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FlytheMaddogX Development Update


After a preview of the MD-82, 83 and 88 with PBR, FlytheMaddogX developers have posted a nice update regarding the development of the new MD-83 and 88

Developers of the new MD-83 and MD-88 have already confirmed that these aircraft have entered beta, but are also finalizing the ‘advanced icing’ feature that will be included in the MD-82, 83 and 88 upon release. They have stated in the forum post that they are indeed using the default P3D dynamic reflections set between off and ultra. With the dynamic reflections set to off, and no PBR, you will see the best performance. However, with PBR active, and reflections set to ultra, performance will decrease. So its a quality over performance situation.

With the previews posted above, these are the in-game settings that the FlytheMaddogX developers used for said testing. The specs and add-ons used during these tests are your typical add-ons that the vast majority of sim users use daily. So this puts it into perspective on the kind of performance you could expect.

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Leonardo SH Previews FlythemaddogX PBR Textures

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Stefano from Leonardo SH has today provided some beautiful screenshots of the new PBR feature in the process of being applied to their FlythemaddogX product.  They expressed their thoughts towards the feature as 'extremely excited' and that they ' resist to show you the progress' - and I'm tempted to agree; take a look at the screenshots below. You can
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Leonardo Announce MD-83 and New Features

Leonardo MD 83 Announced FSElite
With SP1 for the MD-82 now rolling out the door to the official release channels, and the revised and revamped paintkit already in the hands of painters, Leonardo Software House has some exciting new information to share on what the future holds for them; the MD-83 and new FMS options! Following a post on the FlytheMaddogX Pilot's Facebook group, an individual
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FlythemaddogX Update Released

2018 4 10 13 45 28 615
In their continuing effort to keep their product up-to-date, developer Leonardo Software House has released build b331 for the SP1 version of the Maddog X. Free to all users and available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, the ‘open beta’ update takes care of some issues that weren’t addressed (or have since cropped up) since their recent SP1 release. Included
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Leonardo FlytheMaddogX SP1 Open Beta Released

2018 9 21 18 32 37 580
FlytheMaddogX has released their highly anticipated SP1 into open beta which brings a host of new features to the MD82. The team at Leonardo software has been working hard to make their Maddog product even better than it already was. As mentioned, this product is an open beta which means there are still some issues to iron out before the
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FlythemaddogX Service Pack 1 Update

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The first service pack for Fly the Maddog X will be released at the beginning of next week. It will then be released as an “open beta”. This will probably mean that everyone can use it, but the product might not be as stable as an actual release. Make sure that if you own the product you update it next week. If you haven’t got the product yet, you can get it via these links:


32-bit (FSX & P3Dv3): Simmarket

64-bit (P3Dv4): Simmarket


Make sure to read our review of this product too! If you haven’t purchased the MaddogX yet, but are interested in the product our reviews are a good guide to help you choose.


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Fly the MadDogX MD-80 – Service Pack 1 Information

Flythemadogx Sp1
It's been a little while since we saw the release of the Fly the MadDogX MD-80, but the development team has been hard at work crafting the next service pack, which has been done to improve the visual rendering, the usability of the aircraft and additional features to further immerse the simmer. In the forum post shared recently, the new
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FlythemaddogX Open Beta 1.2b264 Released

2018 4 10 13 45 28 615
Developer Leonardo has released another beta for their FlythemaddogX MD-82. Beta 1.2b264 adds a few minor fixes, including minor panel changes, and memory optimization which helps avoid CTD’s in low memory conditions. Earlier this year, the developer asked users if they would prefer smaller, more frequent updates to the aircraft or if they wanted to wait longer for larger updates.
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Leonardo FlytheMaddogX v1.10 Released

2018 2 14 9 1 51 965
While we loved Leonardo's FlytheMaddogX in our recent review of it, we certainly had a few gripes with the product. Today, many of those have been addressed along with the usual bug fixes and revisions you'd expect from an update to a relatively new aircraft. First off, there are some changes to the MCDU, exterior model, manuals, and panels. The
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