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PILOT’S! Release FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation and FS Global 2018

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PILOT’S have released their latest products in their FS Global franchise. FS Global products are a fully Orbx FTX compatible product that will add mesh scenery data for the whole world. This time, you’ll be able to fully download the software and bring it directly into your sim. By enhancing mesh detail, you’ll be able to see mountains for what they are with sharp edges and more.

As for the two products, there’s a few differences between the two.

FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation

First and foremost, this is the most detailed of the two products. FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation will add 80GB of data into the sim, which is over 500 times the default amount. The data is the most up to date mesh data available for a flight sim. Despite the additional detail, it’s still friendly on frame rates and has minimal VAS impact. The resolution is so detailed that even up to 1m of detail is included. Even more surprising is the fact that Bathymetry mesh has been created for Prepar3D, meaning you can now explore the depths of the ocean like never before (yes we know it’s a flight sim).

You can purchase FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation from The Flight Sim Store.

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FS Global Ultimate Next Generation

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FS Global Ultimate Next Generation has been announced. FSGU is a popular mesh addon for FSX and Prepar3d that aims to enhance the terrain. Next Generation is the follow up to FS Global Ultimate and will become available on December 15th this year. Due to the hefty size of this addon (80 GB) there will be no download variant as of
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