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Confirmed: FlyTampa Pushing for X-Plane Conversions of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Las Vegas

Fly Tampa Corfu X Plane 11 (1)

Spotted by one of our writers yesterday, there was a very conspicuous post on the forums, which seemed to be from a FlyTampa developer. The post in question was asking why there wasn’t a good Las Vegas (KLAS) scenery for X-Plane 11. A few comments in and a familiar name popped up in the comments suggesting that they were “pushing” to have Las Vegas, along with other airports, to come to the platform.

Being the careful media outlet we are, we reached out to FlyTampa and have now had it confirmed that g.emilios is, in fact, the esteemed FlyTampa developer of the same name. In our email, he said, “the post is true”.

To quote the forum post:

I personally loved X-Plane during Corfu development, so we are trying to push Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Vegas into XPlane within the next months”

It was made clear that the airports wouldn’t necessarily be developed in that particular order, but that the FlyTampa team are keen to bring those airports across to the platform. This news follows on from their previous statement they wanted other airports, but at the time did not clarify which airports were under consideration.

In related news, further previews of Athens was shared today for X-Plane 11 and it was re-confirmed that Athens V2 for Prepar3D is still very much in development.

[Featured image is FlyTampa Corfu on X-Plane 11]

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Further Previews of FlyTampa Athens in X-Plane 11

Flytampa Athens Xplane 11 (2)
FlyTampa has shared some brand new previews of their upcoming Athens conversion on X-Plane. The conversion, being worked on by Descent2View, has been hailed as "beautiful" by developers FlyTampa. The screenshots below represent the current development status of the product. Further to the previews, FlyTampa reconfirmed that Athens V2 is still in active development for Prepar3D. In related FlyTampa news, Las
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FlyTampa Reveals April Release Date for Las Vegas (KLAS)

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In a conversation on their forum, popular developer FlyTampa has given their clearest indication yet of an April 2019 release date for their highly anticipated Las Vegas scenery (KLAS) for Prepar3D v4. Click here for our January article on the latest development for Las Vegas. The discussion on the forum began with a light-hearted debate about whether or not regular
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Descent2View Team up With FlyTampa to Bring Athens to X-Plane (And More)

Flytampa Athens X Plane 11 Descent 2 View (1)
FlyTampa entered the X-Plane game with their excellent rendition of Corfu. However, the team has been quiet since. Of course, FSX/Prepar3D users have been enjoying FlyTampa sceneries for a while and are regarded as some of the best. For X-Plane users, developer Descent2View, who also converted PILOT'S Almeria to the platform, has today confirmed that they have teamed up with
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FlyTampa Updates Various Sceneries

If you own FlyTampa Boston, Vienna, Corfu, St Maarten, Montreal (version 2) or Toronto make sure you check the software for the latest update from FlyTampa. In an effort to standardize the install process for their airports, the developer has implemented the FlyTampa Universal Installer for most of their more recent airports. In addition to the Universal Installer, many airports
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Airport2Sim Amsterdam Now Available to Purchase

Training video producer Airline2Sim has released their latest product line Airport2Sim Amsterdam. The 6-part video course will teach you everything you need to know about moving around one of Europe’s largest and most complex airports.

Thanks to FlyTampa’s excellent rendition of the Dutch airport, Amsterdam can now be piloted to the same degree as the real-world counterparts. The course sees Ben be joined by resident pilot James who takes you through everything you need to know and more. From taxi routes, push back procedures, arrivals and more, the series of videos includes graphic overlays to help visualise what is being said and also tips and tricks from real-world experience.

Further to the training videos, Airline2Sim has included a range of in-sim content to support your experience at Amsterdam airport. This includes a comprehensive information sheet for every airliner gate at the airport. This will show you which aircraft and airline is appropriate for which gate. Furthermore, thanks to the power of SODE and GSX Level 2, Airline2Sim has included GSX profiles which place SAFEDOCKS in every single correct position as well as making sure that ground vehicles and push backs are accurate to the real world airport.

Airport2Sim Amsterdam by Airline2Sim is now available to purchase for $9.99. It includes the 6-part training series (all of which can be downloaded to your preferred device) as well as the aforementioned GSX profiles and documentation.

You can follow the forum post on Avsim for further details regarding specific course information per episode and what to expect next.

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FlyTampa Update Toronto to V1.5 for Prepar3D V4

FlyTampa Toronto
Just last night, FlyTampa issued a large update to their Montreal airport, bringing it to version 2. Hundreds of changes were made to the product to bring it up to today's standards. Whilst that excited many people, the news has also reached us that they have updated their Toronto scenery also. This new update brings it to version 1.5. Although not
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FlyTampa Releases Montreal V2 For Prepar3D V4

FlyTampa has updated their Montreal (CYUL) scenery to v2 which brings along many new features and Prepar3D v4 compatibility. After Prepar3D version 4 went live back in 2017 many developers, including FlyTampa, have been working hard at getting their add-ons up to snuff with the new platform. FlyTampa has been slowly updating their scenery add-ons so they can utilize the
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FlyTampa Playing With PBR in Prepar3D V4.4

Developers seem to be pretty excited by the prospect of PBR now within the development tools of Prepar3D. Various aircraft developers have told the community they are working on updates (although it will take a little longer than hoped) and FSDreamteam recently shared their Chicago O'Hare using the new technology. Popular scenery developer FlyTampa joined in on the action today
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