Just Flight / DC Designs F/A-18 E, F & G Super Hornet Released

DC Designs FA 18 (6)

Just now, Just Flight and DC Designs have released their F/A-18 Super Hornet for FSX and Prepar3D simulators.

This F/A-18 package includes the E, F, and G variants of the Super Hornet. “The ‘E’ Hornet is a strike attack and fleet defence fighter, supported in both roles by the twin-seat ‘F’ version, while the EA-18G ‘Growler’ performs an airborne electronic countermeasure role, while retaining full combat capability.” The F/A-18 first flew back in 1995, with the introduction into the US Navy in 2001, replacing the Grumman F-14 Tomcat.

The Just Flight and DC Designs F/A-18 has been modeled with great detail and has dynamic payloads with the user defines load outs. Guided missiles, rockets, bombs, external fuel and reconnaissance pods are included with this package. Both the front and back seat are modeled in the cockpit with animations and custom codes for the systems and avionics. The aircraft features full radio navigation compatibility with SimWorks Studios CEX carriers.

The Just Flight and DC Designs F/A-18 is available for $40.99 from the Just Flight store.


  • Accurately modelled F/A-18E, F and E/A-18G Super Hornets, built using extensive research materials
  • Numerous external animations including canopy, crew ladder, launch bar, wing-fold, tail hook and control surfaces modelled to mimic the Super Hornet’s ‘active’ fly-by-wire systems. Custom animated afterburner flames and sonic shockwave effects
  • Animated, configurable front and rear pilots in the virtual cockpit, access steps and carrier deck tie-down chains
  • Bump and specular mapping used throughout the aircraft to produce a truly 3D feel
  • Authentic night lighting, including user operated ‘slime lights’ for darkened-deck and combat operations
  • Designed for competitive frame rates on all systems


  • A truly 3D virtual cockpit featuring accurately modelled ejector seats, controls and detailed texturing
  • Instruments constructed in 3D with smooth animations
  • Working rear-view mirrors (Prepar3D only)
  • ‘Scratched canopy’ glass effect
  • Optional pilot figures in virtual cockpit with knee-pads
  • Front and rear cockpit positions included


  • 3D modelled dials, ADI, ‘whiskey’ compass and other high-detail instruments
  • Fully coded Up Front Control Panel for navigation and radio, designed to emulate the appearance of the real F/A-18
  • Custom-coded radar for live intercepts of both air and ground targets
  • Custom ‘moving map’ displays in front and rear cockpit
  • Multi-Function MFDs based on the real aircraft’s systems
  • Collimated Head Up Display with authentic layout based on the real F/A-18
  • Custom-coded, user-controlled ordnance via virtual cockpit controls, allowing for live mounting of weapons on hard points, visible both on external model and virtual cockpit


A full operations manual is included.



  • VFA-143 ‘Pukin’ Dogs’ Line
  • VFA-27 ‘Royal Maces’ CAG
  • VFA-31 ‘Tomcatters’ Line


  • VFA-103 ‘Jolly Rogers’ CAG
  • VFA-41 ‘Black Aces’ line
  • VFA-213 ‘Black Lions’ CAG


  • VAQ-132 ‘Scorpions’
  • VAQ-140 ‘Patriots’ CAG
  • 6 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force

A Paint Kit  is also included.

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ATSimulations An 2 Update (1)
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POSCON Header For FSElite

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216814 Vcol B99pre0
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64750472 2275227219220746 3295021359561703424 N
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62133299 2397356540477543 4443397160976777216 N
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