Preview Video of GSX In Microsoft Flight Simulator

FSDreamTeam has shared an initial short clip of GSX being functional within Microsoft Flight Simulator. The short video highlights the custom animations FSDreamTeam has created for the new product.

In the 30-second video, we see how the tug is being disconnected from the A320 aircraft in the simulator.

Speaking on Facebook, the team said that this works represents a productive time for the developers. FSDreamTeam also said that whilst work for GSX will initially focus on airliners, GA functionality will be worked on in the future.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any new information. In the meantime, check our FSDreamTeam’s last airport release.

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FSDreamTeam Releases Quiberon Airport for MSFS

FSDREAMTEAM Quiberon Airport Msfs (4)
Scenery developer FSDreamTeam has released its latest scenery product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Quiberon Aerodrome (LFEQ) located in the Brittany region of France is a civil aerodrome situated just 1.5km east of Quiberon. The airport is primarily used for leisure and tourism activities involving helicopters, parachuting and other GA aircraft. With the airport being sat so close to the beach,
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FSDreamTeam Releases Louisville International Airport V2 for MSFS

Fsdreamteam Louisville Airport V2 (5)
FSDreamTeam has released a brand new airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Louisville Airport (KSDF) is located in Jefferson County, Kentucky and features 3 primary runways and can accommodate a variety of small and large aircraft types. Whilst the airport serves a variety of domestic carries to a range of US destinations, UPS has a huge cargo presence at the airport
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FSDreamTeam Updates Chicago O’Hare v2 for P3D

KORDV2 9c Update Ad
A fresh update for FSDreamTeam's Chicago O'Hare v2 (KORD) for Prepar3D has been released. The new free update brings the new runway into use at the virtual airport. Runways 09C/27C, which opened in November 2020, is now available via the new update. To obtain the update, you will simply need to run the FSDT Live Update tool and let it
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FSDreamteam Releases Zurich V2 for MSFS

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FSDreamteam has just released their Microsoft Flight Simulator version of Zurich Airport. This is a remake of their original scenery, in a version specially dedicated for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As such, the airport features PBR materials on all objects, high resolution textures, accurate ground markings and an extended dynamic lighting. The airport also features custom jetways, accurately sloped runways and
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FSDreamTeam Basel Soon for MSFS Coming Free for Prepar3D Owners

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Developer FSDreamTeam has announced that they will be releasing Basel Airport (LFSB) this weekend for Microsoft Flight Simulator. To celebrate the news, FSDreamTeam also shared a single new preview (above) of the airport from within the simulator.

In addition, the developers also confirmed that customers who purchased the Prepar3D version, be it through any website, will get the Microsoft Flight Simulator version for free. This is better than the original offer when Basel Airport was first released when it was first said that $19.00 of the amount paid would go towards the MSFS version. It should be noted that FSDreamTeam says this offer is permanent for anyone who now buys the Prepar3D version moving forward. It’s unclear if this offer will be reversible for anyone who buys the MSFS version.

Update: It is confirmed that the product will just be for the airport and thus anyone who picks up the product will have versions for Prepar3D and MSFS included for free.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with release information once we have it. A selection of older previews can be found here.

You can follow FSDreamTeam on Facebook to keep updated.

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FSDreamTeam Vancouver International V2 Update

FSDreamTeam has issued a rather sizeable update to their recently released Vancouver International V2 (CYVR) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update will bring the scenery in line with its 2020 status, adding terminal extensions and updating and changing a lot of the ground markings and taxiway layouts. The update is available right now through the FSDT Live Updater. Whether
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FSDreamTeam Releases Vancouver International v2 for MSFS

In a surprise release, FSDreamTeam has released Vancouver International for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new airport development brings modern technology into the original FSX version and has been changed to bring the airport to today's standards. As mentioned, this is a port of the FSX version. However, the team made it clear that there have been many changes to the
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FSDreamTeam Updates Key West International for MSFS

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FSDreamTeam has issued an update for their recently released Key West (KEYW) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update comes with a lot of new additions, such as the addition of Ft. Jefferson, a fighter squadron, vegetations and details and custom landmark POI's. The update can be obtained by running the FSDT Live Update if you've purchased the scenery through
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Fsdreamteam updates Chicago O’Hare V2 for MSFS

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Fsdreamteam has issued an update for their popular Chicago O'Hare V2 (KORD) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update adds support for the recently released simulator update, which has added full PBR for ground textures. The update also includes various lighting related changes, such as the inclusion of centreline lights to high-speed taxiways and the addition of about 400 dynamic
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