainly consist of the airport addons we have all come to love. Most of these airports don’t work because of the PeopleFlow which will simply require some more work from Orbx. These addons will become available overtime as Orbx ports over PeopleFlow to Prepar3d V4 to ensure a good experience with their airports. An exact timeline hasn’t been given.

Unfortunately there is also some stuff that won’t be compatible any time soon (though, this was to be expected). The Orbx FTX Vector and Aero tool won’t work with P3DV4: new tools will be developed in the future to ensure to make them available again. The Lancair, Victa and Vans RV4 won’t work and won’t be made available in the future because developers have since moved on to new projects.

Orbx FTX Scotland Service Pack 4 previews

Orbx is hard at work on updating their existing sceneries. A few days ago they shared some previews of the upcoming service pack 4 for FTX Scotland. The update will add over 60 new points of interests in the area. Furthermore they have enhanced some Scottish Islands with reworked land class and geopositioning of building. Also fixed was the monster of Loch Ness…

Orbx announce FTX Auroras

If theres one thing I really miss in all my weather addons that create super realistic effects, clouds and more, its seeing the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Luckily we’re getting some addon developers to create this amazing phenomenon for us. TOGA Projects recently released Envtex which adds this effect to our sims, and now Orbx announced that they are working on it as well! FTX Auroras aims at giving us an even more beautiful experience around the North- and South Pole and the first screenshots look impressive! The project is currently in beta so everything is still subject to change.

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Orbx Customer Notice

Orbx have send out an email to their customers in regards to their recently released FTX Central 3. Orbx is limiting the maximum number of downloads per day to one. This is done to prevent an overload on their servers, as people have started to re-download all their scenery packs.

Orbx also states that this measurement is not in effect for any scenery purchased after November 1st and that they are working on a solution to this problem. This measurement is only temporary, although no time limit was given.

Some community fora have already spoken out against the e-mail, calling certain parts of it unnecessary and the tone of the e-mail downright condescending.


Update Nov 11, 14:36

Orbx has send out an apology for their e-mail, along with some clarifications and explanations. The email starts with

Good morning,

Following replies to yesterday’s announcement I now realise that I should have handled it better. I apologise if I have offended anyone or if my actions have caused a loss of trust. As a team we are very proud of what we’ve built with OrbxDirect and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the best purchasing and add-on management experience possible.

and continues to give some more in depth information as to what is and what isn’t limited for customers through FTX Central v3.


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Orbx FTX Germany North: The FSElite VIDEO Review

If you haven’t done so already, go and read our review on Orbx FTX Germany North.

Watch it, like it and share it. To get notified of our next video review, then subscribe to us for instant updates. Video content will be ramping up in the next few months.

If reading isn’t your thing, then watch our fantastic video review produced by The Flight Sim Deck. Be sure to give him a sub! You can watch his latest video below:


Orbx FTX EU: Germany North Released

As predicted, Orbx have released their amazing looking region, this time set in the North of Germany.

Continuing on with the success of their other full region packs, Orbx have really taken all the measures necessary to ensure that Germany is given the treatment it deserves. With everything from the offshore windfarms, the fantastic Harz Mountains and even a range of military bases. As always, it works seamlessly with every other Orbx product in your library, adding more detail to road and railways, cityscapes and all the major landmarks scattered around the 70,000+ square miles of Germany North. VFR pilots rejoice, as you’ll be able to accurately fly your way around the North, until they release Germany South.

FSX and P3D users can download the 7.42gb file now from the Flight Sim Store for $54.95.

We’ll be back soon with the full review.