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Developer Month: FlightFactor – The Best X-Plane Airliners?

The month of March is special for the team at FSElite, we are dedicating this month to the developers! A way of saying thanks for all the continuous development of products that really make flight simulation a truly unique and captivating experience. This article covers one of the most popular developers for X-Plane, a sim not heavily focused on here, but that’s about to change.


The Team

To the P3D/FSX community, FlightFactor might be a little shy of the limelight, but in X-Plane, they are the best in Airline simulation.

FlightFactor Aero is a team of experienced designers from across the world. It all began in 2011 when Roman, or “Ramzzess” as he is better known by in the community, and Phillip teamed up to create FlightFactor. Roman is best known for the stunning 3D modelling presented in the FlightFactor aircraft, utilizing the SASL engine to create stunning visuals and effects that bring the aircraft to life. Phillip on the other hand is better known for meticulously crafting the plugins and avionics and ultimately detailing the systems to address the hardcore sim enthusiasts.

Together, the team has over 15 years of experience creating models for X-Plane and will remain to continue creating high quality planes for X-Plane.


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Press Release FSElite Partners With Cockpit PHD

Sunday 12th February 2017

LONDON, UK. FSElite are proud to announce a new partnership between flight simulation website FSElite and hardware seller Cockpit PHD.

This new partnership will enable FSElite to continue to provide to our growing community with a wide range of product reviews, as well as enable us to provide discounted rates to our fans.

Cockpit PHD offers great products at low prices for primarily for Saitek products, enabling you to custom design to further enhance your Flight Sim experience. They offer 24 hour service, free worldwide shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

With FSElite and Cockpit PHD working together, the goal is to continue to bring the community more product reviews and even better ways to buy your Flight Simulation products.

Calum, Editor in Chief from FSElite said, “This new hardware partnership continues to show FSElite’s dedication to the Flight Sim community offering even greater ways to enhance your flying experience. The products they offer are good quality at a good price. We’re really excited to be partners as it will continue to support our professional brand.”

This is Jason, from Cockpit PHD said, “FSElite are very much aligned with our goals here at Cockpit PHD. They’re keen on promoting the best of Flight Simulation so we’re very happy to be partners with them.”

More information regarding community discount will be shared with the community very soon.

About are all about community driven content. FSElite covers everything from flight simulation news, reviews and editorials that the community want to see.

We are comprised up of multi-aviation backgrounds from all around the world teaming up to bring you the best in Flight Simulator and Real-World Aviation experience.

At FSElite, we are nothing but short of experience. Our team is made up of a wide range of experts (certified flight instructors), industry insiders and those new to real-world flying and earning their Pilot’s License. But our team expands to the many friends and connections we have made over the years throughout the aviation realm, and we stride to expose you to the many sides of flying, both Sim and Real-World.

We implore you to check out our FSElite podcast where we compile interesting topics and discussions. Ranging from debates over which aircraft is better and which hardware is best for Flight Sims of today, up to bringing on various developers or well known people in the simulator community to engage in conversation about what’s going on in our favourite hobby.

You can find out more information at

Or you can email FSElite @ [email protected]

About Cockpit PHD

Cockpit phD comes the closest to the flight simulation enthusiasts for utmost realism with state-of-art technology.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality of flight simulator equipments to enhance the flight experiences as well as the reliasm at an economical and affordable prices to the general public.  With the Cockpit phD products, it will increase the fun of the game by adding extra realism through the use of our products!

As for our continuing mission – to enhance the realism of the flight simulation,  more accessories and equipments are currently in development – and our next major product announcement is coming soon!

You can find out more information at

You can contact Cockpit PHD at: 

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Copyright FSElite 2017


Join the FSElite Team TODAY

How would you like to join an elite team of aviation enthusiasts, with the goal to provide the community with reliable info in both real-world and In-Sim?

Then FSElite is looking for people like you.

We are currently looking for some fresh talent to join our incredible team, in bringing the latest news and reviews to our community. We’re still a young team, working hard to increase our communal presence in the flight sim world. By providing factual news, informative reviews and thought-provoking editorials, we’re off to a strong start.

This is why we need you to help to help provide quality information and write fair and concise reviews for upcoming scenery, aircraft and utilities.

You’ll be rewarded appropriately for your hard work and dedication.

We have a great relationship with high profile developers and publishers, with more and more coming on-board every day. Combining this with our great brand, soon you could be part of our elite team!

Just message FSElite for more detail via our Facebook page for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Judging Addons Like Simon Cowell – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: An FSElite Original

An FSElite Original Article

Simulator addons. They are the driving force behind most of our sims. I am willing to bet you that if you were to load your sim right now, nothing would be the ‘default’. You wouldn’t load in a default plane, nor would you load at a default airport, and you certainly won’t you be flying with the arrow keys! Third party addons are a must for our kind of simulation. But even to know they play a key role in our hobby, there is such things as good addons, bad addons. But what defines addon software as good or bad? There are good addons with bad textures just as much as there are bad addons with good textures, same goes with systems. Let’s pretend to be Simon Cowell for a bit, and judge a few addons and dissect their components to understand what classifies an addon as good or bad.

First off, the good addon. We are blessed in our community to have magical developers who seem to create the up most realistic addons for our simulators at very good prices. Take A2A as an example. Their newest aircraft, the T-6 Texan (Soon to be L-409 Constellation) is modeled to the every switch, button, scratch, or dead bug with extreme detail. Ok. That’s nice. What about the systems? Well, the systems and performance of it is the exact same. The aircraft responds in the exact same way in the sim as in real life. From the behavior of the airspeed indicator to the vibrations on the engine cowling, the aircraft is a real life, living, breathing thing in your sim – complete with a virtual hangar and aircraft maintenance system!

This is a great example of a good fantastic addon.  

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Prepar3D v3.3.5 Hotfix Released!

P3D V3.3.5 has been released, let us know if it solves any of your issues with the 3.3 update!

A hotfix has been released for the Prepar3D v3.3 Client. The v3.3.5 hotfix is available now and can be downloaded from your Downloads page. This update only requires an update to the Client. See the Prepar3D v3 Download and Installation Directions for more details on how to quickly update. If this is your first time downloading v3.3, it is automatically included in the available downloads. This hotfix corrects two major issues identified quickly after release: Third party scenery visual anomalies. Various visual artifacts, increased memory usage, and missing features. Multiplayer sessions only showing other players if they were the last to join. Thank you to the community for assistance in identifying the issues and to third developers for providing more information.

-The Prepar3D Team

FSElite Ep28: FlightSimCon Preview

Better late than never. On this weeks podcast we catch you up on the latest news. We also preview our website launch on June 11th, 2016 and what we can expect from this years FlightSimCon. Which, will be happening the same day as our website launch.

FS Elite Podcast Ep 25 To Feature AeroflyFS2 And GTX 1080 Talk

This week on the podcast Calum, Jordan and Nicolas will get together to talk about the new AeroflyFS2 Trailer as well as what the new GTX 1080 could mean for simmers and developers alike. There will also be some recent news, talk about the new website, and, since Jordan is on, plenty of outtakes. The show will be posted on Wednesday May 18th so be sure to check the RSS feed and remember to subscribe in ITunes and Google Play

-The FSelite Podcast Crew

Welcome to

Hi everyone and welcome to your new home for Flight Simulation news, reviews, videos and podcasts!

Whilst we’re still in the midst of settings things up, we wanted to get the ball rolling with a basic WordPress website to start sharing our content with you.

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