FlyTampa – Various Airport Updates to Include SODE and Other Fixes

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FlyTampa have been incredibly busy this year compared to past years. With the release of Boston earlier this year followed by their first X-Plane release, Corfu, you would be forgiven to think they would be on the down-low for a little while. Well, you’re mistaken as they have just released a bunch of new updates for a range of their airports to include SODE jetways as well as improvements and other bug fixes. Based on the availability table over at FlyTampa, these updates are only for Prepar3D V4.

The airports impacted are as follows: Boston Rebooted, Vienna, Toronto, St Maarten and Saba. All of the updates are free of charge for current customer. It’s also been mentioned that the installers are available at SimMarket already.

St Maarten

Probably one of the biggest updates included in these new packages. Version 1.9 includes SODE jetways, safegates, brand new and updated ground pavement textures and markings, as well as rain effects, wavespray and dynamic lighting.

Full change log and download link at the FlyTampa forums.


FlyTampa has added island photoscenery and autogen, as well as brand new airport 3D terrain for a more immersive experience. Just like St Maarten, dynamic lighting, wavespray effects and static GA aircraft have all been added. Saba is also version 1.9.

Full change log and download link at the FlyTampa forums.

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FlyTampa Corfu X-Plane 11 Preview Shots

Fly Tampa Corfu X Plane 11 (1)
As we previewed a few short weeks ago, FlyTampa are stepping into the X-Plane ring with their first scenery: Corfu. The Greek Island flourishes during the summer with plenty of tourism from all over Europe flooding into the area. In time for this seasonal jump in activity, FlyTampa will be releasing their much loved airport in X-Plane 11 very soon.
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FlyTampa Boston-Rebooted: The FSElite Review

Flytampa Kbos Review FEATURED Image
FlyTampa is, without a doubt, a household name within the world of flight simulation. They have continuously provided the community with high-quality airport scenery packages and often pushed the limits of what was deemed possible within a simulator. When FlyTampa released Boston originally for FS2004 and FSX all those years ago, no one thought it would get any better. In
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FlyTampa: “Pigs might fly after all”, Scenery Developer Hints At X-Plane Market Entry

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FlyTampa has dropped the strongest hint yet that their entry into the X-Plane scenery market may not be far off at all, using Facebook to tease what appears to be their first product for the platform.

Recently we’ve seen a number of prominent, high-quality developers traditionally from the FSX/P3D world making the move to introduce their products to the X-Plane market.
Orbx released their first product for X-Plane in the form of Meigs Field (which FSElite will be taking a look at in-depth soon) not too long ago and was snapped up in droves by X-Plane users excited to see what the company was able to bring to the table.
Now with FlyTampa making their move, it only goes to show that X-Plane is a market that developers cannot ignore.

There’s no news on what the first X-Plane-based FlyTampa product will be, nor when we can expect it, but keen-eyed readers may be able to work this one out.
If you think you know what it is, be sure to leave your words of wisdom in the comments!

FSElite will keep you updated on any further news on this exciting development.

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FlyTampa Boston Rebooted Released

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It has been just a day since FlyTampa announced their rebooted Boston scenery would be released this weekend, and they weren't kidding! FlyTampa Boston Rebooted has been released for P3D v4 exclusively, and features high resolution terminal textures, animated and static vehicles, dynamic lighting, and more! Boston Rebooted can be purchased from FlyTampa's own website for a price of 26
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FlyTampa Boston Logan Previews and Release Date

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In a post on Facebook, FlyTampa has detailed a release date and feature list for their upcoming Boston Logan Airport scenery. First up, Boston Logan for P3D v4 should release this weekend and will feature high resolution 2k textures, 3D tunnels, bridges and airport coastline, Dynamic lighting, volumetric grass, and more. A full feature list is found below. They have
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New FlyTampa Boston Screenshots

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FlyTampa are renowned for their quality scenery development, as well as ability to tease, torture and torment. We know that the guys are developing Las Vegas, and more recently Atlanta, but Boston probably has me the most excited. If the screenshots below are anything to go by, this will be one of their best yet. These aren't the only shots
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PROAVIATION SIMULATION: [P3D v4.1] FSLabs A320-X | FlyTampa – Amsterdam Schiphol Performance Test (Part 1) (FYC)

P3D V4.1 FSLabs A320 X FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol VATSIM Performance Test Part 1
In the last video you saw a landing at FlyTampa's Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Now you will see a takeoff! This flight was conducted on the Vatsim Network with real world weather. The flights destination is London Heathrow, I was using UK2000's scenery for that airport. The approach and landing will be in the next video as I decided to make
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