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Parallel 42 Wants to Know: Immersion Package for the FSLabs A320-X Series?

2019 5 11 15 52 36 640

The Immersion Packages from Parallel 42 adds a new level of realism for those that enjoy the views from the external point of view. They add additional effects perfect that simulate real-life conditions in dynamic situations. The most recent release came in the form of the 737 Immersion V2, which is now available via Orbx. However, the team are now asking if the community wants to see a new package specifically designed for the FSLabs A320-X series.

The question was posed on Facebook by the Parallel 42 team. They are aware that the current aircraft already features “ok effects already”, but are still curious if there is a market to improve upon them.

However you feel, be sure to let them know either in the comments section below or on their Facebook page.

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FSLabs Updates A320-X A319-X and A321-X to V2.0.2.440

IMG 153
Over on the FSLabs forums, version was announced today and is now available for all users of the FSLabs A320-X, A319-X, and A321-X. Version addresses various bugs like the STD ATSU leap year issue as well as fixes in friction logic during "hard winter" scenarios. It was also shared that FSLabs is continually working on a sharklets extension
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FS2Crew Compatibility With FSLabs A321-X

2019 12 24 12 44 41 595
In a quick Facebook post, FS2Crew has confirmed that their popular utility is compatible "right out of the box" with the newly released FSLabs A321-X. Customers will just have to run the Airbus Config Manager and press "Enable A321" in the options. FS2Crew is a popular utility that simulates the presence of a copilot. The virtual copilot can be commended
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FlightSimLabs Releases A321-X

FSL A321 X Promo
After many years of development, FlightSimLabs has released their long-awaited A321-X. The A321 is the largest of the A320 family of aircraft with an increase in MTOW, extended-range (thanks to the ability to add additional fuel tanks), but all with the familiarity of the Airbus A320 cockpit layout. A popular choice amongst airliners due to its versatility, seating capacity and
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FlightSimLabs A321-X Trailer

FSL A321 X Promo
The FlightSimLabs A321-X trailer has just been released on YouTube. The 3-minute 42-second trailer gives us plenty to look at from the external modelling to the new features found inside the cockpit. As we mentioned before, in our exclusive previews, the aircraft will feature an integrated CPDLC system, two DCDU models and additional fuel tanks for those longer-range routes. Along with the
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Flight Sim Labs A321-X In Time for Christmas?

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A small, brief teaser was shared to the Flight Sim Labs Facebook page earlier today. A single image of the A321-X in Aeroflot colours being de-iced was added to their profile, along with the product logo wearing a Father Christmas hat.

As per usual, the team are being incredibly secretive about the release and further details at this point. However, we’re hoping that the inclusion of the festive figure’s hat means we could be unwrapping the aircraft by that festive date. We’ll monitor the forums (and also the skies) to see if this one will be dropping in our stockings any time soon.

We had some new information shared with us recently, of which you can read about here.

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FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated To v2.0.2.424

2019 9 22 21 54 21 408
FSLabs announced today in their forums they had updated their Airbus series aircraft to version The past two months have seen a continuous roll of updates on their aircraft, preparing the grounds of fixing once for all the legacy products before an eventual A321-X release. Among other minor corrections, this update aims at fixing the random pitch up that
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FlightSimLabs Releases A320-X / A319-X – Update v2.0.2.420

2019 5 11 15 52 36 640
Aircraft developer FlightSimLabs has today released a new update for their A320-X and A319-X series of aircraft. The new update, version 20.2.420 focuses on bug fixing since the previous release along with new logic for vPilot sound volume controls, a fix for Simbrief OFP parsing and also improvements to the green dot speed. Other improvements in this update also include
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FSLabs A321-X New Previews & Information

FSLabs A321 FSELite (3)
Flight Sim Labs has exclusively shared some new details with FSElite regarding their much-anticipated upcoming development for Prepar3D v4, the A321-X. The A321-X, being the biggest and longest aircraft of the A320-X family, accommodates for much bigger statistics such as three seating configurations and an MTOW of approximately 93.5 tonnes. On top of what they showcased at Flight Sim Show
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FSLabs A320-X & A319-X Updated to v2.0.2.415

2019 10 12 19 16 16 974
In a forum post, Flight Sim Labs has announced that they've pushed out an update for their well-known A320-X and A319-X add-ons. Version brings along some significant changes such as fixes and improvements throughout the product line with the most notable being a complete redesign and overhaul of the Elevator and Aileron Computer (ELAC). Of course, not to mention, this
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