FSElite Exclusive: Livestream of Orbx Products in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Come and join Nick, Patrick and Ronnie on an epic tour of Orbx products in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’ll be looking at Orbx’s Innsbruck, London City, Leeds Bradford Airport and Landmarks London.

Afterwards, we’ll be taking YOUR requests to show off whatever you want.

Please note that the Orbx airports and products are pre-release builds and subject to change. We also don’t know the release date of the products from Orbx at this time.

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Flight Simulator VATSIM Partnership Update and Dev Q&A

Partnership Series VATSIM
Over on the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, a series of videos and information has been shared with regards to VATSIM and also a full-length Q&A session. VATSIM Partnership Whilst announced a few weeks ago, the VATSIM Partnership series focuses on what VATSIM is for newcomers and how the online virtual air traffic control network will go hand-in-hand with the new
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Watch Chewwy94 Stream Microsoft Flight Simulator

Chrome QhKVc5sefr
The embargo for streamers to use the new Microsoft Flight Simulator has been lifted! As a result, streamers such as Chewwy94 is now streaming the all-new Microsoft Flight Simulator. As of right now, he's in the Boeing 787-10 landing at Frankfurt, but he intends to stream all day. During the stream, he will be able to take your questions, show
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PILOT’S Previews Alicante Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator

PILOTS LEAL Alicante Airport MSFS (5)
Developer PILOT'S has showcased its first airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Alicante Airport (LEAL), located in the south of Spain, sees frequent visits from numerous airlines around Europe and is popular with leisure passengers and tourists. The work in progress shots highlights the main terminal building and some of the materials used to create the reflections and other detailed effects
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How Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Change Flying With Friends

Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha 5 9 2020 11 47 31 AM

A new “Community Spotlight” post on the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog has today shared a little more insight into how the built-in multiplayer functionality is changing how community members now fly together online. Whilst we are currently used to tools such as VATSIM, IVAO, PilotEdge and others all providing this realistic environment to fly online with friends, sometimes the casual side of things is hard to do. There are some tools out there, but the new Microsoft Flight Simulator will have these tools all built-in.

One of the forum and Discord mods, Pieter, was interviewed by the team to give his account of the weekly “Fly-In” events. These events were designed to help stress test the online multiplayer component but then resulted in a regular community themed event with plenty of participants getting involved. “There have been some magical moments where we’re flying with 20+ people and the chat goes completely quiet,” Pieter said in the article.

Over the past few months, the community has taken on a huge variety of flying including flights over the Caribbean, STOL Drag Racing and more. Simply put, the new world of Microsoft Flight Simulator enables everyone to really enjoy the simulator in their own unique way. The accessibility here is what is key: “There are so many memorable moments, for example, when people would warn each other of turbulence on route, and then to actually experience that turbulence exactly where it was reported.”

There is, of course, a lot more to it than simply booting up the sim and flying. It takes planning and range of willing people to help. Luckily, the official Discord has proven to be a great resource for just that. When asked about his favourite event, Pieter said that “it’s really hard to come up with a single favorite. I like the GA bush flying events. With slow planes flying low over the scenery.”

Over the coming week, building up to the release, Microsoft will be sharing more stories from the community including more about the weekly Fly-In events. Some of those events will even be streamed live on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator Twitch channel. In the meantime, the launch of the official forums will take place soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.

You can read the full entry about how the weekly Fly-In events are created on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator blog.

Stay with FSElite for further coverage of the simulator as we edge closer to the August 18th release.

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FSDreamTeam Previews GSX Within Microsoft Flight Simulator

Fsdreamteam Gsx Microsoft Flight Simulator (10)
One of the biggest products for ESP platforms, Prepar3D and FSX is Ground Services X (GSX) by FSDreamTeam. GSX is officially coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator as announced by FSDreamTeam earlier on Facebook. Alongside that, the team shared some new previews of the product from directly within the simulator. The new previews highlight some of the core features of GSX
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Orbx Previews Products Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator and Pricing Strategy

In a huge post over on the Orbx forums, the scenery development studio has given us a huge look into what products they are currently working on  for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Alongside airports, Orbx has announced a new series called Landmarks which will start covering cities in even more detail than what the base simulator will provide. Alongside the
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Military Visualizations Previews Aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Milviz Aircraft Microsoft Flight Simulator (2)
Another developer has come out of the woodwork today and shard the first previews for their upcoming product. Military Visualizations is known for their extensive library of aircraft, including fighter jets, and has today taken the time to share a handful of previews from some of their aircraft range in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Shown off on their Facebook page,
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FSDreamTeam Previews EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg in MSFS

Continuing on with developer previews for their content in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSDreamTeam has shared new screenshots for its Basel Mulhouse Airport in the new simulator. The new previews are close-ups of various areas of the terminal building and highlight use of PBR materials on various parts of the buildings, interior modelling and varying use of texturing for
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