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FSDreamTeam Announces Beijing Daxing Airport (ZBAD) for Prepar3D

Bejing Daxing Airport (ZBAD) P3d

Scenery developer FSDreamTeam has today announced that their next airport project is going to be Beijing Daxing Airport (ZBAD). The Chinese airport opened only a few weeks ago in real-life and is the capital’s second international airport. Currently, a variety of airlines operate into the airport with the primary airline being China United Airlines.

With the airport’s non-existence in Prepar3D, FSDreamTeam is proposing a two-step approach to release the product to the community. In an attempt to release it in a timely fashion to the community, FSDreamTeam will first release Beijing Daxing Airport (ZBAD) for a low price with lesser detail. In terms of what to expect, the team said it will be “better than freeware” as they intend to include full PBR custom textures, SODE jetways, GSX profiles and also full approach procedures. The estimated cost for this first-step version will be “like 10$ or so.” It is intended to release ‘hopefully’ by the end of the year.

Following on from that initial step-one release, a second version will be released during 2020 for the simulators which will be the most popular at that time.” This version will contain all the details you come to expect from an FSDreamTeam product, similar to that of KORDv2. As for pricing, the team said it will also be comparable to the aforementioned airport product.

It is also confirmed that those who purchase the product during the initial step-one release will receive the same price discount off of the final version upon release.

Finally, the post came with a render of the airport’s main terminal area.

You can find the full Facebook post here.

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FSDreamteam Updates GSX To Version 2.7.3

FSDreamteam has updated GSX to version 2.7.3. This version introduces pushback with multiple waypoints. The new custom pushback uses hand placed nodes to create routes, similar to an AFCAD creation. The nodes are created ingame, using a combination of key presses and mouse clicks. It is fairly simple to use, and up to 9 waypoints per pushback route can be
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FSDreamteam Updates Chicago KORD V2 to Version 1.2

71495409 2684927981559160 1007874974347689984 N
A fairly significant update has been released by FSDreamteam for their Chiacago Airport on Prepar3D V4. The new 1.2 update changes the included photorealistic ground textures around the airport itself. To showcase this, FSDreamteam released a few comparison images to showcase the obvious differences. To get the update, you simply need to run the FSDT Live Update application. It's free
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FSDreamTeam Releases GSX Update 2.7.1

FSDreamTeam's GSX has been updated to Version 2.7.1. This update is free to existing GSX customers for both Prepar3D v4.4+ and FSX. This new version of GSX offers an update to the QuickPushback feature that was added with version 2.7. When configuring QuickPushback a real time preview of the actual path is now shown. Once the final location of the
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FSDreamTeam Releases GSX version 2.7

GSX 2.7 New Pushback
You heard it here first folks, FSDreamTeam's GSX Version 2.7 has been released. To kick things off, FSDT released two videos demonstrating the new seasonal clothing for the marshallers. In the video, it goes through multiple weather and season changes showing off this brand new feature. From high visibility parkas for extreme cold operations to shorts and a t-shirt in
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GSX Seasonal Clothing Update

GSX will receive a free update this weekend, adding seasonal clothing.  With a short YouTube clip, FSDreamTeam is previewing this newest update, showing the parking marshaller in different kind of weather conditions.

Previously, marshallers were always wearing the same clothes, regardless of the weather. After the update, there are several variations available for the clothes and high visibility jackets. In the preview, short sleeve shirts, heavy high-vis coats, gloves, shorts and tank-tops all make an appearance, though it is unclear if there are more variations. Furthermore, the trailer shows a slight layer of snow on both the marshaller and the clothes during snowy winter operations. If the weather conditions will also apply to other figures in GSX, such as the pushback walker or baggage loaders, is yet unknown. You can find some screenshots taken from the video below.

A full changelog for the upcoming GSX 2.7 update is not yet available.

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FSDreamTeam Releases Chicago O’Hare V2 (KORD) on Prepar3D V4

Fsdreamteam Chicago OHare
After many teasers and trailers, FSDreamTeam has finally released their anticipated Chicago O'Hare V2 (KORD) Airport for Prepar3D V4. The all-new version from the team features a wealth of new features. Chicago O'Hare itself is a hugely busy airport in North America serving over 83 million passengers per year from a large list of airlines including American Airlines, Frontier, Alaska
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FSDreamteam Detail KORD v2 Upgrade Pricing

FSDreamteam Detail KORD V2 Upgrade Pricing FSElite
FSDreamteam took to their forums to detail the planned upgrade pricing for users who previously purchased the original O'Hare 11 years ago. Users who have previously owned the 2008 edition of O'Hare will be able to get a discounted version of FSDreamteam's upcoming KORD v2. The discount amount wasn't specified in the forum post, but users will be able to
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FSDreamTeam Reveals Chicago (KORD v2) Terminal Video

FSDT KORD V2 Inside Terminal 1 C
In a post on their YouTube channel, FSDreamTeam has provided a brief video of the animations and internal terminal modelling that will be used within the upcoming Chicago O'Hare (KORD V2) package for Prepar3D. What we can see is that some of the technology currently used within their popular GSX Level 2 will be used in a similar way within
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