FSimStudios Releases Vancouver for MSFS

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Following an extensive delay to the release of Vancouver Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSimStudios has released the long-awaited airport for the new simulator. Vancouver is located on Canada’s beautiful west coast, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. Densely populated and a stone’s throw from the United States, it’s the largest city west of Toronto. Vancouver generates substantial passenger and cargo traffic through its three terminals and is the closest major North American city to Asia, making it a valuable trans-pacific hub. In 2020 it was rated North America’s best airport for the tenth consecutive year.

The airport product features 4K PBR texturing and native ground textures for smooth performance. In addition, the airport features aerial orthophotos for the airport area, detailed terminal models and also native snow and rain effects. FSimStudios also say that this is the “most up to date and detailed representation” of the airport created so far for the simulator.

What’s unique about this product is that three airports are part of this single package. In addition to Vancouver International Airport, you will also get Vancouver Seaplane Terminal (CAM9) and also Vancouver Harbour (CYHC) included.

You can buy Vancouver Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator from FSimStudios for $10.99, or from OrbxDirect for $14.29 AUD. If you owned the Prepar3D version, you can get the MSFS version for free.

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FSimStudios 2021 Roadmap: FSimStudios Manager, Vancouver for MSFS Days Away and More

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Scenery developer FSimStudios has provided an extensive look at what the future for them looks like for the rest of the year. In total, the team made six announcements in their Facebook post from new support portals to estimated timeframes for their upcoming slate of airport releases. First up, FSimStudios wanted to let their customers know they have a brand
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Vancouver Int’l released by FSimStudios and Canada4XPlane

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FSimStudios and Canada4XPlane have released their collaborative effort, Vancouver International Airport and Vancouver City for XPL. Vancouver is located on Canada's beautiful west coast, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. Densely populated and a stone's throw from the United States, it's the largest city west of Toronto. Vancouver generates substantial passenger and cargo traffic through its three
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FSimStudios Releases Vancouver International Airport for Prepar3D

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Developer FSimStudios has released Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) for Prepar3D v4.4 and above. The large international airport in Canada is home to Air Canada, WestJet and also Air Transat. The airport is the second busiest in Canada with nearly 26 million passengers a year visiting the busy hub. To bring this airport to life in the simulator, FSimStudios has included a
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FSimStudios Shares Previews for Vancouver International Airport

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Developer FSimStudios has shared an extensive update for its upcoming version of Vancouver International Airport for both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D v4/v5. The post was shared on Facebook and covers everything from features, pricing and the release date. Firstly, the team wanted to highlight the features which would be coming to the scenery product upon release. The Prepar3D version
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FSimStudios Releases Kelowna International Airport for MSFS

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An all-new Canadian airport has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. FSimStudios has released Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) for the new simulator, enabling users to travel to the airport which sits north of Kelowna, British Columbia. The airport itself features a single-runway and sees regular services to Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Seattle and also Cancun. It may not be the largest airport but is Canada’s 10th busiest by passenger numbers and was seeing regular passenger increases year after year.

As with the Prepar3D version, FSimStudios has spent a considerable amount of time on ensuring that the airport meets a high standard with native technology to the simulator and custom made objects and buildings. The airport features native jetways, high resolution 4K texturing and also native light illumination. When the weather turns bad, expect to see native snow and rain effects impact the airport’s ground and you can also enjoy static aircraft including the currently grounded 737 Max 8 operated by Westjet.

You can buy it now from FSimStudios’ website for €14.99 / $17.50 (USD). If you own the Prepar3D version, you can upgrade for  €8.99 / $10.50 (USD). A unique discount code has been sent to all current P3D customers and the developer suggests that if you haven’t received it that you contact them. The product will also be released through OrbxDirect soon.

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FSimStudios Previews Kelowna Airport for MSFS

In recent news on their Facebook page, FSimStudios previews Kelowna Intl Airport (CYLW), for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Kelowna airport is located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The airport is considered Canadas 10th busiest airport. Kelowna serves numerous destinations within Canada as well as regularly scheduled seasonal flights to more sunny destinations such as Cancún, Mexico. Furthermore, the main airlines that
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FSimStudios Announces Halifax Stanfield Intl Airport for P3D

FSimStudios announces Halifax Stanfield Intl Airport for P3D V4 and V5. Halifax airport is located in Eastern Canada in the province of Nova Scotia. The airport is considered to be the eighth busiest airport in Canada in terms of passenger count. Many passenger airlines and cargo operators visit Halifax seasonally, Air Canada on the other hand is seen there regularly.
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FSimStudios and Orbx Announce Partnership

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FSimStudios has announced a new partnership with Orbx for product distribution. This means that products by FSimStudio will from now on become available exclusively through Orbx, as well as the team's own webstore. Out of the previously released products, only Edmonton and Kelowna will be made available through Orbx. Other, earlier released products will remain available through other vendors. Products
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FSimStudos Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) X-Plane Released

Kelowna International Airport X Plane 11 (3)
FSimStudios, in conjunction with Canada4XPlane4XPLANE, has released Kelowna International Airport (CYLW) for X-Plane 11. This is a conversion of the original Prepar3D release. The airport product features a detailed representation of the whole airport, along with areas beyond the airport fence. In total, over 330 square KM of seasonal orthoimagery has been included, which also covers the whole city of Kelowna.
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