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FlyTampa Playing With PBR in Prepar3D V4.4

Developers seem to be pretty excited by the prospect of PBR now within the development tools of Prepar3D. Various aircraft developers have told the community they are working on updates (although it will take a little longer than hoped) and FSDreamteam recently shared their Chicago O’Hare using the new technology.

Popular scenery developer FlyTampa joined in on the action today by sharing their current research and development efforts in testing the new effects. The clip is to simply demonstrate how the new tools can change the look and feel of the texturing from a developer point of view. The video shows how the sun can reflect accurate light reflection from puddles and ground, and then how the moonlight can also change the colouring of the textures too.

We’re confident as developers sink their efforts into learning about the new SDK for Prepar3D V4.4, we’ll see a good up-take of work being made to enhance scenery going forward.

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FlyTampa Montreal Update Previews

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FlyTampa is not only working on Las Vegas, but has also made it known an update for Montreal (CYUL) is in progress and upcoming. Over on their Facebook page, they broke the news on this update and shared some previews as well as feature expectations with us. The updated version of Montreal will come with native Prepar3D v4 compatibility. This
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FlyTampa Previews Las Vegas McCarran Intl. (KLAS)

The last we've heard from FlyTampa regarding Las Vegas was back in July, today, over on their Facebook page, they're back with one landside preview of Las Vegas McCarran Intl. Terminal 3. FlyTampa had announced in their previous post that they are doing the strip and surrounding suburban area around the airport which has taken them a lot longer than
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FlyTampa Update Hong Kong Kai Tak To Version 2

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In a recent Facebook post, FlyTampa announced that they have updated their Hong Kong - Kai Tak scenery to version 2, which brings the scenery up to scratch with current P3Dv4 compatible release from them. In the post, FlyTampa included a list comprising all the new additions to the product. The update is free for existing users and can be downloaded
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FlyTampa Fly Corfu X-Plane Now Available to Purchase

Fly Tampa Corfu X Plane 11 (5)

FlyTampa have really surprised us as they have released Fly Corfu for X-Plane just a matter of minutes ago. Not content with just showing us some previews, but the team have made it available to purchase via their website. This is the first scenery from the development team for X-Plane.

The Greek Island is known for it’s beautiful approaches and huge amounts of charter traffic during the summer period, the airport will provide a great opportunity to enjoy scenic views during the final approach. The package from FlyTampa includes the whole island with custom mesh, hand-placed vegetation and 3D lighting throughout. For X-Plane users, it comes with sloped airport terrain, as well as animated 3D ramp workers, animated apron vehicles and much more.

You can buy it now from FlyTampa for $26.

Full feature list:

– Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias (LGKR) airport.
– Complete island with custom mesh, hand-placed vegetation, and 3D lighting.
– Full coverage with custom buildings and all known landmarks.
– Sloped airport terrain (X-Plane only)
– Animated apron vehicles, road traffic, and ship traffic.
– Animated 3D Ramp workers.
– Pre-rendered self-shadowing and custom reflection maps.

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FSElite Exclusive: Pair of FlyTampa Corfu X-Plane Previews

Flytampa Corfu X Plane 11 11a
FlyTampa were kind enough to share a further pair of screenshots of their soon to be released Corfu for X-Plane 11. Not a massive post from us on this, but wanted to share with the community any screenshots we can from the developer's first outing in the world of X-Plane. The first of the exclusive previews shows us how detailed the ground textures
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FlyTampa Corfu X-Plane 11 Preview Shots

Fly Tampa Corfu X Plane 11 (1)
As we previewed a few short weeks ago, FlyTampa are stepping into the X-Plane ring with their first scenery: Corfu. The Greek Island flourishes during the summer with plenty of tourism from all over Europe flooding into the area. In time for this seasonal jump in activity, FlyTampa will be releasing their much loved airport in X-Plane 11 very soon.
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FlyTampa Boston-Rebooted: The FSElite Review

Flytampa Kbos Review FEATURED Image
FlyTampa is, without a doubt, a household name within the world of flight simulation. They have continuously provided the community with high-quality airport scenery packages and often pushed the limits of what was deemed possible within a simulator. When FlyTampa released Boston originally for FS2004 and FSX all those years ago, no one thought it would get any better. In
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FlyTampa: “Pigs might fly after all”, Scenery Developer Hints At X-Plane Market Entry

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FlyTampa has dropped the strongest hint yet that their entry into the X-Plane scenery market may not be far off at all, using Facebook to tease what appears to be their first product for the platform. Recently we've seen a number of prominent, high-quality developers traditionally from the FSX/P3D world making the move to introduce their products to the X-Plane
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