FSLabs Releases Update to the A320-X for P3DV4.2

FSL320X P3D V4

We informed the community a little while ago that FSLabs were working on a new update for their A320-X. Today the update has been released. The update focuses on fixing a few bugs and improving various logic components.

As we said before, this update looks to address the strange issues some users found where they would experience strange aileron movements at some airports. Additional improvements include the ability to now feed sound through multiple devices and an improvement in performance.

You can get the new update via this link – just be sure to have your serial info to hand.

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Flight Sim Labs A320-X Update Due This Week

A320 X Fselite
FSLabs are back at the development table continuing to improve their A320-X. Whilst the most recent update provided a huge list of changes and fixes, there was still work for the team to do to make the A320-X even better. More excitingly, the update appears to be right around the corner. Whilst there isn't an official change log at this
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Flight Sim Labs and their DRM Methods

Fsl 320 Fselite
Update 19 Feb 2017 @ 23:05z: FSLabs has issued a new statement. Full details here. Original article Overnight, a few users had reported to Flight Sim Labs that their anti-virus was picking up a possible malware file with the name of "test.exe". This file has since been confirmed to be a program that is able to look up Google Chrome
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Brief Update from FSLabs Regarding A320-X Update

Fsl 320 Fselite 2

Whilst we are all extremely excited to be able to fly our beloved A320 in P3DV4.2, and take advantage of the new feature of the upcoming FSLabs A320-X, we are going to have to wait a little longer.

Over on the FSLabs forums, Lefteris provided a brief update on the current status of the update. The team has been busy chasing down what they call a ‘transient bug’ in their electrics network wiring logic. Due to the nature of this bug, it’s hard to track down and fix quickly. With that said, FSLabs believe they have found the issue and are issuing a new beta version to the testers to make sure it has been squashed.

Whilst the community are really excited to get their hands on the update, FSLabs want to make sure that the problem has been fixed before unleashing it for everyone else to use.

No time frame was given, but the team, just like us, want it available as soon as possible.

Thanks to AlRayes_BRN for the tip.

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UPDATE: [NEW INFO] FSLabs Update: A320-X New Version Details, Concorde and More

A320 X.jpg.ee66bd8275d29f6ac3661b2d09039683
Update 23:20z 8 Feb 2018: Whilst the update below was incredibly detailed, a further tid-bit of information was released by beta tester Karl Brooker. When asked whether the A319/321 would be designed for 64-bit systems only, he confirmed this to be the case. "And yes, A319 and A321 will be P3Dv4-only." Furthermore, he also added that the previously mentioned "Application Manager
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FSLabs Update the A320-X for P3DV4

FSL A320 V4 VC 8
The release of the FSLabs A320-X for P3DV4 was just a few days ago, but the team have worked hard on fixing a few issues some users were having as well as catching additional bugs post-release. Version fixes or changes include: flap and gear sounds added, a few missing shadows were fixed as well as a few lights disappearing
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