Let Flight Sim Labs Know You Want Concorde X In P3DV4

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In a rather unusual announcement on Facebook, Flight Sim Labs has made a plea to the community: if you want to see Concorde grace the virtual skies one last time, then let us know!

The team are extremely passionate about bringing the supersonic jet to flight sim and want to see it one last time in a modern simming environment. To make sure it’s suitable for today’s market, they will be looking to update it with a brand new virtual cockpit, dynamic lighting, an all new sound set, weather radar, improved external texturing and much more. Of course, it will be fully compatible with the P3DV4 SD.

Flight Sim Labs are estimating that the cost back to the community for developing Concorde in the 64-bit environment will around $100.

However, this post isn’t confirmation that this is going to happen. Instead, it’s to gauge the level of interest from the community. To show your support, you’ll need to write the team an email.

Send the email to [email protected] with the subject “I will buy the Concorde on P3D V4!”. Then make sure you include your full name, age and tell us that you will support the idea.


So if you really want to see Concorde grace the skies one last time, then let them know. The entire FSElite team will be – shall you?

Here’s the list of anticipated updates to Concorde.

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FSLabs Update the A320-X for P3DV4

FSL A320 V4 VC 8
The release of the FSLabs A320-X for P3DV4 was just a few days ago, but the team have worked hard on fixing a few issues some users were having as well as catching additional bugs post-release. Version fixes or changes include: flap and gear sounds added, a few missing shadows were fixed as well as a few lights disappearing
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FSLabs Releases A320-X For Prepar3D V4

Fslabs A320x Review Fselite 2
After months of waiting and anticipation, FSLabs has released their A320-X for Prepar3D V4. The new version of the A320-X includes more than just 64-bit compatibility for the professional sim. Version provides all new textures, sounds, fixes and features that will enhance your Airbus flying further than ever before. You can read the full list of changes here. Lefteris wrote
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FSLabs Updates the Community on Prepar3D v4 Changes!

FSLabs A320 X In P3D
Today, FSLabs has provided the release notes for the updated version of their Airbus A320 for Prepar3D v4. From the phrasing used on their forum post, it sounds like the changes detailed are only going to be released for the new platform, at least initially - the FSX/FSX:SE/P3d 1-3 versions are referred to as the 'older products'. The list of updates
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FSLabs Show Off A319 and A320 Cockpit Shots

FSL A319X V4 1
FSLabs has been kind enough to show off some shots off their upcoming P3D v4 version of the A320 on their forums. But not only the A320, they have also shown off a preliminary shot of the A319. Also enclosed in this post were some details regarding new features to the aircraft. Andy Wilson (FSLabs developer) specified some new features
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New FSLabs A320X Screenshots in Prepar3D V4 – In ‘Early Beta’

FSL320X P3D V4 2

After a long period of silence from the team at FSLabs, they’ve come forward with some new screenshots for the A320X in Prepar3D V4.

They were one of the first developers to confirm that they would be bringing over their popular Airbus product to the 64-bit platform, but since then, it’s been back and forth with whether the product is in beta testing. Andrew from the development team confirmed they’re in ‘the early stages of beta’.

The screenshots show off the new high resolution textures for the aircraft, which will only be featured in the Prepar3D V4 version of the product.

No further information is available right now, but be sure to check back with what Lefteris said a few months back. You can also see the first shots which were publicly shown off back in May.

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FSLabs A320X: The FSElite Review

The Flight Sim Labs A320 is a study level simulation of the Airbus A320 platform that released for FSX on August 24, 2016 with the P3D version releasing on January 20, 2017. The price tag has come under fire as for being what many call “too expensive” for a single aircraft. For years this add-on was highly anticipated as the
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FSLabs announces P3D v4 plans

2017 4 16 19 11 47 330
In an update thread made by Lefteris on the FSLabs A320 forum, Lefteris announced that the A320 will come with a free update to support the newly announced Prepar3D v4 platform. When the A320 is released for P3D v4, the upgrade price from FSX to P3D will, however be discontinued. Lefteris did however not only talk about the A320 in
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