Volanta Update Released

Volanta Flight Tracker

Orbx’s flight tracking application, Volanta, has seen numerous updates over the last few weeks since release, but the most recent update adds a number of changes and improvements which are worth highlighting.

The most significant part of the update comes with the new advanced search tags integrated with the application. When on the flight page, you are now able to sort and search with a number of different filters. You can simply type in things such as the origin, destination, registration and aircraft type directly into the box to filter your flights.


Other changes include improved flight metadata storage, updated translations and also a variety of improvements to the flight plan import system. For example, departure and arrival information is picked up better, along with a minor UI improvement to show the whole route upon import at the right zoom level.

The new update will automatically be downloaded once you load up the tool from your desktop. If you don’t already have Volanta, you can download it from the website.

Volanta is a freely available flight tracking tool from Orbx that works across all major flight simulator platforms and includes automatic flight tracking abilities, 3D maps and an easy-to-use interface.

You can read our First Look article on Volanta here.

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FlyByWire Simulations Releases A32NX as Standalone Freeware

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Over the Easter weekend, FlyByWire Simulations released a new update to its popular freeware aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new update sees the team finally depart from requiring the default Asobo A320neo within the simulator and has now been packaged as a standalone product. The developers say this package separation is also known as a "fork" and will only
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Boundless Release Donegal Airport, Announces Burg Feuerstein Airport as Freeware

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Scenery developer Boundless has released Donegal Airport (EIDL) for X-Plane 11 as freeware. Alongside releasing the Irish airport for free, the team has also announced Burg Feuerstein Airport will be released for free in the future. Donegal Airport has been voted as one of the most scenic airports in the world thanks to its impressive coastal views. Despite being freeware,
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AviationLads Releases Ground Service Sound Pack v3 Freeware

GroundServicesSoundPack V3 Thumbnail 1920×1080 1
Developed by Nick Kidd and published by AviationLads, the latest version of the Ground Service Sound Pack has been released. The freeware GSX add-on adds new voice sets for a variety of parts of the original product. Replacing elements such as the boarding audio, truck sounds and catering equipment. Version 3 is compatible with GSX's regional voice settings and also
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ShortFinal Design Updating Boston Logan Freeware for XP11

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Taking to Facebook, scenery developer ShortFinal Design has announced that they are currently in the process of updating MisterX's highly regarded Boston Logan (KBOS) scenery for XPlane 11. Initially released for free back in 2016, Boston Logan (KBOS) was one of the first sceneries released by famous XPlane scenery developer MisterX. Since its original release, the scenery has become one of
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Preview of FlyByWire A32NX EFB In Action

The FlyByWire A32NX mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to grow in features and the EFB is something highly sought after by the community. YouTube content creator Easyjetsimpilot has the EFB installed and gave a brief overview of it in action.

The EFB with the FlyByWire’s A32NX A32NX has various pages such to perform specific actions. The dashboard page appears to be an overview of the current flight and route, whilst the ‘Dispatch’ page provides an overview of fuel, weight and balance. The ‘Ground’ page enables you to interact with the airport’s jetway, baggage trucks and catering, along with push back instructions. For those who use SimBrief will be pleased to know that there is full integration enabling you to pull in flight data directly to your plane, similar to how it’s already integrated with the ATSU.

It should be noted that the FlyPad (what the tablet will be known by) is not yet functional, it is a demonstration of what is to come. Currently, the EFB is a work in progress and will be released as part of the stable build in the future.

In the mean time, why not check out the latest development preview of the FlyByWire A32NX we posted to see what else the team is up to.

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MB Simulations Releases Thun Airfield for MSFS

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Newcomer MB Simulations has released its first freeware scenery project for MSFS, this time focussing its efforts on realistically recreating the scenic Swiss mountain airfield of Thun (LSZW). Thun Airfield is a small-scale grass runway general aviation airfield located close to the beautiful town of Thun in the Bernese Oberland of Switzerland and is scenically nestled in the middle of
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FlyByWire Simulations A32NX Installer, Virtual Printer and More

FlyByWire Installer 2021 01 15 10 55 31
The team at FlyByWire Simulations has continued to make headway with their A32NX modification and has been updating their Facebook page with some of the new features currently in development. This includes a brand new virtual printer, reworked radios, a new dynamic sound pack, improvements to the engine modelling and also a brand new installer to make it even easier
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Flybywire Simulations A32NX Sound Improvement Preview

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The freeware add-on that enhances the default A320Neo mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be developed by the Flybywire Simulations team. The assortment of developers, pilots and testers continue to bring improvements to the aircraft through visuals, audio, systems and more. The latest development previews are shown on their Facebook page highlight the sound improvements that are being made.
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FlyByWire A32NX Night Lighting Improvement Previews and Autopilot Fix

Flybywire A32nx Night Lighting (2)
Development group FlyByWire Simulations has had a busy few days since the release of the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update. The update released, which included the latest world update, consequently broke the aircraft and the team has since worked hard to resolve the autopilot issue. However, the team has confirmed this is now resolved and shared some new previews for
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