FS2Crew 777 Updated to Version 3.4

PMDG 777 PBR (3)

those that use FS2Crew’s tools to enhance their flying experience will be pleased to hear that their 777 package has been updated to version 3.4. The new update is relatively minor, but also adds as an additional reminder that the product is fully compatible with the recent updates to the PMDG 777 Product Line.

The new update from FS2Crew has removed the coughing and paper sounds as per user feedback, along with a new voice command for Auto Throttle. Furthermore, those that use 4K monitors will be pleased to learn that the utility application now supports 4K scaling via the FS2Cre Config Manager. Finally, the ground service handling menu has been updated to match the menu layout from the latest PMDG update.

This is a free update to existing users of the product and can be downloaded from your account. You can simply install this update over the previously installed version, without removing the older one first.

You can pick up FS2Crew’s PMDG 777 utility now from their store for €29.95.

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FS2Crew Announces RAAS Professional, FlyByWire A320NX and Aerosoft CRJ Products for MSFS

Fs2crew For Msfs
FS2Crew will be busy for some time as they have announced a slew of new products for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The information shared with FSElite confirms that the FlyByWire A320NX mod and Aerosoft's CRJ will get FS2Crew products and a new version of RAAS is also coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Both the Aerosoft CRJ and the FlyByWire A32NX packs
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FS2Crew Updates Pushback Express to Version 1.2

Pushback Express V1.2 Update For Microsoft Flight Simulator
Customers who own FS2Crew's Pushback Express plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator / Prepar3D can now download version 1.2. The new version brings voice control to interact with the ground crew in the new simulator free of charge. The new voice control options will enable you to speak to the ground staff as you prepare your aircraft for pushback. The system
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FS2Crew Releases Aerosoft CRJ (Voice and Button Control)

Owners of the Aerosoft CRJ Professional will now be able to buy FS2Crew's latest product to add a virtual co-pilot to support your on your flights. FS2Crew's Aerosoft CRJ Voice and Button Control pack will take your "CRJ flights to the next level" for those looking to have a multi-crew experience. As with other FS2Crew products, the voice and button
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FS2Crew Pushback Express & Aerosoft CRJ Development Update

Pushback Express For Microsoft Flight Simulator P3D And FSX

Shortly after the release of Pushback Express, FS2Crew has shared on Facebook a roadmap of their current development status of their utility add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first item covered is the publication of the update 1.1, available right now in your customer account, which incorporates an error related to the Settings Panel for some European users.

A version 1.2 is in the works, being scheduled for release around the 4th to 7th of October. The major feature of this update will be Voice Control. The developer, known for the long standing commitment to their line of products, hinted some other features where in the works and this initial release of Pushback Express was “just the beginning”.

On a final note, FS2Crew added that an update to the Aerosoft CRJ add-on would be pushed in the same time frame as for Pushback Express V1.2. This new update will incorporate a flow made by a real world American CRJ First Officer.

FS2Crew Pushback Express is available on Simmarket for €19.96, currently discounted until 14th of October from its original €24.95 price.

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FS2Crew Releases Pushback Express for MSFS, FSX and P3D

Pushback Express For Microsoft Flight Simulator P3D And FSX
FS2Crew has released Pushback Express for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX and Prepar3D. The utility tool will enable more realistic pushback functionality within the new simulator and works at any airport featured in the sim. Described as the "first -and last- pushback system you'll ever need", FS2Crew hopes this product will offer users the easiest and most realistic way to push back
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FS2Crew Releases Flight Crew A320 (Button Control)

FS2Crew Flight Crew A320 Trailer For Microsoft Flight Simulator
Update: Some pieces of information in the original version of this article contained outdated information. We've rectified this and apologize for this error. FS2Crew, the well-known add-on developer for P3D and FSX, released Flight Crew A320 (Button Control). With their first product for the new MSFS, they want to ease the job of the virtual Airbus A320 pilot. The add-on
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FS2Crew Announces Pushback Express for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Fs2crew Pushback Express
Utility developer FS2Crew has made good on their promise and has announced the second product which is coming to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from their announcement yesterday of an Airbus crew simulation, FS2Crew has today announced Pushback Express for the new sim. Based on the product name, we assume this product will enhance the pushback capabilities within
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FS2Crew Announces Flight Crew A320 (Button Control) for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Fs2crew For Msfs
Utility developer FS2Crew has announced that they are bringing a new product to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flight Crew A320 (Button Control) will be the first product from the developers and will enable a virtual copilot to accompany you with the included Airbus A320neo included with the base simulator. The product will feature a brand new user interface to the FS2Crew world
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