Fly the Maddog X

Development Update from Leonardo Softhouse Regarding Fly The Maddog X

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The team at Leonardo Softhouse continue to share progress on the development on the Fly the Maddog X. Despite being released over a year ago, the developers continue to update the Mad Dog for customers with new features and improvements. The most recent forum post highlighted a few new things we’ll be seeing in a future update.

The team wanted to let customers know that an incremental open beta update for the whole suite of Mad Dog products will be released very soon. This 40Mb update will include bug fixes based on reports, along with two new features. The first of those is support for a 8.33 Khz radio. The second, a bit more significant, is ARC-DME procedures.

For those knowledgable of the aircraft, the Maddog can fly certain RNAV procedures except the following:

  • P-RNAV AR containing legs RNP ≤ 0.3;
  • P-RNAV AR containing RF Path Terminator legs

This is why Leonardo Softhouse has focused on creating the ARC-DME feature.


Because of the work that has gone into creating this functionality, the current AIRAC dataset will change. Very soon, you will be able to see a new dataset from Navigraph called “Fly the Maddog X P3D v4.4/4v.5”. This new dataset will be required for ARC-DME procedures.

The old dataset will continue to be published not on those simulators.

If you use Aerosoft’s NavDataPro set, the team has stated they have contacted Aerosoft but haven’t yet responded to the developers. You will still be able to use the aircraft, just not perform the ARC-DME procedures.

No further news to report on at the time, but there will be new announcements in the coming future from the team.

You can pick up the Fly the Maddog X from simMarket for €70.00. You can also buy the expansion pack, which contains the models for the MD-83 and MD-88 for €25.

You can read our review, where we gave the product a 9.5. The product has been improved significantly since then.

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Leonardo SH Provides Update on Fly the Maddog X and P3D v4.5

208671 Screenshot 2018 12 13 12.06.46
Stefano from Leonardo SH has provided the community with an update regarding Prepar3D v4.5 compatibility for the Fly the Maddog X addon, along with some interesting new information about the upcoming build. Starting off, he informs us that the new upcoming build, to be available for download very soon, is already compatible with the latest 4.5 update of Prepar3D.  Additionally,
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Fly the Maddog X Development Update

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Leonardo Software House, the developer of Fly the Maddog X, has released a development update. Hot on the heels of the MD83 and MD-88 expansion pack, the developer says they are already beta testing the upcoming Fly the Maddog X release. While there is no release date as of yet, the latest version will add some new features and squash
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Leonardo Confirm Fly the Maddog X MD-83 and Announce MD-88

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You may recall us reporting on the fact that Leonardo Software House had announced an addition to their highly acclaimed FlytheMaddogX MD-82, the MD-83. Today, courtesy of a post to their Facebook Post, we now know that the MD-88 will be making an appearance as well, complete with all the difference between the airframes simulated! In the aforementioned Facebook post,
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Leonardo SH Teases Upcoming Update For The Maddog X

Developer Leonardo has released a video that teases part of an upcoming update to the Fly the Maddog X.

According to a post on their Facebook page, Leonardo has said that the 1.1.0 release will be available ‘very soon’ and it is all dependent on the outcome of testing with their beta testing team.

In the meantime, the developer has dropped a video that gives an extremely good looking preview of the new dynamic lighting system in the cockpit. Pilots will have the option to use dynamic lights instead of the RealLight floodlights that are available now.

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FS2Crew V1.3 MaddogX Reboot Update Released

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FS2Crew has released version 1.3 of the MaddogX Reboot software designed exclusively for use with the Leonardo Fly The Maddog X. The latest update to the voice-controlled, multi crew software adds some fixes for bugs including engine start logic, adjustments to sound volumes, and other event triggers. The update also adds several new voice commands. To update the software, users
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Turbine Sound Studios Releases MD-8X Sound Pack

TSS MD 8X Pilot Edition FSX P3D
Turbine Sound Studios has released the MD-8X Pilot Edition sound package for FSX/P3D. Recorded in high definition, this package has been developed for use with the Leonardo MaddogX. The Pilot Edition package is sounds recorded as heard from the cockpit and includes external and internal engine sounds, wind sounds, and cockpit environment sounds. The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 is a series
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Leonardo SH Fly the Maddog X Now Available to Purchase

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Announced less than a year ago, the Italian development team Leonardo SH surprised the community by announcing a reboot edition of their popular Maddog aircraft. At the time, that version was a highly detailed aircraft supporting study level attributes. It didn't hold up in today's world and so it was decided to bring it to the modern era. As of
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