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New FTX Global North & South America Freeware Available

Not only are Orbx excellent at producing high quality add-ons for people to buy, but they also produce a wealth of high quality freeware for the community as a thank you for buying their products. Their biggest source of freeware come from their excellent FTX Global freeware pack. Today, both North and South America have been updated with a wealth of new airports. Created by various developers including Chris Britton, Larry Isenor and Neil Hill, you’ll be able to explore airports including Cavern City (KCNM), Garcon Field (24FL) and Dinsmore (CKX5). Obviously these are typically lesser known areas of the world, but considering they are free, they may be worth downloading anyway!

The full list is below. You can download them through FTX Central V3 or via Orbx Direct.

Chris Britton
24FL, Garcon Field, Milton, FL
41A, Reeves, Tallasse, AL
FL17, Ruckel, Niceville, FL
KNZX, Harold Nolf, Harold Nolf, FL (disable AEC)

Larry Isenor
CJN4 – Assiniboia SK
CKC7 – Rockglen, SK
CKX5 – Dinsmore SK (disable AEC)
CNR4 – Tobermory ON (disable AEC)
CYCE, Huron, Centralia, ON
SABE, Jorge Newbery Aeroparque, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Neil Hill
KALS, San Luis Valley Regional Bergman Field, Alamoso, NM
KBFF, Western Nebraska Regl/Heilig, Scottsbluff, NE
KCNM, Cavern City, Carlsbad, NM – added missing industrial area
KDRO, Durango-La Plata Co, CO (disable AEC)
KELY, Ely, Ely, NV
KEVW, Evanston-Uinta Co Burns, Evanston, WY – added VOR/DME for rwy 5)
KGJT, Walker, Grand Junction, CO (disable AEC)
KLVS, Las Vegas Mun, Las Vegas, NM
KPGA, Page Mun, Page, NM (disable AEC) – added missing town
KPNA, Wenz, Pinedale, WY
KRIW, Riverton Regl, Riverton, WY (disable AEC) –
KRKS, Rock Springs Sweetwater, Rock Springs, WY
KSKX, Taos Regl, Taos, NM – flattens
KTCC, Tucumcari Mun, Tucumcari, NM
KTKI, Collin Co Regl, McKinney, TX

Orbx Announces LSGK Saanen Airport – New Freeware Project

Orbx have today announced that Saanen Airport (LSGK) is in development and will be completely free. Coming from developer Sylvain Delepierre, the Swiss airport will see you soaring above the Alps in style. Sat between Geneva and Innsbruck, the coverage will allow you to see the villages of Saanen, Gstaad and Rougemont – all photoreal. There’s around 70 sqaure kilometers of scenery to view and will immerse your experience even further.

The first shots are below and as of right now there’s not much to show of the airport itself. No release date mentioned, but if we hear anything, we’ll be sure to update you.



Developer Month: Airports of Norway

Welcome to the FSElite Developer Month. Our theme this year is about delivering for the community and part of that is delivering great content to you all. As part of our commitment to you all, we’re pleased to announced Developer Month – a month themed solely around celebrating our great development community. Over the course of March, you’ll be treated to some behind the scene looks at some of our favourite developers, stories from the FSElite team, exclusive interviews and more.

Anyone that knows me knows that I make no secret about my absolute love for FTX Norway. This region is incredibly beautiful and in my opinion one of the best addons from Orbx. I just love how it’s done. The ground textures are beautiful. The lakes and mountains around it look amazing. The weather in Norway is generally amazing. Wether it’s a bright sunny day or a cold snowy one, Norway looks amazing.

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Developer Month: Soarfly Concepts Interview

Welcome to the FSElite Developer Month. Our theme this year is about delivering for the community and part of that is delivering great content to you all. As part of our commitment to you all, we’re pleased to announced Developer Month – a month themed solely around celebrating our great development community. Over the course of March, you’ll be treated to some behind the scene looks at some of our favourite developers, stories from the FSElite team, exclusive interviews and more.

Soarfly Concepts are a relatively unknown developer who has worked on various projects in the past. Developer Month isn’t just about those developers who are regarded as ‘popular’, but also to highlight the hardwork of the smaller ones who are very much part of the community.

Read our interview from Mark Piccolo from the developer who gives you some great insight into both a freeware and payware model!

Tell us a little about yourselves and how you got started?

Well Soarfly Concepts started out just me, creating my own little additions to airports, I added a few things to Avsim Library and eventually I added a team member and over time started taking scenery requests.

Me and Dan have been using Flight Simulator since the early 90s. The very first scenery released by Soarfly Concepts was a fictional airport, the Thames Estuary Concept. We don’t sell payware for a source of income it’s simply there as a method of support so we can buy things like higher def ground images and design tools. Not a lot of people know this but we also offer a free service to other devs like making installers, models and beta testing.

