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FlyInside Bell 47 Released for MSFS

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Whilst we usually let our friends at Helisimmer.com keep you up to date with the latest in the world of helicopters, the release of the FlyInside Bell 47 is fairly significant for the simulation community. It’s the first payware helicopter made available for Microsoft Flight Simulator and comes with a custom flight model.

The team at FlyInside have often defied the limitations of simulators in the past and they have taken on the challenge of bringing a helicopter with a realistic flight model in the new sim. Whilst the flight model was initially developed for the FlyInside Flight Simulator, the team used that technology to enable realistic ground effect, flap-back and accurate collective/cyclic response to the simulator. All of this means that the Bell 47 will fly as it should within the sim. In addition to the custom flight model, the team has also included support for failures, and dangerous flight regimes including vortex ring state and even engine failures.

Whilst flying a helicopter may at first appear intimidating, the team has included various customisable realism settings to allow for anyone to jump in and fly.

Alongside the level of detail in the flight model, FlyInside has included a detailed 3D model with smooth and accurate animations throughout.

The FlyInside Bell 47 is now available to buy for Microsoft Flight Simulator from their store for $34.95.

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