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Leonardo Softhouse Releases Maddog X Instructor Panel

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Developer Leonardo Softhouse has released their MaddogX Instructor Panel for use with the Fly the Maddog X for Prepar3D v4 and v5. The Instructor Panel adds numerous options that is found in real-motion simulators that adds training scenarios for simmers to easily practice specific conditions with the Fly the Maddog X.

With the new Instructor Panel, you will be able to add emergency scenarios, position your aircraft anywhere in the simulator and even inject specific weather conditions to the simulator. Even if you start the flight with normal conditions, you can trigger all of the modelled failures and INOP systems found in the Fly the Maddog X.

This expansion for the aircraft product will add both normal and abnormal scenarios for use in the simulator. You can connect to your aircraft either locally or in a Shared Cockpit environment to execute realistic training sessions. For example, one person could be piloting the aircraft, whilst the other takes on the role of instructor to throw all kinds of challenges in the way of the pilot.

The newly released expansion pack extends the original Fly the Maddog X even further. You can buy it now from simMarket for €25.00.

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Leonardo Softhouse Updates Fly the Maddog X for Prepar3D v4 and v5

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Leonardo Softhouse has continued to freely update their Fly the Maddog X (64-bit edition) with a brand new update that adds support for Prepar3D v5.1, along adding new features and functionality to the ever-improving and impressive aircraft Version 1.7b753, now available to download for owners of the aircraft. As for the changes, Leonardo Softhouse has optimised the aircraft for Prepar3D
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Fly The Maddog X 64bit Update, Instructor Panel Expansion, MSFS Announcement

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In the wake of the release of Prepar3D 5.1 Hotfix 1, Leonardo Softhouse has published their latest open beta update for their popular MD-80 aircraft for Prepar3D. In addition to the official compatibility with the latest iteration of the simulator, this open beta introduces several new features and bug fixes. Furthermore, the team has now confirmed a MSFS version development
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Leonardo Releases FlytheMaddog X for P3D V5

Leonardo Softhouse has released their much anticipated MD-80 add-on for Prepar3D V5. Both base variant which includes the MD-82 and the MD-83 / MD-88 expansion have been released. The new Prepar3D V5 version natively supports Active Sky P3D V5 with the dual beam radar feature. It also includes a BETA version of TFDi TrueGlass, that still needs a bit of
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Maddog X Shared Cockpit Release, Teases EFB, P3D V5 Compatibility


Leonardo Softhouse has been busy in the previous weeks, with the official release of the shared cockpit function and version 1.6b557. The shared cockpit function has been released as a public beta about three weeks ago, but still needed some small adjustment. The version is now final and new full installers have been released to Simmarket.

In addition to the shared cockpit function, the following fixes and improvements have been included :

  • new spoilers/autospoilers logic
  • each single Maddog X command has its entry in the event list of the load manager, allowing owners of various devices to specifically program their hardware
  • Axis assignment options through FSUIPC or not, depending on your use of the shared cockpit function.
  • Various bug fixes
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Fly The Maddog X Shared Cockpit Enters Beta

Stefano from the Fly The Maddog Team has confirmed on the developers forum that their much anticipated shared cockpit function had entered the beta test process. The most important announcement is that the shared cockpit function will support both LAN and WAN (meaning : internet) networking environment. The upcoming update will also introduce several improvements in the PBR materials, a
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Fly The Maddog X Small Update To 1.5b506

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Leonardo Software has released a small update to their popular MD-80 series addon. The update has nothing major but will again improve the aircraft in small touches. The most noticeable change here is the LOC and ILS capture that has been totally rewritten from scratch. The team is currently working on the shared cockpit function as the next major feature,
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Fly the Maddog X New Update Available

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Stefano from the "Fly the Maddog" forums has announced a new open beta available to download for existing customers. The developers have fixed previously reported issues with the 1.5b476 Open Beta and have updated a few features of the aircraft (and its documentation) as well. Keep in mind that this update is only available for the 64-bit edition of the
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