Sneak Peek of FSDG Bremen Airport

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Although they may have revealed their roadmap for 2019 and beyond, developer Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG), the team are preparing to release their upcoming Bremen Airport. The German airport is nearing the final stages of development according to the developer via a Facebook post made earlier today.

The single preview simply shows off the detail and texture quality.

Below are some previews which are older but just to give you a reminder of what is being developed.

No further news other than that, but be sure to follow them on Facebook to stay up to date.

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FSDG 2019/2020 Project Roadmap Revealed

FSDG 2019 2020 Project Roadmap Revealed FSElite
The which the announcement was made on was started with the purpose to let other developers know that an airport, city or region is in development in the hope that there will be no conflicting add-ons released to market at the same time
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FSDG Bremen In Final Stages

It's been pretty quiet around this project, with the last update dating back to January of this year. Lucky enough, developer 'Jetman' made a surprise announcement over on FSDeveloper with more previews of FSDG's upcoming Bremen (EDDW) scenery. Together with the previews, he also announced the project is now in its final stages, with the final tasks remaining the rendering of
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FSDG Release Cape Town (FACT)

Capetown 4
Although a little later than expected, FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group) has released Cape Town (FACT) for Prepar3D and FSX. The South African scenery is hotly anticipated among the community due to being one of the first well-known developer to tackle an airport in that region. Others have tried, but never quite reached the standards of the community. Cape Town
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FSDG Delay Cape Town

FB IMG 1532991933515
Whilst there was excitement for a September release of the anticipated Cape Town scenery from FSDG (Flight Sim Development Group), they today announced there will be a slight delay on the scenery. In their Facebook post, they confirmed that whilst progress has been good, the airport itself is currently undergoing a lot of changes. As the team want to make
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FSDG Preview Cape Town – Possible August Release

FB IMG 1532991933515

Back in June, FSDG gave insight into their current development cycle. It got simmers excited with the prospect of many new locations to add to their scenery library, including destinations desperately wanted by people. One such airport included Cape Town (FACT).

Although in their original post an October release date was mentioned, the team have swapped a few items around and have given hope of a possible August release. Furthermore, the developer has moved it from their “lite” range to a full blown experience.

Whilst we appreciate this single preview is far from ideal, we wanted to update you on the latest development news from the team for an airport in a region so underdeveloped within the flight sim community.

More news as we get it.

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FSDG La Romana Released for FSX/P3D

FSDG has released La Romana for FSX and P3D. La Romana Casa De Campo International Airport (MDLR) is a single-runway airport located on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, right next to the town of La Romana. It has a small terminal with 4 main gates and sees the majority of the business action in La Romana. FSDG's version
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Flight Sim Development Group share Project Schedule

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Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) shared their project schedule on their Facebook page. Their 'road-map' includes: La Romana LITE - July 2018 Rhodes - August 2018 Cape Town LITE - October 2018 Enfidha-Hammamet LITE - November 2018 Bremen - late 2018 Casablanca LITE - late 2018 Dalaman LITE - early 2019 Also on the active list but not yet scheduled:
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FSDG Releases Dakar

Dakar (2)
Flight Sim Development Group, sticking with their very quick development of scenery, has just released their Dakar scenery, which was previewed in late may. The scenery is the latest addition to FSDG's 'LITE' series and is an accurate depiction of Dakar's new airport, Blaise Diagne International, which only opened in late 2017. FSDG state that the scenery has accurate shadow mapping,
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FSDG Releases Pilots Of The Caribbean – The Adventures

Flight Sim Development Group have just released the final part of their 'Pilots of the Caribbean' trilogy. This product, The Adventures, comprises 4 missions with custom sounds, an additional fictional island south of St. Vincent, AI traffic with airline schedules and an amphibian R22 helicopter. The pack is available from their store for €10.00 and is compatible with FSX and
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