GSX Level 2 – Another Preview Video and Aircraft Integration

There has been a lot of excitement for GSX Level 2 since its announcement at FSExpo earlier this year. There have been a few preview trailers since, but this new one shows how it can also integrate nicely with third-party aircraft.

The short video shows that you can set the number of passengers in certain aircraft menus and GSX will ensure that the exact number of passengers will load onto the plane. This is also a detailed look at the variety in the modelling and texture work of the passengers that board the plane.

Still no word on release date, but we’ll keep you informed. If you’re not sure what GSX Level 2 is, you can read all about it in our preview article.

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GSX Level 2 Preview Video

GSX Level 2
We wrote about our first impressions on the brand new GSX Level 2 from FSDreamteam, but there were few assets to use to showcase it off to you. Today, the team have released a short video demonstrating the new extension to GSX. The 3 minute clip shows you the new SODE jetways at all kinds of airports, as well as
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FSDreamTeam Announce GSX Level 2 – SODE jetways everywhere, animated ground pedestrians

FSDreamTeam used their time on stage at FSExpo this morning to announce Ground Services X (GSX) Level 2. GSX is their ground services add-on for P3D and FSX used to spawn ground vehicles such as baggage loaders, stairways and fuel trucks, while also being able to interface with SODE jetways at supported sceneries. That changes slightly with level 2, however,
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UPDATED: [NEW IMAGES] More FSDreamTeam KORD Chicago O’Hare v2 Previews Shared

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Update 17 April 2018 @ 19:52z: Two more previews of O'Hare were posted on FSDreamTeam's Facebook page. These shots showcase the 3D airport terrain included and it was also noted that the scenery will be complete with all seasons, including snow. It's been a little over a month since we saw the latest previews of FSDreamTeam's upcoming KORD Chicago O'Hare v2,
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Minor GSX Update from FSDreamTeam

Gsx Banner

FSDreamTeam have supported GSX for years now and they continue to do so by releasing a minor update free of charge. The update adds a new type of staircase for Cargo aircraft, new ground operators and the ability for 3rd party products to interact with the deicers. Of course, there’s a few bug fixes chucked in also.

You can get the free update now by running the FSDreamTeam Live Update tool, or by redownloading the package again from the website.

GSX (Ground Services X) is a utility available for FSX/P3D users to add ground staff, vehicles and other service equipment to help with the immersion of your simulator. You can buy it now from FSDreamTeam for $34.00. You can get 30% off this Easter by using code FSDTEASTER30. Make sure you apply it at the checkout. Offer lasts until Sunday April 8th.

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FSDT Chicago O’Hare v2 Preview

FSDT Chicago OHARE V2 Preview 1
FSDreamTeam has released a stunning video showcasing the upcoming Chicago O'Hare (KORD) v2 update! In the video they display a number of interesting new features, as well as the updated terminal buildings. One of the notable features that they show off in the video are the info panels at the gate. These will display realtime info on your weather, gate coordinates
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FSDreamTeam Charlotte (KCLT) Airport: The FSElite Review

Fsdt Charlotte P3dv4 Featured Image
Charlotte Airport is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. It is the second largest hub for American Airlines after Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, with service to over 150 domestic and international destinations. As of last year, it was the 5th busiest airport in the United States (ranked by passenger traffic and aircraft movements). Charlotte is the largest airport
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