What made you decide you wanted to develop for Flight Simulator and why?

I have always been a massive aviation enthusiast and the idea of making my own airports in flight sim was just too good to pass up. I discovered ADE by Scruffy Duck and learnt how to make 3d models.

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Soarfly Concepts Scenery Releases Freeware Guernsey X-HD

Yesterday we shared some WIP shots of Soarfly Concepts Scenery’s Guernsey X-HD. Today, the developer informed me that the scenery is actually now out for release via the Avsim download library.

Of course, this is a freeware project, but that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there. Soarfly Concepts have included photo-scenery for the surrounding area, as well as high definition ground imagery and plenty of 3D placed objects throughout the airport.

With a short runway, plenty of rough weather, this will make for some interesting approaches in your Dash 8 Q400.

Make sure you check them out on Facebook or their website where you can donate for their hard work.


Great Freeware for Jersey – Guernsey and Alderney Airports Coming Soon

Mark Piccolo recently contacted us regarding his fantastic looking freeware projects which look at the UK Channel Islands. His latest project, Jersey X-HD, is now available to download for FREE via the Avsim Download section. So why spend time downloading Jersey?

As one of the most challenging airports in the UK thanks to its weather, small runway and limited approaches, it will really challenge both your turbojet and turboprop flying. Of course, the scenery itself boosts some impressive features including high definition ground imagery and detailing, alongside accurate markings. A custom AFCAD for better AI, as well as 3D approach lights, static objects all whilst being very frame friendly.

I’ve downloaded it myself and the screenshots don’t do it justice once it sits inside the Sim itself. It’s advertised for FSX, but I had no issues with using the latest version of Prepar3d.

Not only has Mark worked on Jersey, he’s also working hard on other channel islands including Guernsey Airport (EGJB) and Alderney Airport (EGJA). Mark was kind enough to us exclusively show us some WORK IN PROGRESS shots of both!

Guernsey should actually be released tomorrow. We’ll keep you updated.



SunSkyJet Detroit Previews!

The highly regarded freeware scenery developer SunSkyJet released some previews to their Facebook page of the upcoming the Detroit KDTW/DTW scenery. Along with the previews they stated the following: ‘Progress continues. Night texturing started and ground objects being added. Jetways on the B/C concourses still need some attention.’ The previews for DTW look absolutely incredible.

It is clear that the team behind DTW are incredibly community driven. The scenery will be free of charge just like: KPHL/PHL/Philadelphia. The DTW previews show some incredibly high levels of detail, additionally SODE integration is also expected at DTW and not all payware developers have hopped onto the SODE ‘jetway’ band wagon…

If you haven’t already check out the SunSkyJet website and their Facebook Page. Stay tuned here at FSElite for more SunSkyJet news!


FSDG Releases Cape Verde Fogo and Brava for Free

FSDG have surprise released a brand new add-on for FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv3. This time, they take a trip down to a group islands just off of Africa known as Cape Verde. Known for their warm climate and breezy beaches, it’s a popular hit for holiday makers in Europe and beyond.

Now before you get too excited (like me), it’s not the main islands that they’ve released, but instead the smaller islands known as Fogo and Brava. You won’t be flying any jetliners into these airports, but you could easily take a smaller aircraft like the Twin Otter out for a spin. For bigger stuff, we’ll still be waiting for Aristides Pereira International Airport. One can only hope!

The best part is that FSDG have released it for FREE.

You can download it NOW from their website, free of charge.

Standard features include:

– Fully accurate rendition of the Cape Verde islands of Fogo and Brava
– High resolution aerial imagery
– Realistic shadow and night light rendition on 3D objects and ground
– 3D light effects
– Optimized for great performance and visual quality
– Compatible with all known add-ons including FTX Global, UTX and FS Global
– Manual included

Latinwings Releasing Barinas (SVSB) V2 as Freeware


Latinwings have told V-Aviation, that they will soon be releasing Barinas (SVSB) v2 very soon. The best part: it’s going to be completely free!

“We present you SVSB v2, an airport to which we’re very fond, it was our first work as a team and now after a major reform was to bring it back and free of charge. In a few days will be available for download, only for FSX / FSX SE / P3d V2. 5 / p3d v3. X SVSB Airport is a VFR operations, civilian and military that is located to the south-west of Venezuela in the plains of the state Barinas.”

They also told V-Aviation that this is their most ‘complete’ product they have ever worked on, with the “whole city full of autogen,vegetation, rivers , lakes , etc. etc.”

You can find some screenshots over at V-Aviation.