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Honeycomb Aeronautical Preview Upcoming Alpha Flight Controls Yoke

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Honeycomb Aeronautical, a company that is currently developing an all-new yoke and throttle solution for the simulation market, has released updated previews of their soon to be released Alpha Flight Yoke and its companion heavy dual mounting system.

This system will help keep the yoke in place when in use better than previous mounting methods, and should ensure a smoother and more sturdy feeling. Many attendees of Cosford last year noted that the yoke felt loosely attached to the table, so this is a welcome addition to the product.

Additionally, Honeycomb gave updated renders of their yoke, which indicate the product is ever closer to release.

Honeycomb has not confirmed the release date of the yoke and throttle yet, simply teasing instead that the product is closer to launch than ever before, though we should know a final release date before the product actually releases. Honeycomb did, however, announce that they would be attending and demonstrating their products at the following simulation expos and conferences:

  • Sun N Fun (Lakeland, FL – April 2nd – 7th)
  • Aero Friedrichshafen (Friedrichshafen, DE – (April 10th – 13th)
  • FlightSimExpo (Orlando, FL – June 7th – 9th)
  • Airventure (Oshkosh, WI – July 22nd – 28th)
  • FS Weekend (Lelystad, NL – Dates to be confirmed)

You can view the full post as well as the community reaction over at Honeycomb Aeronautical’s Facebook page.

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MilViz Preview T310R Rain Effects In X-Plane 11

T310r Rain
Announced back in June at FSExpo, word of the MilViz T310 for X-Plane has been sparse, until now. Over on their Facebook page, MilViz has posted a preview featuring windshield rain effects in their upcoming aircraft for X-Plane 11. We suspect a release is on the horizon as MilViz have now further introduced us to the T310R by publishing its
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FlightSimExpo 2019 Dates and Location Announced

Fsexpo 2019
FLIGHTSIMEXPO ANNOUNCES DATES AND ORLANDO LOCATION FOR 2019 After the success of the first community driven event, the FSExpo team confirmed that the 2019 event planning had begun. With over 1100 people taking part in the event earlier last month, and selling out a large Las Vegas ballroom, it was looking likely the team were prepared to take it to
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REX Simulation “Definitely” Planning to Develop for X-Plane

In our most recent Flight Sim Expo 2018 developer interview, we sat down with Sky Force 3D developer REX Simulation. Whilst the majority of the interview centered around Sky Force and their new product: Environment Force, we couldn’t miss the chance to ask about other platforms for the team, including X-Plane.

When asked, Reed, Managing Partner at REX, answered with “that’s definitely the plan”.

“We’ve been investigating X-Plane for a while. It is a totally different platform. The current technology is built around an SDK, so we had to go out of that. With X-Plane, it’s going to take a little more time. But I think we’re going to get there.” 

When talking about time scales, Reed had this to say: “Not sure if it will be this year or not, but we hope so. A lot of it depends on how well our new products are received and how they preform. Those products are our primary focus right now”.

Tim Fuchs, Managing Partner at REX, also added that “feasibility is there for what we’re doing. That’s ‘step-1’ and it’s passed!”.

Interest and developers developing for X-Plane continues to grow. When we hear anymore news, we’ll be there to cover it. You can watch the full interview here.

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