Drzewiecki Designs Tallinn v2 Previews

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Coupled with a bunch of preview shots, Drzewiecki Designs has announced to be working on a v2 update for their Tallinn scenery. The original scenery was released in August 2014. Tallinn is a bit of an underdog when it comes to flying. However, with a very nice rendition of the airport and an equally beautiful rendition of the old town, Drzewiecki Designs did an amazing job at it and we’re happy to see it get an update. The upgrade will not be free but will be less than €10 for existing customers. Exact pricing is not yet known. You can find the full changelog of the upcoming update at the end of this post.

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[Flightsimguy] [FSX SE] Milviz Weather Radar Review (FYC)

FSX SE Milviz Weather Radar Review
Please note, this is NOT an official FSElite review. Today I'm taking RealAir's Beech Duke through some rain (from Columbus to Cincinnati), to test the Milviz Weather Radar simulator. Now, you can always have real time weather with you when you fly GA aircraft in FSX, FSX SE, or P3D. Like my facebook page at: Posted as part of the FSElite
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[Flightsimguy] Flight Simulation’s Most Popular Approaches: Innsbruck feat. Aerosoft CRJ 900 (FYC)

FSX Boxed Flight Simulations Most Popular Approaches Innsbruck Feat Aerosoft CRJ 900
The approach to Innsbruck is not a particularly difficult one, however it is one of the most scenic runs there is. Innsbruck is located in a valley 2k feet up on the Bavarian Alps, between Germany and Austria. Today I'm taking a quick hop from Munich to Innsbruck. I'm using the Aerosoft CRJ 900 because they just issued a major
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Aerosoft cancels Mega Airport Johannesburg

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In a move that surprised exactly nobody, Mathijs Kok made an announcement on the Aerosoft forums that Mega Airport Johannesburg is cancelled. According to him, Aerosoft does not have and is unable to obtain the necessary imagery to finish this airport up to their standards. Though the project is now officially done for, Mathijs keeps hoping that someone will be able to deliver the required imagery that is needed to finish this airport.

Aerosoft announced Mega Airport Johannesburg back in 2014. After some updates it became very quiet around the project. In early 2016 Mathijs made the announcement that the original developer was not able to complete the airport, but some time later he announced that the project was still ‘in progress’ and made some hints it would be coming in 2016 (which was later changed to ‘hopefully 2017’). In June this year the project was still ongoing and Mathijs made another announcement just in November stating the project was not dead.

Now let’s hope that this is not an indication of what’s going to happen with Brussels airport since we’ve been waiting on that one for quite some time as well.


Thanks to Dean for the tip!

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Drzewiecki Design Release Seattle City X

190740 SEAcityX 11
Drzewiecki Design, just after the release of their highly anticipated Seattle Airports X has released their Seattle City X product to go alongside it. Depicting accurately the entire city of Seattle, using thousands of hand placed and hand created objects to create an immersive experience for the Pacific North West's largest city. This product extends outside the metropolitan area of
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Aerosoft Announces Rotterdam The Hague Airport Professional

171010 EHRD 175.JPG.280811dda1f2b01a9bc4f609145cd607
Nearly 7 years after its original release, Aerosoft has announced that an updated version of Rotterdam The Hague Airport has started development. The airport will be released under Aerosofts all too familiar "Professional" tier. This includes support for Prepar3d v4 and dynamic lighting. Because the original scenery is already quite dated the scenery will include more than just compatibility updates.
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[Flightsimguy] Flying in the Pattern 101 (FYC)

FSX Boxed Flying In The Pattern 101
Back to basics. Flying in the pattern.  In this video we go through all the items you need to know enter and fly in the pattern and do touch and goes.  This includes runways, their orientation, and most importantly, runway numbers.   We also talk about using the heading bug and course needle to help you maintain alignment while you fly
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