UPDATED: [NEW IMAGES] More FSDreamTeam KORD Chicago O’Hare v2 Previews Shared

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Update 17 April 2018 @ 19:52z: Two more previews of O’Hare were posted on FSDreamTeam’s Facebook page. These shots showcase the 3D airport terrain included and it was also noted that the scenery will be complete with all seasons, including snow.

It’s been a little over a month since we saw the latest previews of FSDreamTeam’s upcoming KORD Chicago O’Hare v2, and today we have more to feast our eyes on courtesy of a post on FSDT’s Facebook page!

In addition to these previews, a few bits of information were spotted in the comments. First is that O’Hare v2 is a full rebuild from scratch over their previous version, but a discount will be provided to the users of current versions. Secondly, the scenery will mirror O’Hare as it stands at the time of release, which is good news as O’Hare is a constantly evolving airport in the real world with many changes and additions taking place this year alone.

That was all of it for now, but we can’t wait to see more previews and hopefully a release timeframe sometime in the months to come!

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Minor GSX Update from FSDreamTeam

Gsx Banner
FSDreamTeam have supported GSX for years now and they continue to do so by releasing a minor update free of charge. The update adds a new type of staircase for Cargo aircraft, new ground operators and the ability for 3rd party products to interact with the deicers. Of course, there's a few bug fixes chucked in also. You can get the
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FSDT Chicago O’Hare v2 Preview

FSDT Chicago OHARE V2 Preview 1
FSDreamTeam has released a stunning video showcasing the upcoming Chicago O'Hare (KORD) v2 update! In the video they display a number of interesting new features, as well as the updated terminal buildings. One of the notable features that they show off in the video are the info panels at the gate. These will display realtime info on your weather, gate coordinates
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FSDreamTeam Charlotte (KCLT) Airport: The FSElite Review

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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

As per our Community Charter, all of our reviews are free from bias, prejudice and favouritism. Don't forget, each reviewer has their own style and thoughts, although they all abide by the Review Guidelines - something I suggest you read.

Charlotte Airport is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It is the second largest hub for American Airlines after Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, with service to over 150 domestic and international destinations. As of last year, it was the 5th busiest airport in the United States (ranked by passenger traffic and aircraft movements). Charlotte is the largest airport in the United States without any nonstop service to Asia. The airport serves as a major gateway to the Caribbean Islands.

FSDT has provided us with a large number of American airports to date, Charlotte is one of the latest. FSDreamTeam has done another fantastic job on Charlotte; the detail and general quality of the scenery are both top notch. As with FSDT’s latest sceneries, Charlotte supports SODE for all your dynamic jetway needs! It also has fully customized ground and runways textured in very high resolution. In regards to installing this scenery, it was a typical FSDT install wherein you simply run the installer .exe and that’s it. Charlotte is compatible with FSX, FSX SE or Lockheed Martin Prepar3d 1.4 or later (this includes v4.1 compatibility).

This scenery is, without a doubt, one of FSDT’s best sceneries yet. One area I felt that FSDT needed to improve upon was the performance of their sceneries. And thus, with Charlotte, the developers have exhibited their ability to provide us with a highly detailed scenery that has good performance. The texturing and modeling of Charlotte are superb, and really offer an immersive experience at this airport. Not only have they modeled and textured the airport itself brilliantly, they have also blended the airfield magnificently with Orbx’s North America OpenLC/Global.

As airports go, Charlotte is quite a mainstream international airport, located in an urban American city. I feel that with what FSDT had to work with, they’ve done a really good job on KCLT. If you are a big flyer around North America, Charlotte hosts a lot of nice routes around both USA and the Caribbean Islands.

The terminals have been modeled to perfection, the distinct blue color of the roofs really makes them stand out from anything else in this scenery. Another area where I feel the overall animative traffic and object placement is a place where I feel FSDT has really upped their game in recent times, again providing us with that sense of ‘ultimate realism’ as it were. You can tell that the scenery has been created with great attention to detail.

The performance at Charlotte is very good. It has to be said that I am running a high-end, so performance is rarely an issue for me. I am not able to comment on performance across the board, however, comparing Charlotte to other FSDT airports such as Las Vegas, there’s a clear improvement in performance. Another consideration is that I am running P3D v4, so I am unable to comment on the VAS (Virtual Address Space / Memory) usage at this airport.  Overall, Charlotte is optimised very well.

Like with any of FSDT’s latest sceneries, the amount of time and effort put into this scenery is clear from the first second that you load up at this scenery, each individual stand has a different feel and look to it at the airport. The Cargo terminal has been modeled to perfection including some static aircraft, which was a nice touch, as well as the highly detailed taxiway and runway textures. The only issue I find with this scenery is the grass – it’s 2D, and as you can spot yourself, they’ve made the grass a bizarre yellow color, almost as if it’s been spray painted on top. But seeing as the rest of the airport has been modeled and textured stunningly, one little problem like the grass doesn’t really stop me from wanting to fly here.


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FSDreamTeam GSX Update

The developers over at FSDreamTeam have not been sitting still lately. Over the last few weeks GSX has gotten a lot of updates including bugfixes and new features. Those new features are largely related to the cargo handling of GSX. The cargo loading system got a big overhaul, allowing it to use the third door on your aircraft. This was
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FSDreamTeam Have Released Louisville International Airport (KSDF) for FSX and P3D

Fsdreamteam Louisville P3dv4 2
FSDreamTeam have released Louisville International Airport (KSDF) for FSX and P3D over on their website today. The Kentucky airport sees predominantly US airlines visit, but has a huge cargo operation making it perfect for those who like to transport good across their virtual planet. The airport is fully compatible with all sims and of course integrates beautifully with GSX and SODE.
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FSDreamTeam Louisville-Standiford (KSDF) Previews Continue

Fsdreamteam Ksdf P3dv4 1
Over on Facebook, FSDreamTeam have given a sneak peak at what to expect when they release Louisville-Standiford (KSDF). The preview shots highlight the terminal structures, the car parks as well as some of the ground texture and clutter. The detail is look pretty sharp with plenty of neat little features scattered around. Other than the few previews, not much was announced
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FSDreamTeam Announce Pittsburgh International Airport and Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

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FSDreamTeam, known for their work on GSX (Ground Services X), JFK and LAX have announced their next projects will be Pittsburgh International Airport and Basel Mulhouse Freiburg. Update 21MAY2017: I've updated the article to correct a few spelling and factual errors. Thanks to reader Richard for pointing these out to me. Located in Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh International Airport is a
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