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FlyTampa Announces Atlanta

After the recent revelations of FlyTampa Haneda, the team quickly went back to the planning stages to look at what their next airport will be. Just a few short weeks later, the infamous ‘dot‘ has appeared over the United States of America. This time a little more to the east; more specifically, it’s Atlanta.

We’re quite surprised it’s Atlanta, especially as ImagineSim only released their high quality version last year. Either way, we know FlyTampa always cook up something special when it comes to their projects.

Whether this dot remains this time is another question. We’ll keep you up to date.

UPDATE: No Longer in Development – FlyTampa Developing Tokyo Haneda

UPDATE @ 1840z

So we got in contact with FlyTampa after the removal of their dot on the map and the lack of further information. Turns out that 2 other developers are also working on Haneda airport, so the team have decided it’s best to not continue with their work on that project.

WingCreation just announced their intentions to develop it, and a second unannounced developer is also working on it too. Apparently it’s a “high end developer” but our information doesn’t go beyond that I’m afraid.

Any further updates, we’ll let you know.

– Original Article –

It’s not often we see a new dot appear on FlyTampa’s expansive airport map. But a new one has arisen, it’s Tokyo’s Haneda airport. One of the two primary airports located within the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Handling 75 million passengers in 2015, providing an expansive route network with a variety of flights across the globe.

At this stage in time we do not know anything about the time scale of this scenery but we know it’s happening. Anymore news that arises we will of course make sure to report.

EDIT: The dot has now been removed, we are contacting the developers for more information.

FlyTampa Compatibility update Prepar3d V4

FlyTampa is completely prepar3d for V4, and has made updates available for all airports that weren’t working right off the bat. You can find the downloads over here. Note that they will need to be applied manually! Great to see developers getting their products ready so quickly. I was already afraid that I’d have to go without a good rendition of Amsterdam Schiphol again..

FlyTampa Las Vegas – First Shot Shown

FlyTampa have revealed the first preview shot of their recently announced Las Vegas. FlyTampa Las Vegas is the latest scenery from the team who developed Amsterdam and Corfu in recent years. Both of which have been highly praised for their quality and craftsmanship, so as you expect, Las Vegas looks stunning.

The image was shared on Facebook and has already received much attention from the team.

Las Vegas

No further details were shared but we’ll do some digging to find out some more.

Thanks to everyone for contacting us about it!

FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol updated to v1.1

Finally! After two months of very little word on this update, FlyTampa have finally released an updated installer with fixes for some issues that have been plaguing users of this addon. Of course, many of these issues had already been fixed in the forums themselves but now we finally have an installer! You can find the full changelog down below. I’m very happy to see that some issues I pointed out in my review have been fixed, such as missing landmarks in Amsterdam. A bit of a shame there is still no SODE support for the dual jetways though. You can grab the update from the FlyTampa forums.

-Optimised AFCADs
-Included ‘all rwys open’ AFCAD variation in configurator)
-Both types of SafeGate are now fully functional in latest P3D version
-Increased visibility of twy centreline lights
-Fixed flickering issues
-Optimised VDGS distances
-Corrected some gate numbering and positioning on ground
-Taxisign corrections and additions
-Minor corrections to apron vehicles and other details
-Amsterdam scenery landmarks added
-Apron gatehouses added
-Added detail elements on 3D bridges
-Minor editing to various textures to remove errors
-Airport ground detail added and other minor corrections
-RWY guard lights updated (changed from red/green to red/OFF)
-Various small fixes to improve colors and performance


FlyTampa’s Next Airport will be Las Vegas (KLAS)

Update 22:30z 08JAN 2017 – AirDailyX has added further information to the project information. Turns out that the entire Las Vegas strip will be included in the airport package as well. This means all hotels, resorts and casinos. Not only the strip, but we can expect the entire city of Vegas with all the goodies we’d expect from a FlyTampa product.

Original article:

After their staggering release of Amsterdam late last year, many have been wondering where in the world FlyTampa would head to next. Well, if you head over to their website now, you will see a brand new ‘blue’ dot highlighting their airport selection. The geographers among you will already know this is the Entertainment Capital of the World: Las Vegas!

No further details yet. Yes, I even tried following on from their usual URL style. But no such luck!

FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol: The FSElite Review


It’s the worlds fifth busiest airport, has 6 runways to serve traffic from literally every wind direction, serves one of the worlds biggest air fleets and recently celebrated its 100th birthday. Obviously I’m talking about Schiphol airport. It’s been almost two years since FlyTampa announced a new project on their forums which was quickly recognised as the famous airport. After some much anticipated previews, many questions about the progress and sometimes even doubts whether the airport would still release, it’s finally here.

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FlyTampa Amsterdam is OUT


FlyTampa Amsterdam is released!

After months of teasing, FlyTampa have surprise released Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Of course, the area around the airport is made up of custom buildings, 3D Terrain and bridges, photo scenery for the city itself and animated apron and road traffic. We’ve downloaded it already for a review!

You can buy it now from FlyTampa’s website for 28.00eur.

Here’s the full feature list:

-Amsterdam Schiphol International (EHAM) airport scenery
-Detailed surrounding scenery with numerous custom buildings
-3D Terrain including 3D tunnels and bridges
-Pre-rendered self-shadowing and custom reflection maps
-Surrounding Photo-scenery for Amsterdam city
-3D night city lighting
-Animated apron and local road traffic
-Static vehicles and objects

FlyTampa Amsterdam – Another Preview

FlyTampa are renown for their attention to detail and it appears Amsterdam is shaping up to be taking things to the next level.

From the single screenshot provided above, you can quite clearly see the level of detail the boys are going to.

Something worth noting, the ING advert says “Flight Sim…Here I Come”. We’re pretty sure that was never an actual advert, so can we expect this sooner than later?

If we know what FlyTampa’s release cycle is like, then it would be a good assumption that we may not be as far off as people would like us to think.