FlyTampa Sydney v2 Previews for Prepar3D

Flytampa Sydney V2 P3d (7)

FlyTampa took to Facebook earlier to announce and preview that Sydney v2 would be coming soon to Prepar3D v4.5 and above. The scenery product will expand upon the original with all-new features thanks to the improvements in the simulator technology.

Sydney Airport is the busiest in Australia handling over 42 million passengers per year from a variety of airlines all around the world. The airport itself features three runways, with the longest being just shy of 13,000ft. Located not far from the city itself, you can expect to fly near the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Sadly FlyTampa did not divulge any more details on what we can expect. However, from the screenshots, we can see there is a dramatic use of PBR usage on the ground and building textures, along with weathering effects such as puddles and water build-up. There is also an extensive use of dynamic lighting and detailed ground markings.

The Facebook post said that the airport product would be “coming very soon”, and as always, we’ll keep you informed of a release. A Microsoft Flight Simulator version will also be coming soon.

FlyTampa most recently released Copenhagen Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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FlyTampa Releases Copenhagen Airport for MSFS

FlightSimulator XbfJIjJYXO
FlyTampa is the latest scenery developer to release a brand new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Copenhagen Airport (EKCH) for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the latest from the development team and features advanced features, high definition texture work and much more. Copenhagen Airport serves as one of the busiest in Northern Europe serving over 30 million passengers per year. It's
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FlyTampa Release Las Vegas For X-Plane 11

All-around scenery developer FlyTampa has just released their rendition of McCarran International Airport (KLAS)  for X-Plane 11. The developer has teased the upcoming airport four days ago, on their Facebook Page, but no release date was given at the time. McCarran Airport (KLAS) is located in Paradise, Nevada and is the main airport for public and military use in the Las Vegas Valley. It was built in
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Single Preview of FlyTampa Las Vegas for X-Plane 11

Flytampa Las Vegas X Plane 11
FlyTampa has shared a single new preview image for its upcoming Las Vegas scenery for X-Plane 11. The scenery, which was released for Prepar3D, is being ported over to Laminar Research's simulator and the single teaser image highlights that not just the airport will be included. The image itself was from down the Las Vegas strip and in the background
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FlyTampa Releases Copenhagen for X-Plane 11

Ft Cphxp3
Developer FlyTampa has released Copenhagen for X-Plane 11. This is a port of the Prepar3D v4 release which was updated just a few weeks ago. This is a project developed by FlyTampa themselves and features sloped airport terrain, hand-placed vegetation and much more. The airport in Denmark is a central hub for SAS and Norwegian Airlines with many other airlines frequenting
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FSElite Exclusive: FlyTampa Copenhagen X-Plane 11 Previews

Ft Cphxp6

Scenery developer FlyTampa announced recently that their latest rendition of Copenhagen Airport (EKCH) would be soon coming to X-Plane 11. We revealed the first official details and now we’re pleased to offer the community some exclusive new images for the X-Plane 11 airport.

The six new exclusive screenshots highlight various aspects of the airport and the scenery product. The first of which highlights some of the advanced night lighting and also the use of the jetways the airport. You can see the way in which the lighting bounces off the terminal building in the back along with how the scene is dynamically lit up.

The next preview pulls the view out a little to highlight various parts of the terminal. You can again see the sun lighting hit the panelling which is then reflected thanks to the use of PBR materials on the building. You can see other small details including the taxiway lighting and various bits of apron clutter.

FlyTampa told us that they are particularly proud of managing to include the city of Copenhagen with the release, which as you can see here has been done to quite an extensive amount of detail. Various buildings, large and small, are clearly represented here, along with numerous bridges, roads and important details.

The remaining previews all highlight various aspects of the airport including more night lighting and terminal details. You can see them below.

No word quite yet on a release, but we know this is a project developed by FlyTampa themselves and will feature sloped airport terrain, hand-placed vegetation and much more. Keep your eyes peeled to FSElite for more details as we get them.

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Official Details on FlyTampa Copenhagen Coming to X-Plane 11

Facebook 1587927057141 6660248807475131206
Developer FlyTampa teased an image earlier today of an aircraft landing at Copenhagen airport on X-Plane 11. In light of this, we contacted the developer directly and we are pleased to bring you the first official information regarding the product. Emilios confirmed to FSElite that this screenshot is indeed of that from an X-Plane 11 version of the recently released
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FlyTampa Copenhagen v2 Released for Prepar3D v4

Fly Tampa Copenagen Ekch V2 (2)
Not long after sharing the latest round of previews, FlyTampa has released Copenhagen v2 for Prepar3D v4. Copenhagen Airport is the main international airport of Denmark, serving hundreds of routes and destinations from a large variety of airliners. The all-new version has expanded the main terminal, along with the new Pier C modelling. Each of the buildings also has high-resolution
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FlyTampa Copenhagen v2 Previews and Features

Fly Tampa Copenagen Ekch V2 (8)
Yesterday, we shared a single preview for the upcoming FlyTampa Copenhagen v2. Following on from that, the developers has now shared a range of new previews highlighting many of the changes due to come to FlyTampa's next airport. With version 2 of Copenhagen, the team has expanded the main terminal, along with the new Pier C modelling. Each of the
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FSElite Exclusive: FlyTampa Copenhagen Single Preview

Flytampa Copenhagen Teaser
Whilst we know that many of you are wondering where FlyTampa has been these past few months, we can confirm that their quietness is for good reason. They've been working through various product updates for some of their older airports and also developing brand new versions of past success. One such airport that is seeing an all-new version is Copenhagen.
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