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Presenting: FSElite User Reviews

Over the last year we have published a lot of reviews. We try to review every (or almost every) airport, aircraft, tool, etc. that is out there. We do this to the best of our extent to make a review that is as inclusive and comprehensive as possible to give you the best impression of an add-on before you decide
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Aerosoft Menorca X Evolution: The FSElite Review

Recently we’ve seen a lot of new exciting scenery released for various islands across Europe. One that caught our attention is Aerosoft’s Menorca X Evolution. Aerosoft have always been well known in the European scenery development and rule the market when it comes to small islands and holiday destinations such as Madeira, Gibraltar and more. Today we take an in
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Press Release FSElite Partners With Cockpit PHD

Sunday 12th February 2017 LONDON, UK. FSElite are proud to announce a new partnership between flight simulation website FSElite and hardware seller Cockpit PHD. This new partnership will enable FSElite to continue to provide to our growing community with a wide range of product reviews, as well as enable us to provide discounted rates to our fans. Cockpit PHD offers great
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Join the FSElite Team TODAY

How would you like to join an elite team of aviation enthusiasts, with the goal to provide the community with reliable info in both real-world and In-Sim? Then FSElite is looking for people like you. We are currently looking for some fresh talent to join our incredible team, in bringing the latest news and reviews to our community. We’re still
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