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MilViz Preview T310R Rain Effects In X-Plane 11

T310r Rain

Announced back in June at FSExpo, word of the MilViz T310 for X-Plane has been sparse, until now. Over on their Facebook page, MilViz has posted a preview featuring windshield rain effects in their upcoming aircraft for X-Plane 11.

We suspect a release is on the horizon as MilViz have now further introduced us to the T310R by publishing its store page with a release of the paint kit, an extensive feature list (subject to change) and many new previews.

The T310R features RealityXP GTN 650/750 compatibility, FMOD sounds, PBR materials, realistic flight dynamics, windshield rain/ice effects and more which you can view on the store page.

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FlightSimExpo 2019 Dates and Location Announced

Fsexpo 2019
FLIGHTSIMEXPO ANNOUNCES DATES AND ORLANDO LOCATION FOR 2019 After the success of the first community driven event, the FSExpo team confirmed that the 2019 event planning had begun. With over 1100 people taking part in the event earlier last month, and selling out a large Las Vegas ballroom, it was looking likely the team were prepared to take it to
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REX Simulation “Definitely” Planning to Develop for X-Plane

FSElite Flight Sim Expo 2018 REX Simulations Interview
In our most recent Flight Sim Expo 2018 developer interview, we sat down with Sky Force 3D developer REX Simulation. Whilst the majority of the interview centered around Sky Force and their new product: Environment Force, we couldn't miss the chance to ask about other platforms for the team, including X-Plane. When asked, Reed, Managing Partner at REX, answered with
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Flight Sim Expo 2018 | First Impressions of FSDreamTeam GSX Level 2

GSX LEVEL 2 Impressions

I wasn’t in the room for the reveal of FSDreamTeam’s latest enhancement to their excellent GSX product, but the excitement from those that were made me want to head straight over to the team to check it out. On their stand was a few posters showing some of the new features of ‘level 2’, but when Umberto and the team showed it off to me in detail, that’s when I knew that this was going to be an incredible enhancement.

“Fans have been asking for 3D virtual passengers for years”, was what he told me. That’s unsurprising because I’ve found myself wanting the same thing for years. With that, Umberto opened the doors to the default A321 and the passenger bus appeared. Not expecting anything too fancy, I was then amazed to see the passengers come out in masses ready to board via the 3 sets of steps attached to the plane. The animations were smooth and looked pretty realistic. Of course, we were sat at a default airport in a default aircraft, so the impact on frames isn’t fully realised just yet, but I was assured it would be very little – no more than what GSX does right now.

Not to stop at just representing the passengers boarding the aircraft, Umberto said he had another treat to share with us. With a quick reload of the sim, he loaded up the same plane and airport, but this time instead of the aircraft departing, we were instead arriving. Once the passengers had poured out of the aircraft, he said “look now” and pointed to door 1L. To my surprise, out came 2 cabin crew and the pilots – complete with crew bags. As they walked down the stairs into the minibus, I loved the small attention to detail given. In particular, I loved how even the bags bounced after hitting each step as they went down.

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