First Glimpse of the QualityWings Simulations 787 in MSFS


QualityWings Simulations has shared its first screenshots and information for the 787 Ultimate in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new screenshots are still very much work in progress but, highlights both the external modelling and also how the cockpit looks for the plane in the simulator.

The developers said on their Facebook page that they have been testing the pre-release versions of the simulator for some time, but only “with the last few iterations of the SDK that things have started to take shape”. Despite that, there is still plenty of work to be done by QualityWings to bring the bird to life in the new simulator. The previews are an initial glimpse of the current work, but there are still many unknowns and dependencies before more detailed information can be shared.

That said, QualityWings Simulations are continuing to develop the aircraft with an estimated release of Q2 2021.

Whilst this is exciting news for those on Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team reaffirmed their commitment to the FSX and P3D version of the Ultimate 787 as they continue to work on improvements and fixes for that product.

That’s all was said right now from the team, but you can follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

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Apply to Beta Test VR In Microsoft Flight Simulator Today

Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.04
It's no secret that many have wanted to experience virtual reality (VR) with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Whilst it has been confirmed to be coming this fall, Asobo Studio and Microsoft are looking for beta testers to support their development efforts in preparation for a wider release for VR in the sim. As such a call-to-action has been shared
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Planning to Go DirectX 12 In The Future

JAPAN Update Shrine
Yesterday Microsoft shared their latest development blog which focuses heavily on the announcement of the free Japan 'World Update'. However, the eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that Microsoft has confirmed that Flight Simulator will eventually transition to the DirectX 12 engine. The news was documented in the Feedback snapshot under issue #11 related to how "reflections look grainy, even if
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Microsoft Flight Simulator First World Update Will Focus on Japan, Out Next Week

Microsoft Flight Simulator Japan World Update Trailer
Microsoft has confirmed that the first world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be entirely focused on Japan. In a video featuring Jorg Neumann during Tokyo Games Show 2020, he confirmed the first details for the 'World Update' which will release next week. The first of many 'World Updates' will start by covering the country of Japan with a huge overhaul
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737-400 In Development for Microsoft Flight Simulator

737 400 Microsoft Flight Simulator (9)
Over on Reddit, a new post appeared titled "737-400 in MSFS". Of course, this piqued the interest of many and clicking through showed off 12 preview shots of the Boeing aircraft in the simulator. These screenshots appear to be for a new project/add-on for the simulator and not an official update from Microsoft. The 12 previews of the aircraft in
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Freeware A320Neo Improvement Project for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight simulation has always thrived on the community coming together to create new add-ons to continue enhancing the simulators that we use and love today. For some in Prepar3D, Tomatoshade was a freeware tool that helped many, whilst in X-Plane 11, the Zibo 737 is an unstoppable force of quality freeware that is considered to be a highly realistic rendition of the aircraft in that simulator. Despite being released just 10 days ago, Microsoft Flight Simulator fans have already started working on improving the default aircraft to take it to the next level.

On a Github repository owned by user wpine215, an all-new mod for the default Airbus A320Neo has already gained traction and several updates that already significantly improves on the included aircraft in the new simulator. This new repository enables users to download a modification to the default aircraft and add various improvements to the aircraft including more accurate APU start-up times, new ECAM pages and a fix to the fuel consumption of the aircraft. Whilst these are just minor changes, it’s the start of something new.

As seen in the roadmap Trello board, named “Study Level A320neo”, the team has plans to bring a host of functionality to the aircraft with numerous updates. This includes everything from fixing the fonts, to all-new systems to make this a realistic rendition of the aircraft. Best of all, this project is completely freeware for the community to download, install and fly. Of course, this is still new software, so expect plenty of bugs and issues, but there is a lot of promise. As we’ve seen from similar projects in the past, this could turn out to be a huge release for the Microsoft Flight Simulator community going forward. It’s worth noting the development project and team has yet to receive an official name.

The most recently released stable version of the Airbus A320Neo modification is 0.1.1. The full feature list is down below. New updates are planned, but no release time frames or schedules are provided, which is understandable from a project of this kind. That said, the GitHub repository will provide you with all the details, download instructions and a FAQ to get you started.

This is a project we will be keeping a very close eye on over the coming weeks and months and of course continue to update you with the progress.

You can watch the progress on their Discord channel.


  • Removed INOP property from all ECAM page buttons
  • Added APU ECAM page
  • Added Door ECAM page
  • Added Bleed ECAM page placeholder
  • Fixed fuel consumption
  • Fixed APU startup time
  • Added MODE change indication to Navigation Display

ChangeLog Source

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve tried this mod. What did you think? Could this be the Zibo 737 Mod of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Update 11:00am Zulu 28-Aug-2020: Added in the information that the project has no ‘official’ name and a Discord link.

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FSElite Exclusive: Livestream of Orbx Products in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Chrome MOlhIWwvmn
Come and join Nick, Patrick and Ronnie on an epic tour of Orbx products in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. We'll be looking at Orbx's Innsbruck, London City, Leeds Bradford Airport and Landmarks London. Afterwards, we'll be taking YOUR requests to show off whatever you want. Please note that the Orbx airports and products are pre-release builds and subject
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Flight Simulator VATSIM Partnership Update and Dev Q&A

Partnership Series VATSIM
Over on the Microsoft Flight Simulator blog, a series of videos and information has been shared with regards to VATSIM and also a full-length Q&A session. VATSIM Partnership Whilst announced a few weeks ago, the VATSIM Partnership series focuses on what VATSIM is for newcomers and how the online virtual air traffic control network will go hand-in-hand with the new
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Watch Chewwy94 Stream Microsoft Flight Simulator

Chrome QhKVc5sefr
The embargo for streamers to use the new Microsoft Flight Simulator has been lifted! As a result, streamers such as Chewwy94 is now streaming the all-new Microsoft Flight Simulator. As of right now, he's in the Boeing 787-10 landing at Frankfurt, but he intends to stream all day. During the stream, he will be able to take your questions, show
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