New Preview Video of Significant GSX Update (PBR, New Vehicles & More)

Although GSX from FSDreamTeam was released many years ago, the developers continue to surprise and delight with updates for the product. In the latest video preview from FSDreamTeam, a whole host of brand new features will soon be made available for GSX.

The large update will feature PBR material on a range of brand new custom designed objects and vehicles. From the brand new baggage loaders, new pushback trucks and fuel trucks – lots of new designs have been made with the new technology. This means surfaces will reflect in certain lighting conditions, and materials are now much more detailed. Further to the objects the humans have also seen a vast improvement with FSDreamTeam using native Prepar3D V4 skeletons to increase the bone count. This then means improved animations and better details. The video above demonstrates the humans interacting with the ground service equipment like never before. For example, climbing in and out of trucks, jumping over ropes and cables and much more.

Furthermore, many of the vehicles now have custom camera sets, meaning you can get closer to the action then ever before. Most objects now enable you to set up a custom camera to follow the trucks in a variety of cinematic positions. In addition, you can also ‘ride along’ in a first-person view, as though you’re pushing the aircraft back.

The update will be completely free for GSX owners. The new fuel hydrant will require GSX Level 2, but again, will be free for those that own it.

I have summarised the video features in the list below.

If you don’t already own GSX by FSDreamTeam, you can buy it from their store for $34.00.

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GSX Level 2 PBR Teaser

Chrome 2018 12 17 18 31 06
A brief update from FSDreamTeam today gave a quick teaser about how PBR will impact the look of the jetways from GSX Level 2. The Juxtaxpose image below showcases the difference. The most standout feature is certainly from how the glass reflects the light back and the colouring of it.  In the Facebook post from FSDreamTeam, they're looking to
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FSDreamTeam GSX Update

Gsx Level 2 Review (3)
A small, but exciting, announcement from FSDreamTeam regarding GSX. To begin with, there is a new purchase option for new users of GSX. The add-on, together with it's currently only expansion pack, GSX Level 2, can now be purchased as a bundle. The bundle will cost $49. This is a little bit cheaper than purchasing both products separately. GSX has
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FSDreamTeam GDPR Notice

2017 11 29 9 32 26 178

FSDreamTeam has published a notice in regards to the GDPR that came into effect earlier this year. The GDPR, focussing on user control of data and privacy (in short), has set some rather tough to meet requirements for companies that process personal data. FSDT uses Esellerate for the purchase and activation of their sceneries. Due to the GDPR, Esellerate has imposed some specific rules whereby user data is not kept for any longer than 10 years. This is not usually a problem, as many software developers do not support their software for 10 years or more.

However, due to FSDT updating their sceneries without making users purchase them again, some users may in fact be exceeding this limit imposed by Esellerate. In order to be able to reinstall your products in the future, or if you’ve already exceeded the 10 year threshold, FSDT advises the following:

  • Make a backup of your purchase receipt
  • Make a backup of your Serial Number

The only thing really required for reinstallation is your serial number. As long as you have a backup of, or keep on to that, you should be fine. It’s also good to note that activating a FSDT scenery creates a registry (.REG) file in your Home folder on your computer. This file can be used for reinstallation on a different Windows installation or another machine. Just execute the file before installing or activating your FSDT scenery should do the trick and add your serial number to your computers registry.

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New GSX Update Available to Download

2017 11 29 9 32 26 178
FSDreamTeam continue to update their original version of GSX for users. Today, the latest update includes a much requested feature of refueling whilst other processes are going on. Just like in the real world, you can now simulate the refueling process whilst other events are taking place such as boarding/deboarding and catering. Further to that, there is now support for
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FSDreamTeam GSX Level 2: The FSElite Review

FSdreamteam Gsx
It should be noted that I received the product approximately 1 week before the public release to assist with testing of the product. The purpose of this period was to test any bugs that would be show-stoppers for releasing the product. I did report some quality issues discussed in the review prior to release. When GSX launched back in 2013,
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How We Fly | An Orbx + GSX Level 2 Short Film (FYC)

How We Fly An Orbx GSX Level 2 Short Film
With the recent release of FSDreamTeam's GSX Level 2, I decided to have some fun making a short film. The setting is early morning at Orbx's Eagle County Regional Airport. From there we'll take a look at a United Airlines A319 preparing for departure. Produced by TheFlightSimDeck. Posted as part of the Featured YouTube Community.
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