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Little Navmap Version 2.2.2 Released

Little Navmap 3

We were recently informed of a neat little piece of freeware available called Little Navmap. “Little” – it’s anything but! The research we did on the product shows it’s a highly comprehensive map display tool that gives you a range of features including automatic flight plan calculation options, elevation profiling, aircraft performance planning and integration with VATSIM and IVAO.

Little Navmap uses OpenStreetMap to give you an overview of the world, with various overlays to help any type of pilot. Whether you’re flying IFR or VFR, there’s plenty of tools to support you with the planning process. Once planned, you can export it in a variety of formats for products such as the Reality XP GTN, Reality XP GNS and X-Plane FMS formats.

The software also integrates with Navigraph to show SIDS, STARS and other Navaids. The map will also draw ILS labels, procedures and you can even add your own airport traffic pattern on the map to support you.

Further to flight planing, it integrates nicely with weather engines and systems, including the new Active Sky XP. You can pull in data such as METARs or TAFs, as well as wind direction and speed.

If you already use Little Navmap, version 2.2.2 brings a wide range of fixes and updates including replacing the hillshading on OpenStreetMaps, fixing the issues of status messages and now the software shows the ILS frequency for all approach types.

As I said, this software is free, but you can support the developer by donating to Alex. It works with FSX, P3Dv1 – V4 and X-Plane 11.

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Kittila Airport Released for X-Plane 11 as Freeware

Kittila Airport Promo X Plane 11 FLY X SIMULATIONS
Developer Fly X Simulation wrote to us to inform us that they have just released their next Christmas project for the year: Kittila. The Finish airport within the Arctic Circle is popular for passengers wishing to go and meet Santa. Frequented by multiple airlines over the Winter period, it's an airport growing in popularity. You can now fly there yourself
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Onfinal Studio Castellón Airport (LECH) Freeware Released

Lech Screenshot 3
After teasing us with a couple of previews back in October, Onfinal Studio has finally released their high-fidelity freeware rendition of Castellón Airport (LECH) exclusively for Prepar3D v4. Castellón–Costa Azahar Airport is located outside of the city of Castellón de la Plana in Spain. Opened in 2011 The only major low-cost carriers which this airport serves is Ryanair to London Stansted, Poznań
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Turbulent Designs 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Now Freeware

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Over on their forum, Turbulent Designs has announced that their 2O3 Angwin-Parrett Field scenery is now freeware. Every penny made from scenery before has been donated to the children’s charity: Over The Wall. It appears as though that the target donation goal has been met and the scenery has now been released as freeware. Turbulent Designs would like to thank everyone who purchased
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KsimSaver: A Freeware Auto Scenario Saving Tool

Finally, a tool that nearly all of us could make use of. KsimSaver is a freeware tool that saves your ongoing flight scenario in a specified time interval. KsimSaver eliminates the need to purchase alternative payware add-ons that have more functionality than you actually need if you're just looking to save your flights in the case of an unexpected simulator
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SceneryTR Freeware Sinop (LTCM) V2.0 Update Released

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Two months after their initial release of Sinop (LTCM), SceneryTR has generously released a stunning V2.0 update for Sinop. Included in this update, the new terminal, tower and apron area has been added to complete the scenery.

Sinop Airport (LTCM) is a small, scenic airport on the Black Sea coast in Turkey. Turkish and Pegasus airlines operate daily routes to Istanbul from Sinop.

Sinop (LTCM) V2.0 is compatible with FSX and Prepar3D v2, 3 and 4. You can grab a hold of this scenery by downloading it here.

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ShortFinal Design Release Airport Environment HD 2.0 For Free

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X-Plane freeware users rejoice: ShortFinal Design has released Airport Environment HD 2.o for X-Plane 11. The new freeware will enhance your X-Plane experience to improve lots of the default texture work found in the world. Runway and taxiway textures have been fully replaced, along with blast pads, runway shoulders, apron lights and more. To help with immersion, baggage carts, tractors,
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xVision Tweak Tool Released

It's been a huge week for the team behind the new xVision tool for X-Plane 11. The hype surrounding the product picked up some pace when a video showing the capabilities of the tool was posted to YouTube. Since then, Andrew and Yuri (the latter who was responsible for the original PTA for Prepar3D) have been busy testing the tool
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Top 5 | Must Have | Free Small Airports | Xplane 11 (FYC)

Top 5 Must Have Free Small Airports Xplane 11
Aus Flight Simmer checks out his top 5 must have freeware small airports in Xplane 11. A big thank you to all the developers for creating and sharing these free airport scenery's. 5. iBlue Yonder Heron's Nest XP 4. Orbx Oceano County L52 3. PropStrike Studio MachMell Fisheries 2. MisterX6 Catalina Island 1.0 1. MisterX6 Jim Hamilton. Owens
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Aerobask Releases Freeware Robin DR401 CDI 155

The Robin DR401 CDI155 is the latest work to come out of the brilliant minds over at Aerobask. The DR401 is a small, wooden, single engine monoplane developed by Robin Aircraft. Which has been excellently brought into the X-Plane environment, with the typical feature list we have come to expect from Aerobask: Accurate flight model developed by X-Aerodynamics. Integrated Laminar
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