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Foxtrot Tango

A Closer Look at the Honeycomb Aeronautical Display

Image From Ios (3)

Yesterday, Honeycomb Aeronautical announced a bunch of new products; from updated yokes and dust covers to new flight simulation chairs and military hardware. Greg, Patrick and Nick are at the show right now and have had the chance to take a look at the hardware on display and even try some of it out.

Above, we have images of the Alpha and Bravo sat side-by-side, along with another look at the Charlie rudder pedals. For the first time, though, we can see the Foxtrot Tango in the flesh. Plenty of buttons and levers to push and pull. Sadly, it’s in a display case, meaning we couldn’t get our hands on it.


As for the Lima Flight Chair, Nick said, “It is quite comfortable! Leans back, armrests swivel, soft. The only thing I wish was the headrest to move forward and back.”

Although not at the show floor itself, the official Honeycomb Aeronautical Facebook page shared a much better image for the upcoming Sigma Tau military stick and throttle quadrant.


Be sure to go back and look at our article on what Honeycomb Aeronautical announced. After, check out their new free initiative called ‘The Flight Sim Academy’ which will eventually open up to 30 different cities around the US.

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