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FSDG Bremen: The FSElite Review

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For months, the public has been admiring the development previews as they rolled out. And finally, FSDG has released what appears to be one of their most detailed and catered for addons to date.

Bremen is the principal compact airport connecting the city and state of Bremen, North West Germany to the rest of the world. It primarily features flights to metropolitan destinations scattered throughout Europe. It is also a Ryanair base, meaning you have flexibility when it comes to routes throughout the continent.

As any other scenery, this one has its quirks, perks and lows. From looking at its product page, I find it quite comparable to some recent major releases. Especially in terms of the heightened level of detail we’ve been seeing as a result of the latest advancements Prepar3D v4 has to offer.

On their product page, FSDG advertises Bremen with the tagline: “It can’t get any better than this!”. Let’s get right into this review and see if this addon and all aspects around it live up to this tagline.

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FSDG Announces Hurghada Airport as Their Next Project

Scenery Developer FSDG has announced that their next project will be Hurghada Airport (HEGN) for P3D. Over on the FSDeveloper forum, FSDG has posted preview images of the ground polygons and texturing of the Egyptian airport. Hurghada airport is located in the Egyptian district of El Dahar on the east coast. The airport serves mainly leisure flights to European destinations
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FSDG Releases Both Sharm El-Sheik and Dakar XP

Sharmelsheikh Xp
FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group) has today released two brand new X-Plane 11 sceneries. Both Sharm El-Sheik and Dakar have now been ported over to the growing platform. Sharm El-Sheik located on the Red Sea in Eygpt is a popular tourist spot and sees various traffic from across Eypgt and Europe. Although tragic real-world events have impacted on the airport and
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FSDG Agadir (GMAD) Released for X-Plane 11

Over on their Facebook page, FSDG has announced that they've released Agadir (GMAD) for X-Plane 11 which is 1 of 2 of their first X-Plane add-ons released simultaneously. Agadir Al-Massira Airport is located in Southwest Morocco serving Agadir and the capital of Souss-Massa region. It sees scheduled services from Ryanair, easyJet, TUI, Air Arabia Maroc and more to and from destinations scattered throughout
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FSDG Releases Graz International Airport (LOWG) for X-Plane 11

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Prolific developer Flight Sim Development Group has finally entered the world of X-Plane 11 with their rendition of Graz International airport. In an announcement on Facebook, FSDG has been quick to release this package to the public after only four days since teasing that they are developing for X-Plane 11. Graz is the second largest city in Austria. The international
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Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) Announce Multiple X-Plane Airport

Fsdg Coming X Plane (1)

Scenery developers Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has today confirmed that they are bringing multiple airports of their collection to X-Plane 11. Revealed on Facebook earlier today, the team shared previews for a few different airports. We can share with you that those airports are Graz (LOWG) and possibly Agadir (GMAD).

The announcement from FSDG did not confirm which airports exactly. We have reached out to the team to confirm exactly which ones and how many will see conversion from FSX/P3D to X-Plane 11.

You can follow the team on Facebook to stay up to date.

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FSDG Bremen Airport (EDDW) Updated to v1.1

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Over on their Facebook page, FSDG has announced that they've pushed a v1.1 update for their newly Bremen (EDDW) scenery for Prepar3D v4. Version 1.1 brings along corrections, optional features, improved Orbx FTX compatibility and more which can be found in the changelog at the end of this article. You can grab a hold of this update by downloading the scenery
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FSDG Releases Bremen Airport (EDDW)

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After a small teaser last week, FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group) has released their first German airport. Bremen Airport is home to airlines such as OLT Express, Ryanair and the recently insolvent Germania. With a long runway and a range of terminal areas, there's plenty of routes and opportunity to venture the virtual skies from Bremen. The airport features many custom 3D objects and
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Sneak Peek of FSDG Bremen Airport

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Although they may have revealed their roadmap for 2019 and beyond, developer Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG), the team are preparing to release their upcoming Bremen Airport. The German airport is nearing the final stages of development according to the developer via a Facebook post made earlier today. The single preview simply shows off the detail and texture quality. Below
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FSDG 2019/2020 Project Roadmap Revealed

FSDG 2019 2020 Project Roadmap Revealed FSElite
The which the announcement was made on was started with the purpose to let other developers know that an airport, city or region is in development in the hope that there will be no conflicting add-ons released to market at the same time
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